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By Matt Carter on 2011-07-20 23:20:00

Special Music Guest Time...So time for a break...before that KG says that Britney Force will take on Amber ONeal in 2 weeks.

After the music, we come back with a video package about the formation of M.O.B.

Match #7 - The M.O.B. (Mean Old Bastards) Bull Pain and Tracy Smothers with Izza Bella Smothers vs. the JCW Tag Team Champions The Ring Rydas (Non Title Match)

Tracy starts out with Ryda Red.  He knocks him down with a stiff forearm.  Smothers dominated red but Red hits a springboard back elbow and the Rydas hit a double drop kick for a 2 count.  Red is back in and is sent to the ropes and Izza trips him up.  Tracy tags in Bull Pain and he stomps a mud hole in Ryda red.  Bull hits a big head but and rakes Red's eyes across the top rope.  Then Pain jaws with the ref and Red is getting triple teamed.  Tracy Smothers now in the ring with Red.  Red hits a reverse into a sunset flip for a 2 count but Tracy kicks out and hits some big shots.  Tracy gets a 2 count.  Now Red is boxed into the wrong corner and Bull is tagged in and hits a big sit out power bomb.  Ryda Blue breaks up the pin fall.  Ryda red is trying to fight back but the numbers game is killing him.  Bull is back on the stiff offense and hits an elbow off the ropes.  Now Smothers in and gets a 2 count.  Tracy holds Ryda Red with a chin lock.  Red fights up with shots to the guy but Smothers beats him back down and tags in Bull Pain.  Red does a couple flips for the tag to Blue who comes in with a double drop kick.  He gets a cover on Tracy but Bull breaks it up.  Now Ryda blue and Bull Pain, blue from the top rope with an elbow and got a 2 count.  Smothers in now working over blue in the corner with chops.  Now the Rydas double team Tracy in their corner.  Ryda hits a frog splash on Tracy for a 2 count and Bull Pain breaks up the pin.  Red and Bull Pain in the ring.  The Rydas hit a big double team move on Bull but Izza drags the ref out of the ring. Blue and Bull Pain in the ring.  Bull hits a DDT for the 3 count

Your winners, The Mean Old Bastards!

After the match the MOB continue to work over the Rydas until Necro Butcher and Mad Man Pondo (the #1 contenders) make the save.

Pondo takes the mic and says that the MOB pissed off the wrong guys.  He says no one knows revenge like he and the Necro Butcher.  Pondo says he's been in the business for 22 years and never been knocked out until Bull Pain.  Pondo says no matter where they go, they might be there waiting.

Between the matches, the announcer ponder that age old question. Why are there not two referees for a tag team match?

Match #8 -  Kevin Thorn vs. Corporal Robinson

Thorn is sporting that "new" look he had for ECW before he was released.  A cross of the vampire and 7even thing.  He looks pretty good.

The announcers remind us that the former champ is working his way back up the JCW ladder back to the title and is undefeated since he lost the title.  Now he takes on Kevin Thorn, billed as a seasoned veteran, in what I think is his first JCW match.  Not sure about that though.

Thorn attacks Corp before the bell outside the ring.  He works Corp over and they start brawling through the crowd.  Thorn has the advantage and they continue to brawl.  The announcers wonder if Thorn's vampire power is reduced because they are in an old church...oh that's funny.  Thorn now choking Corp out on the guard rail.  Corp finally manages to get in a few shots and then a series of headbutts.  Now Thorn is tossed in the ring.  Corp with a low drop kick and Thorn is hanging on the ropes.  Corp hits a baseball slide and sends Thorn into the guard rail.  I was just informed Thorn was at last year's I was wrong.  Corp now with a chair and beating on Thorn.  Thorn tries a suplex out of the ring but Corp breaks it up for a big forearm of the ropes.  Corp is setting up 2 chairs in the ring.  Corp tries to suplex Thorn on the chairs but he fights out and Thorn puts Corp through the chairs.  Thorn makes his way to his feet and grabs a chair to drill Corp.  Now a few shots to the back of Corp with that chair.  Corp gets a low blow to stop the beating but Thorn throws the chair on his head.  Thorn now goes to the outside and is looking under the ring.  He finds a nice folding table.  Perhaps he is gonna sell 8x10s and T Shirts?  Thorn sets up the table in the corner of the ring and Corp is still down.  Thorn tries another chair shot but Corp gets in a few shots and then hits a super kick.  The kick puts Thorn into the table.  Then Corp runs and puts his kneed into the face of Kevin Thorn.  Corp sets up and hits a Boot Camp on the steel chair

 Your winner, Corporal Robinson!


The announcers note that Corp is the #1 contender, but Tony is the champ.  Juggalos don't fight Juggalos.

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