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By Richard Trionfo on 2011-08-02 04:05:45
This week’s show starts off with a look back at Money in the Bank with Vince McMahon’s comments about what would happen if CM Punk left the Allstate Arena with the WWE Title. We then see highlights of the match that was won by CM Punk. We move to last week’s Raw when Rey Mysterio won and lost the WWE Title in the course of two hours. After John Cena thought that he had won the WWE Title, he was confronted by the man who never lost the WWE title with his Summer of Punk music. How will Triple H’s second week in charge go?

We are live from Indianapolis, Indiana and your announcers are Jim ‘Elvis is Dead’ Ross, Jerry ‘Type’ Lawler, and Michael ‘Glamour Boys’ Cole.

The crowd chants for CM Punk as we get the weekly storm of pyro.

CM Punk makes his way to the ring with THE WWE title belt.

Punk has his mic to address the fans. Punk says that THE CHAMP is here. Punk takes his traditional position in the center of the ring to address the WWE Universe. Now the $64,000 Question. After everything that he did and said, why did he come back. Punk asks for everyone’s time to tell a story. Punk says that he knew for a long time that his contract expired on July 17, 2011 so he was thinking about this momentous change for over a year.

Punk says that he loves the place that he works. He just hates the people in charge. He could have resigned and dealt with the soul crushing status quo. Or he could speak his mind and cause some change in its wake. Punk says that he spoke his mind and he caused a bit of a change. The domino effect took place. The next night on Raw, Vincent K. McMahon was relieved of his day to day duties. Punk says that is tangible change that can be felt in the air. He asks for some of the credit, but he says that credit also goes to the fans. He says that the fans have been fed scraps. Punk says that he is here to make it fun again for everyone.

Punk says that he might be unpredictable or unorthodox but he wouldn’t want it any other way. As proud as he was of backing up everything that he said, he said that the voice of the voiceless needed to be heard. Punk says that the people needed to hear it. He says that he came back with a megaphone and other media outlets. Punk says that he cannot change this place or this industry sitting at home on his couch in Chicago.

Punk says that he made the call to come back, even though he hates being on the phone. Punk says that his timing couldn’t have been better. We are already back to the status quo because John Cena is parading around as the WWE Champion. John Cena is as much WWE Champion as the guy in the front row with his replica title belt. Punk says that the fan has a belt, but he has a Championship title.

Punk says that it is more of the same old same old. No matter the outcome of a bogus tournament that was held during his time off, not matter who believes that he should be getting a rematch. Punk says that he is holding the most important title in the world. This shows that without a shadow of a doubt, he is the best wrestler in the world. He says that he is the one and only WWE Champion.

Punk is interrupted by Triple H and Punk acknowledges that it is time to play the game.

Punk wants everyone to give it up for H-H-H who is the C-O-O. Hunter thanks everyone for the warm reception and he will address the WWE Title situation.

Hunter wants to explain why he resigned Punk. Hunter says that it came down to business because it was good for business. That is the same reason why he brought back JR. That is the same reason why he brought back John Morrison. It was good for business. As COO, it is his job to try to give them what they want. The WWE Universe wanted CM Punk so he put his personal feelings aside and he gave them CM Punk.

Punk acknowledges the ‘personal feelings’ comment. Punk doesn’t want Hunter to hide behind the suit and he wants Hunter to explain his personal feelings for CM Punk. Hunter says that they are irrelevant, but he thinks that Punk is a smug, overrated, attention seeking guy who puts a little too much stock in his hype. Hunter says that shouldn’t be a problem.

Punk asks Hunter if it is like looking into the mirror. Punk says that he is a bit of a jerk. Punk says that it is not up to him to decide if he is overrated. Punk says that he wishes that Hunter would have said that he hates Punk’s guts but he knows what kind of a commodity Punk is. Punk says that Vince and his yes men screwed the pooch with talent. Punk mentions guys like Batista, Mick Foley, Chris Jericho, and Brock Lesnar.

Punk says that Hunter didn’t want to see him go anywhere else, but he couldn’t afford seeing Punk go anywhere else.

Hunter wants Punk to tell the truth why he resigned.

Punk says that he said that he wanted to facilitate change. Hunter says that another way of looking at it was that Punk was doing it for himself. He wanted to hear his own voice. What if the pipe bomb goes off and nobody is around to hear it. Without the WWE, the ‘pipe bomb’ and Punk really mean nothing. Hunter says that Punk did that for his own ego.

Punk says that is a 50/50 maybe and Punk prefers 100% truths. Punk says that he is THE WWE Champion.

Hunter says that Punk is the WWE Champion but so is John Cena. That is a situation that he will settle later tonight.

