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By Richard Trionfo on 2011-07-17 22:49:59
Welcome to’s live coverage of World Wrestling Entertainment’s Money in the Bank pay per view. The pay per view comes to you from Chicago, Illinois and your announcers are Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and Booker T.

A clock ticks as we start off with a video package reminding everyone that CM Punk’s contract expires at midnight and his promise to leave with the WWE Championship. We also see Vince McMahon’s comments to John Cena two weeks ago when he told John Cena that he would be fired if John Cena walks out of Chicago with the title.

Lawler talks about what would happen if CM Punk leaves WWE with the WWE Title. Booker talks about the Smackdown Money in the Bank match.

Match Number One: Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder Match (Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Kane, Sheamus, Sin Cara, and Wade Barrett )

The wrestlers pair off with Kane battling with Gabriel and Slater while Sheamus takes care of Rhodes and Bryan. We have the three big men in the center of the ring as Barrett and Sheamus kick Kane and Kane with a double clothesline and then he does the same to send them over the top rope to the floor. Kane goes to the floor and he grabs a ladder but Bryan with a drop kick to the ladder to knock Kane to the floor.

Bryan brings the ladder to the apron and Slater and Gabriel do the same. Sin Cara slides under the ladder and Gabriel and Slater hit Cara with the ladder. Slater is pulled to the floor but Gabriel grabs Slater and kicks him in the head. Slater hops the ladder but Bryan with a missile drop kick. Rhodes sends Bryan into the ladder and Cody climbs the ladder but Sheamus stops him. Cody with Beautiful Disaster to Slater before Sheamus takes care of Bryan and Rhodes.

Sheamus throws the ladder at Rhodes and then he puts it in the corner. Kane grabs Sheamus and Rhodes and sends them over the top rope to the floor. Barrett hits Kane from behind and Barrett with punches. Kane Irish whips Barrett into the ladder in the corner. Kane throws the ladder onto Sheamus and Rhodes on the floor. Kane with a side slam to Slater and then Kane goes to the turnbuckles for a clothesline but Cara comes in and hits an enzuigiri to send Kane to the floor. Bryan with a European uppercut to Gabriel followed by a suicide dive to Barrett. Gabriel with a flip dive onto kane. Slater with a plancha onto Rhodes and then Cara with a double jump splash onto Sheamus.

Cara with a springboard cross body to Bryan and then Gabriel tries for a belly-to-back on Cara but Cara escapes and he hits a drop kick on Slater. Cara with a rana to Gabriel and he goes to the floor. Cara with an enzuigiri to Bryan on the top turnbuckle and then they fight on top and Cara hits the C-4.

Cara looks at the briefcase and then he looks for a ladder and he gets one from in front of the announce table, but he has trouble bringing the ladder into the ring. Barrett with a boot to Cara and then Barrett throws the cover off the announce table. Barrett lays the ladder across the apron and announce table. Cara sends Barrett’s arm into the ring post and then Sheamus with the Brogue Kick to Cara when he turns around.

Sheamus stands on Cara’s head and then he goes to the apron with Cara. Sheamus with a power bomb through the ladder and the ladder is bend in half. The referee checks on Cara after the impact and the medical staff comes over to check on Cara as he appears to have spasms.

Sheamus hits Slater with a ladder as we see a stretcher come to get Sin Cara. Kane punches Sheamus in the ring and then he pushes Sheamus to the floor. Kane picks up a smaller ladder and he drops it on Sheamus. Kane joins Bryan and Rhodes in the ring with ladders and Bryan and Rhodes join forces to deal with Kane. Bryan and Rhodes exchange forearms while Kane takes time to pick up a ladder and hit Rhodes and Bryan.

Kane puts a larger ladder under the case and he climbs the ladder. Slater and Barrett stop Kane and Gabriel joins in. The three former Corre members go after Kane while Cody takes advantage of the situation and he tries to climb the ladder. The Corre pull Cody off and they work him over in the corner. Daniel Bryan tries to do the same thing that Kane and Cody tried but he suffers the same result.

Barrett, Gabriel, and Slater stand in the ring and they discuss strategy. Barrett climbs the ladder and then Slater and Gabriel pull him off and then Heath and Justin work over Barrett. Slater and Gabriel throw Barrett out of the ring and then Gabriel and Slater race up the ladder. They fight on the top of the ladder and Cody pushes them off. Cody hits Cross Rhodes on Slater and then Cody puts the ladder in position.

Cody climbs up but Barrett pulls him off. Barrett climbs but Cody pulls him off and Cody hits Cross Rhodes on Barrett. Sheamus stops Cody’s climb and Sheamus hits the Irish Curse back breaker. Sheamus climbs the ladder but Daniel Bryan grabs at Sheamus’ leg. They fight on the ladder and Bryan sends Sheamus’ head into the ladder. Bryan climbs over Sheamus and Sheamus gets Bryan on his shoulders.

