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By Stuart Carapola on 2011-07-22 11:00:00
Next up is eight man tag action with Blood Warriors members CIMA, Dragon Kid, Naruki Doi, and Ricochet taking on Jimmy Jacobs, Austin Aries, Open The Freedom Gate Champion YAMATO, and a mystery fourth partner...who turns out to be Sami Callihan, who comes out begging for another chance to prove himself. Jacobs and Dragon Kid start off, with Jacobs working over the arm of Kid, then lays Kid out with a running clothesline that sends Kid scurrying to the floor. Dragon Kid catches a breather and then tags in CIMA, and Jacobs turns and tags in Callihan. CIMA starts beating Callihan down with overhand chops, but Callihan gtes a drop toehold and gets the Stretch Muffler. CIMA is able to squirm out, but Callihan destroys him with a diving clothesline and tags in Aries while CIMA rolls back to his corner to tag in Naruki Doi. Doi comes off the ropes with a shoulderblock but nobody moves, Doi fires a few chops at Aries, but Aries responds with chops of his own. Back and forth takedown/escape sequence ends with both men in a stalemate, and Doi just flips Aries off and goes to the corner to tag Ricochet in. Ricochet points to YAMATO, so YAMATO tags in and goes at it with Ricochet, who surprises the champion with a flying headscissors and a fancy armdrag that sends YAMATO to the floor. YAMATO slowly comes back into the ring and Ricochet maneuvers YAMATO so his back is to the rest of Blood Warriors, and CIMA sneaks in and nails YAMATO from behind.

YAMATO's in trouble, finding himself on the receiving end of a 4-on-1 beatdown by Blood Warriors. Dragon Kid comes in with a double axhandle and a pair of kneedrops for 2, but YAMATO simply lifts Dragon Kid up and carries him to the corner so his team can now tag in and out while dishing out punishment to Dragon Kid. Aries comes in with a slingshot rolling senton for 2, then the figure four stump puller into a cradle for 2. Dragon Kid rams Aries to the Blood Warriors corner and they just pummel him in the corner and Ricochet hits a twisting dive off the second rope for 2. Ricochet tries a dropkick in the corner, but Aries moves and Ricochet lands on the back of his neck, and Aries follows that up with a hard back suplex. Jacobs spears Ricochet, then just drills him with right hands. YAMATO tags back in and whips Ricochet with those flappy things he has on his tights, and Ricochet hits a leaping enziguiri and tries to make it back to his corner, but YAMATO drags him back and tags out to Callihan, who hits a really nice slingshot splash for 2. Callihan picks Ricochet back up, but Ricochet finally manages to get some space with a spinning enziguiri and makes the tag.

CIMA and Doi come in and do the wishbone spot on Callihan three or four times, then dump him out to the floor where they pick him up spread eagle as if going for a double atomic drop, then ram him crotch first into the ringpost. After all the crotch destruction, they send Callihan back into the ring where Dragon Kid hits a series of kicks in the corner, but misses a running dropkick. Callihan tries to get back to his corner, but CIMA runs in and cuts him off, allowing Dragon Kid to get an inverted Indian Deathlock and then bridge backward into the Muta Lock. Dragon Kid elevates himself back up into the Indian Deathlock position as CIMA and Doi come back in yet again and curb stomp Callihan about three or four times. This is finally enough for Callihan's partners, who come in and break up the festivities, then Callihan and CIMA have a chop exchange until CIMA just drills Callihan with a dropkick. CIMA tries to pick Callihan up, but Callihan is dead weight, so CIMA turns his back and does the Blood Warriors cheer thing, allowing Callihan to sneak in and get a backdrop suplex and make the hot tag to YAMATO.

YAMATO comes in and cleans house, dropkicking Ricochet off the apron, spearing Dragon Kid out of his boots, and setting Doi up so Aries can clothesline him from the apron and come in with a slingshot senton for 2. Aries gets an O'Connor roll for 2, gets kicked off and uses the momentum to get a running forearm to Kid, takes both Kid and Doi out with a bulldog/clothesline combo, and then gets Kid in the Last Chancery. All the other Blood Warriors try to get in, but all get caught in the various submission holds of the members of Team JAcobs. CIMA rolls through a sunset flip by Aries and gets a double stomp and rolling senton. CIMA blocks the shinbreaker/suplex combo, so Aries hits a roaring elbow and then tries the brainbuster, but CIMA blocks and gets an Indian Deathlock, then catches Jacobs coming in and suplexes him while still applying the Indian Deathlock to Aries.

Now all hell is breaking loose, Callihan goes at it with Ricochet, who hits a standing 630 for 2. Callihan tears into him with chops, blocks the backslide driver, Ricochet ducks a rebound lariat and tries a springboard off the ropes, but Callihan catches him coming down with a Russian legsweep, dumps Ricochet face first off a victory roll attempt, then elevates Ricochet and dumps him on his head again with a backdrop driver for 2. YAMATO gets a rolling cradle on Doi for 2, leaping enziguiri, and a brainbuster for another 2. YAMATO sets up for Galleria, Doi escapes and hangs YAMATO up on the second rope, and bashes into him with a low crossbody. Dragon Kid with a springboard Stunner on YAMATO, then CIMA wheelbarrows YAMATO onto Doi's knees and Ricochet hits a running shooting star press for 2. YAMATO ducks the Ultra Hurricanrana, holds onto Kid on a Frankensteiner attempt, Aries kicks Kid in the head, and YAMATO powerbombs him for 2. Aries tries a brainbuster, but Kid reverses to a Stunner and then Jacobs comes in and hits the Contra Code on Kid for 2. Callihan goes up top and CIMA catches him with the rolling palmstrike, then goes up top and sits Callihan on his shoulders so Dragon Kid can hit a Mega Frankensteiner, then Ricochet hangs Callihan on the second rope for the top rope senton from Doi, followed by a Lionsault from Ricochet for 2. Now Blood Warriors hit a series of high impact moves in the corner on Jimmy Jacobs, and Doi, Kid, and Ricochet hit coast to coast dropkicks in the corner on Jacobs followed by a 2K1 Bomb by CIMA, and Aries breaks the cover at 2.

Everyone goes out to the floor and they take turns hitting dives as Doi goes for Doi Fives on Jacobs, but Jacobs counters to the End Time. Doi won't give it up and muscles Jacobs back onto his shoulders, hits Doi Fives, and gets the sliding kick to finally win the match for Blood Warriors.

There was so much going on here that it was almost impossible to recap. The Dragon Gate six and eight man tags are popular, so I thought this was a great way to throw one on the show as an unadvertised bonus. From a storyline standpoint, this was a weekend where Jacobs and Callihan both wanted to prove themselves, but wound up largely on the losing end of all their high profile matches. Blood Warriors, on the other hand, needed this win after losing the entire weekend, and it did a good job of establishing them as the dominant force in the company even though they don't hold any of the gold.

The first Open The United Gate Champions are crowned next on Page 4!

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