Hunter starts to leave the ring, but he wants Hunter to wait around and he tells the people in the truck to stop the music. Punk says that he is just getting started. Just because he signed his name, it doesn’t mean that he is going to shut up and toe the company line. He isn’t going to promo class or media training. Punk curtsies to the ego that is Hunter Hearst Helmsley. He talks about Hunter hogging the spotlight over people who deserved a spotlight. Even when Hunter was carrying Shawn’s bags, he was pushing people around. Punk asks Hunter how many times did he say I just don’t think he has what it takes while lying in bed with his wife. No matter what Hunter is wearing, he is the same man that he has always been. He is a bully who likes to throw people around and push them. He tells Punk to watch out who he pushes because he likes to push back.

Hunter tells Punk that he is the first person to say that he has a massive ego. That massive ego is telling him to slap every single rotten tattoo off his fat ass. Hunter says that he is not going to do that because it is bigger than that. Hunter says that he took the job as COO for the fans. That comes with certain responsibilities and rules. He might not like them, but he respects them. Hunter says that he will not break those rules. Hunter strongly suggests that Punk doesn’t break them either.

Punk asks ‘Or What’? Is he going to beat him up? Is he going to fight him? Is he going to punch him in the face? Does he have to ask his wife for permission first?

Punk leaves the ring.

Rey Mysterio is in the back and he is getting ready for his match later tonight. John Morrison flips over Rey and he gives Rey his t-shirt.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kelly Kelly is at the announce table.

Match Number One: Divas Number One Contender Battle Royal featuring Eve Torres, Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Alicia Fox, Tamina, Natalya, Kaitlyn, AJ Lee, Melina, Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix, and Rosa Mendes

Melina is thrown out of the ring as soon as things start. Rosa Mendes is also eliminated while Alicia Fox tries to eliminate Natalya. Tamina eliminates Kaitlyn. Beth works over Tamina while the Bellas work on AJ Lee and Eve. AJ is eliminated. Eve with a Thesz Press on Alicia in honor of the current champion. The Bellas with a double drop kick to eliminate Natalya. The Bellas work over Beth and we go to commercial.

We are back and nothing has changed because we still have five women in the match. Beth fights off the Bellas. The Bellas continue to work over Beth. Eve is sent to the apron but she fights off Alicia. Alicia slides to the floor and she eliminates herself.

Eve with an elbow and then she avoids a kick from Nikki. Nikki sends Eve into the turnbuckles. Nikki punches Eve while she is in the ropes. Eve is eliminated. Beth grabs both Bellas and then she eliminates them both.

Winner: Beth Phoenix

After the match, Kelly comes into the ring and she hugs her opponent at SummerSlam. Then Beth grabs Kelly and throws her out of the ring. Beth throws Kelly into the ringside barrier and then Beth grabs a mic.

Beth tells Kelly that her days as the perky cut blonde bimbo are officially done.

Miz is in the locker room taping his wrists for his tag match against Rey Mysterio and John Morrison. Truth enters and he asks Miz what’s up. Miz asks Truth who he is talking to. Truth tells Miz that they are the same. Miz disagrees. Truth asks Miz if he said that Triple H being in charge is a mistake. Miz points out that we have two champions. Truth interrupts Miz and suggests that it is a c-o-n-spiracy. Miz tells Truth that because they are tag team partners, they don’t have to share the same viewpoints. Miz talks to himself and he wonders why he is talking to himself.

Truth asks Miz if Hunter was going to bring Punk back all the time, why were they in a title tournament. Truth tells Miz that he is gonna get got.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Michael Cole mentions that The Rock first used ‘It doesn’t matter’ in Indianapolis.

Josh Mathews is with a WWE Champion John Cena. Josh asks John about CM Punk’s comments. Cena says that Punk is not afraid to speak his mind. You live by the sword you die by the sword. Cena says that Triple H has an important decision about the future of the WWE Championship tonight. Cena says that he will probably be there to see what Hunter has to say.

As Miz comes to the ring, we see footage of his appearance on George Lopez.

We see highlights of Rey’s title win from last week.

Match Number Two: Miz and R Truth versus John Morrison and Rey Mysterio

Miz and Morrison start things off and Morrison goes after Truth on the apron but Truth goes to the floor. Morrison with a flapjack and kip up. Morrison with a forearm to Truth that knocks him off the apron. Morrison’s focus on Truth allows Miz to connect with a clothesline and then he kicks Morrison. Miz with a suplex for a near fall. Miz tries for a slam but Morrison sends Miz into the turnbuckles and Morrison trips Miz before tagging in Rey who hits a seated splash from the turnbuckles for a near fall.

Rey with a head scissors that sends Miz to the floor. Rey with a baseball slide that sends Miz into the announce table. Rey sends Truth to the floor and then Rey hits a seated splash off the apron on Truth. Morrison with a corkscrew plancha on Miz as we go to commercial.

