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By Richard Trionfo on 2011-08-01 18:03:02
We are live on tape from Tampa, Florida and your announcers are William ‘The Most Awesome Announcer in WWE’ Regal and Matt ‘Investigative Reporter’ Martlaro.

Matt starts off by bringing up what is going on with William Regal and Maxine and Regal cuts Matt off very quickly and talks about the FCW 15 Match that is going to take place on this week’s show.

Match Number One: Rick Victor versus Seth Rollins in an FCW 15 Title Match

They lock up and Rollins with a rollup for a near fall followed by a sunset flip attempt but Victor drops down. Rollins gets a near fall and then we get a series of near falls from both men. Rollins with a waist lock and Victor with a single leg take down. Victor works on the ankle but Rollins kicks him away. Rollins with a drop kick and a punch followed by a chop. Rollins with more chops followed by punches. Victor with a kick to Rollins but Rollins blocks a second kick and Rollins with a leg sweep.

Victor with a hot shot and a kick followed by a European uppercut. Victor with kicks to Rollins and then he sends Rollins into the turnbuckles and follows it with a chop. Victor with an elbow to the back of the head followed by a slam and elbow drop for a near fall. Victor chops Rollins but Rollins chops back. Victor with a kick followed by a snap mare for a near fall.

Victor with a reverse chin lock. Rollins punches Victor but Victor pulls Rollins to the mat. Victor misses an elbow drop and Rollins with a running forearm to the head followed by a kick. Rollins with a suplex to Victor and he sets for the running forearm to the opposite corner but Rollins takes too long and Victor is able to recover and he charges at Rollins in the corner but Rollins with an elbow to Victor followed by a flatline into the turnbuckles.

Rollins with a running forearm into the corner followed by a back heel kick and a running curb stomp for a three count.

Rollins 1 Fall; Victor 0 Falls; time remaining 11:03

Victor gets to his feet and Rollins charges into the corner but Victor moves. Victor puts Rollins on the turnbuckles and then Victor clotheslines Rollins to the floor. The referee counts Rollins on the floor but Seth gets back in as the referee gets to nine. Victor with a running European uppercut into the corner and he gets a three count.

Rollins 1 Fall; Victor 1 Fall; time remaining 9:40

Victor waits for Rollins to get back to his feet and he wastes no time as he kicks Rollins in the corner. Victor kicks Rollins some more and then he connects with a forearm to the back of the neck before choking him.

We go to commercial.

We are back and the referee warns Victor as he is choking Rollins in the ropes. Victor with a snap mare and a reverse chin lock. We see highlights of how Victor tied the match and we return to the action in the ring as we approach the halfway point of the match. Victor with a rear chin lock. Victor kicks Rollins then Rollins and Victor exchange punches. Victor with a sleeper and Rollins tries to fight out of it.

Rollins escapes but Victor returns to the reverse chin lock on Rollins. Rollins with a jawbreaker and Seth escapes the hold. Rollins with an enzuigiri that sends Victor into the corner. Rollins is sent to the apron and Rollins with another enzuigiri on the apron. Rollins with a springboard clothesline that sends Victor to the floor.

We see Dean Ambrose watching the match on a monitor in the back.

Rollins hits a flip dive to the floor as we approach the final five minutes of the match. Rollins rolls Victor back into the ring and Rollins with a back kick. Rollins misses the curb stomp when Victor moves. Victor tries for an O’Connor Roll but Rollins holds on to the ropes. Rollins with an Asai moonsault for a near fall.

Rollins goes up top but Victor stops him. Victor with punches before he tries for a superplex. Rollins blocks the superplex and he tries for a sunset flip power bomb but Victor holds on and then Rollins goes to the apron and hits another enzuigiri from the apron. Rollins tries for the springboard clothesline but Victor moves out of the way. Rollins is able to roll through but Victor with a kick. Rollins with a kick. Rollins sets for the Buckle Bomb but Victor blocks it in and Victor with a European uppercut. Rollins moves when Victor tries for the running European uppercut. Rollins is sent into the turnbuckles.

