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By Stuart Carapola on 2011-07-22 11:00:00
United Weekend wraps up in Union City, New Jersey as the first ever Open The United Gate Champions are crowned. After two days of grueling round robin tournament competition, Masato Yoshino & PAC of World-1 and Johnny Gargano & Chuck Taylor of Ronin both wound up with a perfect four point score, guaranteeing that one or the other would walk out of New Jersey as the first DGUSA tag champs. On the other side of the coin, Blood Warriors had two teams entered into the tournament, but both Naruki Doi & Ricochet and CIMA & Dragon Kid wound up getting shut out in the first two rounds of competition. Neither team was in contention any longer given their losses in the first two rounds, but were still scheduled to face one another in the third round in New Jersey.

In other news, Akira Tozawa had gone from comedy undercarder to serious player in just two matches with victories over Sami Callihan and Austin Aries. Now in New Jersey, Tozawa would be faced with his toughest challenge yet in former Open The Freedom Gate Champion BxB Hulk, who had just lost the title to Tozawa's stablemate YAMATO two nights earlier. Also, Jon Moxley had spent the entire weekend running his mouth, and would now have to face his hated rival Homicide one-on-one after two days of fighting off Homicide's goons in New York and Philly.

Titles and pride are on the line as Dragon Gate USA heads to the Ace Arena for...

DGUSA United - Finale: 1/30/2011 in Union City, New Jersey

We kick the show off with Brodie Lee of Blood Warriors taking on Rich Swann of Ronin, who had scored a major win over Jimmy Jacobs the night before, and looked to continue that winning streak here against the power man of the Blood Warriors stable. Swann tries to get in the head of Brodie by snatching the bandanna out of his back pocket, but Brodie casually picks it back up, puts in back in his pocket, and proceeds to superkick Swann's teeth down his throat. Brodie with a hard chop that sends Swann crumpling into the corner, and then a delayed vertical suplex gets 2. Brodie picks Swann back up and rocks him with a Eruopean uppercut and then gets a double underhook suplex and a short clothesline for 2. Swann tries to outmaneuver Brodie with a crucifix into a sunset flip, but Brodie yanks him back up by the throat, Swann dropkicks his way out of Brodie's grasp and fires off kicks at Brodie's legs, but makes a mistake by trying a German suplex. He can't budge Brodie, so he gets a spinning enziguiri and a big frogsplash for 2. Swann tries the triple jump 450, but Brodie moves out of the way and hits the Truckstop for the three count.

Solid opener and a good big man vs little man match, and the rest of Blood Warriors comes out to celebrate with Brodie. CIMA takes a picture of Rich Swann laying on the mat (and we get a nice plug for CIMA's Twitter account), and the Brodie hits a badass Liger Bomb as Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano come out to ringside to try and help Swann, but Brodie just chokeslams Swann off the ring and onto Taylor and Gargano. Ricochet gets the microphone and says that the scheduled tournament match with he and Doi taking on CIMA and Dragon Kid isn't going to happen, and CIMA says that they're all going to go out on the town. Blood Warriors prepare to leave the ring, but Jimmy Jacobs comes out and says he's 0-2 on the weekend, but he's challenged any Japanese talent to face him, but nobody's responded, so they're either ignoring him, or they're scared. Jacobs says he's got something to prove tonight, and askes which of them is going to step up to the plate. Ricochet suggests that Jacobs go to the back and find three guys to take on himself, CIMA, Naruki Doi, and Dragon Kid in an eight man tag tonight. Jacobs accepts the challenge, and it looks like we've got the answer to how Blood Warriors will figure into the evening.

We move on to our next match, as AR Fox takes on Cheech, who we normally see in tag action with Cloudy, but is in singles competition this weekend. Fox scores with a dropkick and an O'Connor Roll for 2, then comes out of the corner with a crossbody for 2. Cheech gets a bodyscissors from behind and does situps while elbowing Fox in the back of the head, then rolls Fox to his shoulders for 2. Cheech with a no-hands version of the Sharpshooter, but Fox makes the ropes. Fox backdrops Cheech to the apron, Cheech gets a sunset flip over the ropes for 2, then gets a dropkick to the back of the head and an STO for 2. Fox gets a bulldog out of the corner, but Cheech gets a rollup for 2. Fox with a pair of Stunners that send Cheech to the floor, and Fox hits a somersault dive over the guardrail and into the crowd onto Cheech. Fox rolls Cheech into the ring and tries a Vader Bomb type move, but Cheech gets a pump handle suplex for 2. Cheech goes to the top rope, cartwheels on the top rope out of the way of a charge by Fox, and Fox comes off the top rope with a Codebreaker for 3. Short match and really spotty, I'm not a fan of AR Fox and I think he has a lot of work to do before he can be considered credible.

We move on to Akira Tozawa, who is now 2-0 on the weekend after defeating Sami Callihan and Austin Aries, looking to complete the biggest weekend of his DGUSA career as he faces former Open The Freedom Gate Champion BxB Hulk. Reby Sky comes out before the match and says that she thinks she was wrong about Jon Moxley, and offers to take him to the back and work things out. Moxley agrees and heads to the back with Reby, leaving Tozawa by himself to face BxB Hulk.