We are back and Truth with a rear chin lock on Rey as Rey tries to make the tag. We see footage from the commercial break when Miz hit a sit out driver on Rey. Truth with an abdominal stretch on Rey. Truth with a forearm to the back and Miz tags in. Miz with a snap mare and a running boot to the head for a near fall. Miz with an elbow to the chest and then he applies a reverse chin lock. Rey with an elbow to Miz and a punch to Truth. Rey kicks Miz and then hits an enzuigiri and Miz falls to the mat. Miz with a kick and a DDT to Rey for a near fall as he keeps Rey from making the tag

Truth tags back in and he puts Rey in a rear chin lock. Truth punches Rey while in the hold but Rey with a back heel kick but Truth hit the Lie Detector for a near fall. Truth stops Rey from making the tag and Truth tags Miz back in. Miz kicks Rey in the chest and then Miz has something to say to Rey about trying to make the tag. Rey punches Miz and goes through Miz’s legs but Miz keeps Rey from making the tag. Miz with kicks to Rey followed by an Irish whip. Miz hits the Awesome Clothesline and then he goes up top but Rey hits him with a drop kick as Miz comes off the turnbuckles.

Both men are down and Rey is able to make the tag and so does Truth. Morrison with a few clotheslines followed by a leg lariat. Morrison with a drop kick to Miz followed by a standing C4 on Truth for a near fall. Morrison puts Truth in the corner and Miz pulls Truth out of the way. Morrison misses Starship Pain. Rey with a dive onto Miz. Morrison with an enzuigiri that sends Truth into the ropes. Miz stops Rey from hitting the 619 and Miz throws Rey over the barrier. Morrison with a springboard round kick to Miz that knocks him off the apron. Truth hits Shut Up for the three count.

Winners: Miz and R Truth

After the match, Miz picks up Morrison and hits the Skull Crushing Finale.

Truth comes into the ring with a bottle of water and he wants to give Morrison a drink. Truth hits Morrison with the water bottle.

Josh Mathews is in the back with Triple H and Josh brings up the opening segment with Punk. Hunter asks Josh if he has shaved today. Hunter says that he has been in this business for twenty years. Punk thinks he dropped the big bomb by mentioning his wife, but that has been going on for ten years. He tells Punk to get some new material. Hunter says that it is fine if John Cena wants to come out for his decision. Hunter tells John Cena that he should keep this strictly business if he comes out to the ring tonight.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a SummerSlam Recall: Honky Tonk Man versus Ultimate Warrior at the 1988 edition of the Summer Extravaganza.

United States Champion Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero make their way to the ring. Vickie throws out a quiet excuse me but since people wouldn’t pay attention, Vickie throws out a more emphatic one.

She says that with all of the controversy over the two WWE Champions, she is with a man who has proven that he is more superior than John Cena or CM Punk. Vickie introduces her client, Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph says after his victory last week, he told everyone to ‘follow that’. That was directed to every WWE Superstar under contract. That means that no one will ever have his skills, his technique, his talent, or his charisma. As a matter of fact, he is more of a man than anyone in this arena or in the locker room.

Alex Riley’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring. Riley asks if Dolph is such a man, why does he hide behind a woman . . . or in Dolph’s case, Vickie Guerrero.

Vickie says that thanks to her, Dolph is a former World Champion, a former Intercontinental Champion, and the current United States Champion.

Riley makes his way to the ring and he tells Vickie ‘excuse me’. Riley says that Dolph makes a good point. Riley asks Dolph when was the last time that he accomplished anything on his own. Riley says that Dolph reminds him of someone he knows. He says that the Miz hid behind him and Dolph hides behind Riley. Riley tells Dolph if he wants to be a real man, he should drop Vickie. Riley asks Dolph if he is going to be exposed for what he really is. . . a bleach blonde arrogant fraud.

Dolph tells Riley that he doesn’t belong in here with him and he doesn’t even know who Riley is. Dolph takes off his jacket and belt before going to the floor.

We go to commercial with Zack Ryder and Santino Marella walking in half the screen while David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty walk in the other half.

We see footage from last week of Zack Ryder destroying Michael Cole last week.

Match Number Three: Santino Marella and Zack Ryder versus David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty in a Non Title Match

Santino and Michael start things off and Santino with a hip lock take down. Michael with kicks and then he sends Santino into Otunga’s boot. Otunga tags in and Michael with a running elbow while Otunga with a clothesline into the corner. Otunga with knees to the midsection followed by a slam. Otunga with an elbow drop and he gets a near fall. Otunga with a waist lock but Santino with punches followed by a Santino stunner. Ryder and Michael tag ina den Ryder with a flying elbow and a forearm. Michael runs into knees in the corner and then he goes after Otunga. Ryder with a running boot to the head and Otunga breaks up the cover.