Victor tries for a catapult into the corner but he takes too long and Rollins is able to counter with a rollup and get the three count.

Rollins 2 Falls; Victor 1 Fall; time remaining 3:12

Victor with a forearm but Rollins responds with one of his own. They continue to exchange forearms and Rollins with the advantage. Rollins with a kick but Victor with a knee. Rollins tries for a short clothesline but Victor with a spinning back breaker for a near fall.

We move into the final two minutes of the match. Victor with a kick but Rollins slaps Victor. Victor with a kick and a flying European uppercut but Rollins is able to kick out at two. Victor gets another near fall as we hit the final sixty seconds of the match.

Victor with a punch to Rollins but Rollins with a kick. Rollins gets on Victor’s shoulders but Rick crotches Rollins and Victor hits a European uppercut that flips Rollins off the ropes. Victor with a cover but Rollins gets his foot on the ropes. Victor with another cover and Rollins gets his hand on the ropes to stop the count. Victor pulls Rollins into the center of the ring but Rollins is able to kick out. Victor tries for another running European uppercut into the corner but Rollins gets his knees up and time runs out with both men on the mat.

Winner: Seth Rollins Two Falls to One

Regal and Martlaro talk about the performances of both men as we see highlights from the match.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Leo Kruger is in the interview area. Leo stops Briley and he tells Bo Rotundo that he might be the FCW Champion and that he is only 21 years old. Leo says that it must feel like when Bo got his first bicycle, and how it had to be pink. He talks about Bo phoning his mom and dad about becoming the new FCW Champion. Leo tells Bo that he is seriously perturbed that Bo has put him in this position. Leo says that he has to be the bad guy and be the dream slayer. He says that he likes Bo and says that Bo is a good kid. He says that their dreams cannot exist at the same time. He says that the one has to be walking, talking, living, breathing main event Leo Kruger.

We go to footage from earlier in the day with William Regal in Norman Smiley’s office with Steve Keirn, Norman Smiley, and Maxine. Before we go to the footage, Matt asks Regal for any comments and Regal says that he has always been friends with Steve Keirn.

Maxine asks Keirn if he got the letters from her attorney. Steve says that the charges have been dropped. Steve says that Norman Smiley is still the General Manager. Maxine argues that she should be the general manager again. Regal interrupts and he points out that he is a representative from the WWE and he says that Maxine was doing a wonderful job as General Manager. Keirn says that he is in charge of FCW and he knows that Regal has an interest in Maxine. Keirn tells Regal that he happens to have two tapes and he asks Regal if he wants to see them.

Regal hesitates and then he tells Norman that he always liked him and he leaves after shaking Norman’s hand.

We return to Regal and Matt at the announce table and Regal appears to be at a loss for words after talking about how lovely Norman’s sister is.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Naomi Knight versus Aksana for the FCW Divas Title

Aksana makes her way to the ring and she looks different and she does not have her title belt with her and she is not dressed to wrestle. Aksana tells Naomi that she thought they were going to have a match tonight, but it is not going to happen. Aksana drops the mic and leaves the ring.

Norman Smiley comes out and he has something to say. He tells Naomi that he does not know what is going on with Aksana but Naomi will get a match.

Match Number Two Take Two: Naomi Knight versus Sonia with Audrey Marie

They lock up and then Sonia pie faces Naomi. Naomi with a drop kick. Sonia with an Irish whip but Naomi floats over and hits a leaping butt bump for a near fall. Naomi with a reverse chin lock into a side head lock. Naomi with a kick to Sonia but Sonia with a drop toe hold and a kick to the head for a near fall. Sonia with a reverse chin lock and then she stretches Naomi in a modified surfboard. Sonia chokes Naomi in the ropes and then she chokes Naomi in the corner. Sonia pulls Naomi out of the corner with a modified power bomb for a near fall.

