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By Matt Carter on 2011-07-20 23:20:00

Match #4 -  Amber O'Neal vs. Randy The Ring Girl with Britney Force

The announcers note that this is the first ever women's match in JCW.  Britney takes the mic and says that Randy is ready to kick the s**t out of Amber even though she is not finished with her wrestling training.

Randy takes down Amber with a spear and shots to the head.  Now a big toss by the hair a couple times.  Randy hits a suplex for a 2 count.

Things Gordon Solie never said "I like t***ies."

Now Amber starts to take over and hits a big facebuster.  Amber continues to put the boots to Randy and chokes her on the bottom rope for a 4 count.  Amber hits a suplex and gets a 2 count.  Amber with a knife edge chop and a big kick to the back.  Amber gets a pin but Randy kicks out at 2.  Amber pulls her up and throws Randy into the corner and puts a shoulder to the mid section.  Amber takes her to the other corner and hits the Booty Bop.  Interesting move.  Amber drags Randy by the hair and hits a big Russian leg sweep and had a pin but pulls Randy up at a 2 count.  She hits a backdrop on Randy and again pulls her up at a 2 count.  Now Britney Force throws in the towel and Amber is named the winner.

Your Winner, Amber O'Neal!

After the match, Randy gets upset with her trainer as they leave.

Match #5 - Special 3 Way Match: Jimmy Jacobs vs. Superstar Bill Martel vs. Zach Gowen with U-Gene

At this point, I must say it is odd to be watching wresting and see shots of stained glass church windows.

Really funny moment.  When Bill Martel comes out he stops at the announce table.  He says he really likes the guys but they have very filthy mouths and gives them each a cake of soap to wash out their mouths.  That was hillarious.  U Gene is gonna be on commentary...oh good lord.
Jimmy Jacobs starts the match by grabbing the mic.  He tells the guys that while they wrestle he is going the share his feelings in poetry form.  Oh this is great.  Gowen catches Jacobs with an elbow and hits a cork screw over the top rope onto  Jacobs and Martel.  Gowen tries for a sling shot leg drop but Jacobs gets out of the way.  Jacobs takes out Martel on the outside and Gowen starts to get hot.  U Gene is actually pretty hillarious...its hard to do this coverage.  Ok, now Martel catches Gowen on the tope rope and gets a 2 count.  Martel rakes the boot laces across the face of Gowen.  Now Jacobs takes the mic again to read his poem but Martel stops him.  They both get a drop kick from Gowen.  Jacobs and Martel exchange blows while Gowen watches in the corner.  U Gene is flat out hillarious.  Gowen gets a figure three leg lock on Martel but Jacobs breaks it up.  Jacobs clears the ring and grabs the mic to again try and read his poetry.  I am laughing so hard.  Gowen trips up Jacobs and Martel gets a roll up for a 2 count.  Martel with a clothesline on Jacobs for a 2 count.  Martel misses a leg drop from the second rope and now Jacobs with a suplex for a 2 count on Martel.  Announcers would good to note this isn't a 3 way dance since its one pin fall.  Jacobs now to the top rope and Gowen crotches him.  Martel catches Gowen and now sets up for a superplex on Jacobs while Gowen hits the moonsault on Martel for the pin
Your Winner, Zach Gowen!

This was a really good and REALLY funny match.

After the match. Gowen says "That is how you do it, U-Gene" and U-Gene gets upset and Jacobs is tweeting as he leaves the ring.

Match #6 -  Breyer Wellington with Butler Jeeves and Truth Martini vs. Rhino

Man, does Rhino look good.

They tie up and Rhino takes Breyer to the corner and we get a clean break.  They circle around and then lock back up.  Breyer get Rhino in a wrist lock.  Rhino counters.  Breyer gets his leg outside the ring to force a break.  Rhino gives him a clean break while Truth rubs Breyer's arm.  Rhino hits a big shoulder takle and then a short arm clothes line.  Rhino then takes Breyer to the corner for repeated blows to the head.  Rhino drags Breyer back in the ring the hard way, but Breyer catches Rhino with a shot. 

Rhino reverses and gets Breyer into the corner.  Rhino now with a snap suplex.  Rhino sets up for the gore but Truth steps in the way.  Breyer tries a shot from behind but Rhino saw it coming.  Breyer then hits a backstabber out of knowhere for a 1 count.  Breyer hits a kick to the back and tries to keep Rhino down.  Breyer distracts the ref while Truth strangles Rhino on the ropes.  Breyer gets a 2 count.  Breyer hits a big knee drop for a 2 count.  Breyer keeps hitting Rhino with shots but he won't stay down.  Breyer locks in a sleeper but Rhino quickly battles out.  Rhino into the ropes and Breyer hits an elbow that knocks Rhino out of the ring.  Breyer drags Rhino back in the ring for a  2 count.  Breyer applies a front face lock again to try and keep Rhino down but he powers up.  Rhino gets in some shots and sends Breyer to the corner. 

He tries to follow up but gets a boot to the face.  Breyer now is going to the top rope for a moonsault but no one is home.  Rhino misses a gore and Breyer gets a roll up for a 2 count.  Stiff shots by Rhino and Kongo Kong hits the ring and takes out Breyer by mistake.  Rhino makes the cover for the pin.

Your winner, Rhino!


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