Santino puts on his Cobra sleeve and Otunga goes to the floor. Michael hits Santino from behind. Michael misses the Rough Ryder and then Michael with an back breaker and Otunga with a forearm from the turnbuckles for the three count.

Winners: Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga

We go to commercial.

We are back and remember to watch Haven on Friday after Smackdown because Edge will be on the show.

We go back to footage from the opening segment tonight between Triple H and CM Punk.

CM Punk is in the locker room with Josh Mathews. Josh asks Punk if he has any idea what Hunter’s decision is going to be. Punk says that his Magic 8 Ball was uncertain. Punk says that he was testing Hunter earlier tonight and he passed with flying colors and he hopes that it will all be business. Punk says that he had one of the best title matches against John Cena and Punk points out that he won and is the champion.

We see highlights from last week when Alberto Del Rio defeated Kofi Kingston thanks to the cross arm breaker.

Match Number Four: Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez versus Evan Bourne

Bourne avoids Del Rio and hits a rana but he runs into a boot from Del Rio and Del Rio with a kick to Bourne for a near fall. Del Rio wraps Bourne’s arm in the ropes and then he drop kicks the shoulder. Del Rio gets another near fall. Del Rio with a snap mare followed by an arm bar. Del Rio with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall and then he kicks Bourne.

Del Rio with a hammer lock followed by a power slam for a near fall. Del Rio with the arm bar on Bourne as he applies more pressure on the shoulder. Bourne gets to his feet and then he kicks Del Rio in the leg. Del Rio with a head butt to stop Bourne. Del Rio with a suplex that is stopped by knees from Del Rio. Bourne with a series of kicks followed by a knee to the head. Bourne goes up top but Del Rio with a step up enzuigiri and then he picks up Bourne and floats over into the cross arm breaker and Bourne taps out.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

After the match, Del Rio puts Bourne back in the cross arm breaker but Kofi Kingston comes to the ring and Del Rio releases the hold and heads to the back with Ricardo Rodriguez.

Triple H is walking in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and the WWE Universe feels that John Cena is the real WWE Champion by a 54/46 margin.

Triple H makes his way to the ring. Hunter says that he thought about this for a long time. For the first time in WWE history, there are two WWE Champions. John Cena and CM Punk. Both have legit reasons why they should be considered WWE Champions. Hunter says that he is going to.

John Laurinaitis comes to the ring and he introduces himself. He says that he is the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, a job he took over from Jim Ross. He says that it is his job to sign talent and manage contracts.

Hunter wants to know when this became career day. He asks John what he wants. John says that Hunter has been a part of the WWE Corporate structure for a short period of time. John says that he has been working with Hunter’s father in law for more than ten years. He says that he knows how Vince thinks and how he would want Vince to handle things. He tells Hunter to strip John Cena of the WWE Championship.

John Cena comes out and he says that tonight’s decision is going to be a huge one. He says that there is a big decision to think about. He says that John has been with Vince so long because John is the ‘yes man’ that CM Punk talked about. Cena says that Laurinaitis wanted to have the bell rung like Vince did but he stopped John halfway.

Cena says that he will lose the title in the ring, not because some goon who used to ride a skateboard doesn’t like him.

Laurinaitis says that Cena is out of line. He made his decision because CM Punk beat him.

Cena says that John brings up Money in the Bank a lot. Cena says that his favorite moment at Money in the Bank was punching him in the face. Cena says that he liked it so much, maybe he should do it again. Cena says that is what he is going to do.

Hunter says that he doesn’t have a problem with that so Laurinaitis leaves the ring.

Cena asks Hunter if he is going to listen to him and strip John of the title. Since Cena beat Hunter at Wrestlemania 22, does that mean he can strip Hunter of the title of COO.

Hunter tells Cena that he is not going to strip Cena of the title because his claim for the title was legit.

Hunter says that he didn’t talk to Hunter until after ComiCon. Punk did not give him the contract until after Cena won the title.

CM Punk interrupts Triple H and says that Hunter isn’t going to strip Cena of the title so will he strip Punk of his title when he beat him at Money in the Bank? Will it be back to the status quo where we put smiles on people’s faces while Punk finds a urinal to throw up in.

Hunter tells both of them to stop whining like little girls. Hunter tells Cena not to call him Hunter because he is his boss.

They are going to settle it his way. At SummerSlam John Cena will face CM Punk to determine the Undisputed WWE Champion.

Punk and Cena stand in the center of the ring. Punk drops his mic and then he holds his championship title over his head. John Cena drops his mic and he holds his title belt over his head while his music plays.

Punk goes to the turnbuckles to get his music to play. Cena returns fire on the other turnbuckle. We go to credits.

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