Sonia punches Naomi and the referee warns Sonia. Naomi punches Sonia but Sonia with a punch of her own. Sonia tries for a suplex but Naomi counters with an inside cradle for a near fall. Sonia with a clothesline and then she slaps Naomi. Naomi slaps back and she connects with forearms. Sonia kicks Naomi in the midsection. Naomi with a cross body followed by a running forearm and a flying clothesline. Naomi with a super kick followed by a slam and a leg drop for a near fall.

Sonia with a forearm and a suplex attempt but Naomi lands on her feet. Naomi with a leg lariat for the three count.

Winner: Naomi Knight

Bo Rotundo is in the interview area and Briley asks Bo if everyone in the locker room is after him. He mentions Damien Sandow’s claim that he is the real champion. Bo says that Damien can talk all he wants because he is the champion. Bo says that he has never turned down a fight in his life and he is not going to start now. If Damien wants it, he can come and get it.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Byron Saxton comes to the ring with Erick Rowan and James Bronson. Saxton has something to say before the next match. He says that Titus didn’t learn anything last week when he told Titus to leave. This is his opportunity to send the first shot his way. That is where Rowan and Bronson come into the mix. They both know that Titus is a fraud. Byron wants Titus to sit back and watch them paint a picture. The picture is called ‘The Beginning of the End for Byron Saxton’.

Match Number Three: Erick Rowan with Byron Saxton and James Bronson versus Kenneth Cameron

Cameron avoids Rowan at the start of the match and Rowan gets a little frustrated. Cameron with a side head lock and Rowan picks up Cameron and throws him into the corner. They lock up and Rowan works on the arm. Cameron rolls through and hits a drop kick. Cameron kicks Saxton on the floor and that distraction allows Rowan to charge into the corner. Rowan chokes Cameron in the corner followed by a forearm. Rowan with an Irish whip and a bear hug as he moves Cameron from side to side.

Cameron escapes by pulling on Rowan’s beard. Cameron with a jawbreaker and then he tries to clip Rowan but Erick stays on his feet. Cameron with a front face lock but Rowan tosses Cameron across the ring. Rowan grabs Cameron by the throat and hits a choke slam for the three count.

Winner: Erick Rowan

After the match, Bronson applies a cross arm breaker on Cameron until the dog barking starts and Titus O’Neil comes out. Bronson, Rowan, and Saxton leave the ring.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Four: Husky Harris versus Lucky Cannon

They lock up and Harris stomps on Cannon’s foot and Cannon retreats to the corner. Harris punches Cannon and Cannon goes to the floor. They lock up again and Harris punches Cannon in the corner. Cannon teases a punch to Harris and Cannon goes to the floor to avoid Harris. Harris follows Cannon on the floor and then he punches Cannon. Cannon gets back into the ring first and he tries for an elbow drop on Harris but Harris senses that it is coming so he rolls out of the way.

Harris with a clothesline but Cannon with a punch and then Cannon clips Harris. Cannon punches Harris. Cannon with knees to Harris and then he runs Husky’s eyes across the ropes. Cannon gets a near fall and then he applies a rear chin lock. Cannon sends Harris to the mat and gets a near fall. Cannon with forearms in the corner but he runs into a boot from Harris. Harris with a clothesline or two. Harris with another clothesline and he gets a near fall.

Harris tries for the swinging reverse STO but Cannon with a rollup for a near fall. Cannon is stopped by Harris and Harris hits a uranage. Harris waits for Cannon to get up and he misses a charge into the corner. They bump heads and Harris falls into the ropes. The referee checks on Husky and Cannon claims that he hurt his eye. While the referee checks on Cannon, Damien Sandow comes to ringside and he hits Harris with a chair. Bo Rotundo comes out to help his brother but he runs into a chair shot in the ribs from Sandow.

Cannon with a big boot to the head for the three count.

Winner: Lucky Cannon

We go to credits.

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