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By Matt Carter on 2011-07-20 23:20:00

The announcers note that Corp is the #1 contender, but Tony is the champ.  Juggalos don't fight Juggalos.

Things Gordon Solie never said: "Put that on your f**ing Facebook!"

Match #9: Main Event for JCW Championship - Officer Colt Cabana with US Marshall Adam J Pearce v. JCW Champion 2 Tuff Tony

Deputy Weedman comes out with Colt but he sends him to the back and grabs the mic.  He tells the Weedman to get lost.  He tells DJ Clay to hit the music and Colt introduces US Marshall Adam Pearce.  Pearce has a great police costume on.  Nice surprise.  Colt and Adam arrest one of the gals for prostitution for giving hummers in the back.  The guys handcuff the girl to the corner.  Why don't I see fans in thongs when I go to wrestling shows?
Pearce and Colt really berate the gal they arrested and she is really playing along well.

Belt is held up, bell we go

Colt and Tony staredown face to face.  Colt pushes Tony and Tony pushes back but that takes Colt to the mat.  Colt regroups and they lock up.  The tie up in the corner and Tony gets the advantage.  Colt heads out of the ring while Marshall Pearce tears up some signs.  Colt with a kick to the gut and some big forearm shots.  Tony reverses and sends Colt head first into the turnbuckles.  Colt again bails out of the ring for protection by Marshall Pearce.  Tony rallies the crowd as Colt comes back in the ring.  Colt tries for a kick but gets caught.  Tony hits a big shoulder block and an atomic drop.  Then Tony takes out the knee with a low drop kick.  Tony with a kick to the chin for a 2 count.  Colt is outside the ring and Pearce is using his flashlight to check Colt's eyes...awesome.  Tony catches them and throws Colt back in the ring.  Pearce gives Colt the flashlight and he clocks Tony and now Colt is in control.  Colt with a pin but doesn't hook the leg and gets a 2 count. Colt with some right hands to Toony and then hits one off the ropes for a 2 count.  Colt with 2 more pins for 2 counts and he's getting frustrated.  Now Colt has a chinlock.  Tony makes his way to his feet and Colt whips him off the ropes, Tony gets a sunset flip for a 2 count.  Colt now hits an elbow off the ropes and Tony is down.  Colt took his time to make the pin so he only gets a 2 count.  Colt continues to deliver right hands. 

Tony finally blocks a shot and gets in a few.  Pearce now gets in a big blow from the outside with the flashlight and Tony is down.  Colt pulls him up for a series of double over hand chops. Colt misses an elbow and is hit by Tony with a kick.  Double clothes line and they are both down. 

The lights in the building are flickering as the announcers mention power is blacking out all over the state because of the heat.  Tony blocks a couple shots and is finally getting going.  Back body drop and 2 clotheslines on Cabana.  Tony with a slam and goest to the top rope.  He hits something different.  Not sure what that was.  But he got a 2 count with it.  Colt now goes to the top but gets caught on the top rope. 

Tony goes for the guillotine leg drop and gets a 2 count.  Colt hits the ref by accident.  Tony gets a roll up but no ref.  Pearce comes in and now the two work over Tony.  Tony managed a double clothes line.  Pearce back to the outside of the ring.  Tony hits a moonsault off the middle of the 2nd rope on Cabana.  Pearce hands in a baton to Cabana.  Tony loads up the lighted fist. 

He light it up but Pearce puts out the fire and then Colt clubs him in the skull.  The refs makes a very long slow 3 count.

Your Winner and NEW JCW Champion, Colt Cabana!

After the match, Cabana puts the JCW belt into an evidence bag.  Wonder if he'll put that belt in the fridge at Punk's place?


A very good show overall.  The 3 way was a lot of fun and Colt is always good and Sabu was there.

More than worth $5. 

The next show's main event is Corporal Robinson vs. JCW Champion Officer Colt Cabana.

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