The crowd is loudly behind Tozawa as the bell rings, and he and Hulk circle one another and feint kicks before tying up, Tozawa takes Hulk down with a hammerlock and mounts him to apply a facelock, but Hulk sits out and circles Tozawa's head into a front facelock, rides Tozawa through an escape attempt, and gutwrenches Tozawa to his back for 2. Hulk goes back to the front facelock and rams knees into Tozawa's face, but Tozawa reverses to a hammerlock. Hulk headlocks his way out of the hold, and Tozawa kicks free to go to a stalemate. Greco Roman knucklelock, Hulk takes Tozawa down with the hold and Tozawa rolls through into a wristlock, but Hulk cartwheels through into a side headlock and gets an armdrag off an escape attempt and goes back into the side headlock. Hulk with a shoulderblock, cartwheels over Tozawa and gets another pair of armdrags and a dropkick that send Tozawa out to the floor to try and catch a breather.

Hulk catches Tozawa coming back in with a series of kicks to the head, then puts the boots to Tozawa before picking him up and hitting more free kicks to the chest of Tozawa. Tozawa catches the last kick and legwhips Hulk and then rams him into the corner and stomps the crap out of him before hitting a diving dropkick. Hulk tries to crawl across the ring to get away from Tozawa, but Tozawa continues the assault and gets a three quarter nelson into a dropping kick to the jaw that gets 2. Tozawa with a snapmare into a rear chinlock, but Hulk makes the ropes. Tozawa continues the assault with hard forearms, and winds up in a chop exchange with Hulk. Tozawa comes out on top and continues laying chops into Hulk until Hulk tries to block a chop, and Tozawa just gets a straight right hand to the jaw of Hulk. Tozawa ties Hulk up in a camel clutch, then lets go and stomps his foot right into the back of Hulk. Tozawa picks Hulk up and bicycle kicks him in the chest, but Hulk responds with a spinkick to the jaw and both men are down.

Hulk and Tozawa make their way back to their feet and Tozawa gets a kick and a series of chops, then whips Hulk into the ropes and catches him coming off with a pair of roaring forearms, and Hulk comes right back with a spinkick to the jaw and goes out to the apron for a springboard spinkick to the side of the head. Tozawa rolls to the outside, but Hulk goes after him and chokes him on the floor, then slaps him in the face and rams him into the ring apron and hits a hard chop to the back. Hulk goes back inside and waits for Tozawa to get back in the ring so he can pick him up and get him back in the three quarter nelson and go back to the kneestrikes to the face. Hulk with a standing twisting senton for 2, then goes back to stomping Tozawa's chest in and chokes him in the corner with his boot. Hulk tries to pick Tozawa up, but Tozawa just collapses, so Hulk continues raining kicks down on Tozawa and tries to whip him to the ropes, but Tozawa holds the ropes, so Hulk connects with more kicks and gets the whip, but Tozawa reverses and gets a dropkick, a second dropkick to the legs, and a running kneestrike sends Hulk to the floor. Tozawa hits a dive through the ropes, then pops back into the ring and hits a second dive. The crowd chants for one more time, so Tozawa pops back into the ring and htis a third dive through the ropes.

Tozawa tosses Hulk back into the ropes, and the crowd is solidly behind Tozawa at this point as he hits a charging clothesline in the corner, Tozawa tries a backdrop suplex, and Hulk desperately tries to fight out with a series of kneestrikes, but Tozawa holds on to the waistlock and hits the backdrop suplex anyway. Tozawa eats Hulk's boot on a charge and Hulk tries a crossbody out of the corner, but Tozawa gets his knees up and Hulk crashes hard on the knees. Tozawa puts his head down for a backdrop attempt and Hulk gets a scissor kick. Hulk with a series of kicks, a legsweep, and a running shooting star press get 2. Hulk straitjackets Tozawa's arm and tries to elevate him, Tozawa blocks, so Hulk hits a spinkick and the EVO for 2. Hulk takes Tozawa to the corner and goes up top, but Tozawa hits a leaping bicycle kick and goes up top, Hulk tries to fight back but Tozawa headbutts him and hits a superplex. Tozawa covers Hulk for 2, then picks Hulk up and trades right hands with him. Tozawa with a series of kicks and an enziguiri, but Hulk gets the Guile Kick and a clothesline, Tozawa tries a German suplex, but Hulk lands on his feet and hits a series of knockout kicks, he tries a final one but Tozawa ducks and gets a rollup for 2, and Hulk gets right back to his feet and gets another kick to the head, Hulk bounces off the ropes and goes for a sunset flip, but Tozawa rolls through and gets a Shining Wizard Knee and both men are down.

the crowd is solidly behind Tozawa as both men go toe to toe in the middle of the ring, but Hulk gets a spinkick to the midsection and a running Yakuza kick, Tozawa responds with a bicycle kick, and they go back and forth with kicks to the face until Hulk goes down, but catches Tozawa coming off the ropes with a Northern Lights suplex for 2. Hulk pump handles Tozawa and gets kneestrikes to the face and a Here It Is Driver, but still only gets 2. Crowd is hardcore behind Tozawa as Hulk peppers him with slaps and kicks and sets up for the EVO, but Tozawa reverses to a Scorpion Deathdrop and a leaping double kneedrop for 2. Tozawa deadlifts Hulk and tries the German suplex, Hulk responds with several hard kicks and a clothesline, but Tozawa comes right back with a German suplex for 2, then Tozawa hits another German suplex and rolls through into a third German suplex with a bridge, and that's enough to finally get a three count.

Akira Tozawa has done it, he went 3-0 against Sami Callihan, Austin Aries, and BxB Hulk in what amounted to a career making weekend. In three nights, Tozawa has gone from comedy undercard worker to bonafide star with his three hard fought wins, and Hulk is absolutely livid that he lost the match. He pounds the mat before storming off to the locker room as Tozawa celebrates his victory.

Jon Moxley finally has to face the music as he battles Homicide one-on-one next on Page 2!

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