Kane goes up top and Kane hits the Doomsday Device. Sheamus takes Kane down with a boot. Sheamus punches Kane and then he moves the ladder and he kicks Kane in the ribs. Sheamus grabs another ladder and he puts it between the turnbuckles and main ladder. Sheamus tries for a uranage onto the ladder but Kane stops him. Kane gives Rhodes a choke slam. Gabriel comes off the top rope but Kane grabs Gabriel by the throat and hits a choke slam on Gabriel.

Kane climbs the ladder and Bryan stops Kane’s momentum. They fight on the ladder and Bryan with elbows to knock Kane off. Kane tries for a choke slam but Bryan tries to use the LeBell Lock with help from the ladder. Bryan with a cross body but Kane catches him. Bryan counters with a DDT on Kane.

Slater makes his way to the ladder and he is almost to the top but Bryan stops Slater. Bryan with elbows as Slater has his hands on the ladder. Slater with a neck breaker off the ladder and both men are down. Slater crawls to the ladder and he is in the ring alone until Barrett pulls him off and Barrett with kicks to Slater. Barrett misses a splash and then Slater gets crotched by Barrett. While Slater and Barrett fight, Sheamus comes into the ring and Barrett stops Sheamus.

Barrett brings another ladder into the ring and Barrett and Sheamus hit Slater with the ladder on the top turnbuckle and then they send Slater off the top of the ladder onto Kane on the floor. Sheamus with a Brogue Kick to Barrett and then one to Rhodes. Gabriel misses a springboard move and Sheamus with a clothesline to Gabriel.

Sheamus puts a ladder on the top rope and then he kicks Gabriel. Sheamus adjusts the ladder that was in the corner and then he sends Gabriel into that ladder. Sheamus gets Gabriel on his shoulders and he hot shots Gabriel on the ladder and then he hits a Brogue Kick. Sheamus points to the case and he starts his climb.

Sheamus is to the top of the ladder but Kane is up there too and he stops Sheamus as Sheamus had his hand on the case. Kane and Sheamus with punches and Sheamus knocks Kane off. Kane tries to pull Kane off the ladder and he pulls him into position for a choke slam and Sheamus bounces off the ladder propped between the turnbuckles and the ladder in the center of the ring.

Sheamus falls to the floor and Kane goes up top but Barrett, Bryan, and Rhodes stop Kane. Cody with Beautiful Disaster off the ladder to Kane. Barrett hits Kane with Wasteland and then Bryan signals to Gabriel and Gabriel hits a 450 splash off the ladder in the corner.

Barrett kicks Gabriel and hits Wasteland on Gabriel but he sends Gabriel onto Slater on the floor. Barrett with a pump handle power slam to Rhodes. Barrett climbs the ladder and he has his hands on the case but Cody pulls him off. Rhodes clotheslines Barrett over the top rope to the floor. Bryan climbs the ladder and Rhodes tries to stop him. Bryan kicks Rhodes to the mat but they fight up the ladder. Rhodes punches Bryan on the top of the ladder. Barrett climbs the other side and Bryan has Rhodes in a guillotine choke. Bryan knocks Rhodes off the ladder. Barrett gets Bryan on his shoulders and he tries for Wasteland onto the ladder but Bryan with elbows to the head and Barrett staggers onto the ladder. Bryan kicks Barrett off the ladder.

Daniel Bryan grabs the briefcase.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan celebrates his victory on top of the ladder.

We see footage from earlier tonight of Vince McMahon’s limo arriving at the building. He arrived with John Laurinitis and a WWE attorney to try to work on a contract with CM Punk.

Michael Cole mentions that Chicago has hosted three Wrestlemanias.

Match Number Two: Brie Bella with Nikki Bella versus Kelly Kelly with Eve Torres for the WWE Divas Title

Brie has something to say to Kelly as the match starts and Kelly with a slap and a Thesz Press. Kelly with the spinning head scissors take down and Brie goes to the floor. Nikki checks on Brie and then Kelly with a cross body off the apron onto both Bellas. Kelly with a head scissors in the ropes but Brie sends Kelly to the floor face first and Nikki kicks Kelly while the referee was not looking. Brie sends Kelly back into the ring and she gets a near fall.

Brie with a body scissors on Kelly but Kelly with elbows to get out of the hold. Brie with a kick to the back and then she has her knees on Kelly’s back while in the ropes. Brie drops Kelly’s throat across the ropes before returning to the ring and Brie gets a near fall. Kelly with a forearm but Brie with a knee.

Brie gets a near fall on Kelly and then Brie with a seated abdominal stretch. Kelly escapes the hold and hits a jaw breaker and then Kelly slams Brie’s head into the mat. Kelly throws Brie around the ring and hits a clothesline. Kelly with a neck breaker for a near fall. Kelly with forearms to the head. Kelly tries for K2 but Brie blocks it. Kelly gets a near fall after avoiding a back slide from Brie. Brie with a single leg DDT and then Brie with a near fall. Kelly with a kick to Brie and then she hits K2 for the three count.

Winner: Kelly Kelly

After the match, Brie and Nikki argue as they go to the back.

We have a SummerSlam commercial which is the next pay per view.

We see the Big Show/Mark Henry video package.

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