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By Mike Johnson on 2011-06-26 15:25:01
ROH Tag Team champions Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. Kings of Wrestling (with Sara del Rey and Shane Hagadorn) vs. Briscoes vs. All Night Express

KOW were rapped in by the guy that does their music. Titus and Haas started the match. Haas gave his hat to a kid in the front row. The NYC crowd chanted "Little Jimmy". Haas and Titus went back and forth. Haas caught him with a big kick. He took down Titus and began working over his leg, then tied him up on the mat.

Titus slipped out and locked in an abdominal stretch variation. Haas hiptossed his way out of it and backdropped Titus to the apron. Titus nailed him and went for a slingshot splash but Hass pulled his knees up. Kenny King and Shelton Benjamin tagged in.

They locked up. Benjamin and King went back and forth. King scored with a high dropkick. They had a great back and forth until Benjamin hit him with a cross bodyblock for a two count. Haas tagged in and slammed King for another two count. One of the Briscoes took a shot at King, who fired back. King drilled Haas but Claudio blind tagged in and nailed him with a big forearm.

Claudio rolled him down on the mat. He forced King into the corner and tagged in Hero. They nailed a double boot to the face. Hero drilled King with a chop. Briscoe tagged King with a punch and goit punched again. They allowed Hero to work on him but King made a comeback. He monkeyflipped Hero out and Titus dropkicked him.

Titus and King double teamed Hero. The fans chanted, "Let's go Hero." The ANE continued beating on him and getting a two count. Hero regained control and tagged in Claudio, who cinched in a side chinlock. Titus fought his way out but was shoved into the Briscoes' corner. They started working him over. Haas tossed Jay out of the ring and hit a pescado to the outside. Titus hit a flip dive to the outside on them.

Mark looked to do a dive but was jumped by the Kings. He backdropped Claudio out of the ring and went to the top for a moonsault to the floor. King was going to do a dive but Hero laid him out with a running forearm, then hit a moonsault backflip out of the ring to the floor. King went to the top to do a move but was cut off by Claudio, who drilled him wth a forearm.

Claudio went for a Ricola Bomb off the top. They battled on top when Benjamin leapt to the top and suplexed them both off the top. Briscoes jumped Benjamin and began doubling him, clearing the ring. The Briscoes took control of the match and covered Benjamin several times. They beat down Benjamin in their corner. Jay drilled him with a high knee as Benjamin rebounded off the ropes.

Jay locked in a chinlock on Benjamin, who tried to fight his way up but was forced back down. Jay tagged in Hero. The Kings made a wish with Benjamin's legs several times. Claudio cinched in an armbar and worked over Benjmamin's arm. Benjamin tried to force his way up to his feet and did, forcing Claudio into a corner. Unfortunately for him, it was the Briscoes' corner and they blindtagged in and continued beating down Shelton.

Haas finally made the hot tag and clotheslined everyone, then drilled the Kings in the corner. He nailed a back suplex on one of the Briscoes. Titus tagged uin and worked over The Briscoes. Mark caught him with a nasty throw and Jay drilled him with a killer clothesline. King and Jay traded blows and Jay took King's head off with a running boot.

The Briscoes went for the Doomsday Device but Titus nailed a forward roll for a near fall. The Briscoes killed Titus with several moves but he kept kicking out. King jumped into the fray as did Mark. King drilled Jay with a nice dropkick in the corner and hit a backbreaker. The ANE hit a varation on the old Demolition finisher, except Titus nailed a flying kneedrop.

Titus pinned Jay, eliminating the Briscoes.

Half the crowd sang "Nah Nah Nah Nah, Hey Hey Hey Goodbye" while others were chanting "Bullsh**."

Titus waited to see who would challenge him next and it was the Kings' Claudio. Hero tried to attack Titus from behind asnd he fired against them both with chops. King chased Hero to the floor. Claudio tagged Benjamin and left. The Kings acted like they were brilliant since they were safe from being eliminated and the other teams would destroy each other.

Titus battled Benjamin. He went for a big dropkick but Titus held onto the ropes. Hero tagged in and nailed a back senton splash. Hero drilled Benjamin into the turnbuckles. Claudio came off with a big axehandle. Claudio locked in a Camel Clutch, trying to force the submission.

Benjamin fought out of it and used the Electric Chair. He tried to tag out but Claudio caught his leg and tagged Hero. Hero nailed Haas and then started working over Benjamin on the mat. Haas tried to get in but was held back by the referee. That distraction allowed Hero the chance to nail Benjamin with a stiff jumping kick for a two count.

The Kings whipped Benjamin hard into the buckles for a two count. Benjamin caught Claudio with a back elbow and ducked down, sending Hero out of the ring. Claudio tried to prevent a tag but was nailed with a kick. Benjamin went for the tag but Hero pulled Haas off the apron, stopping the tag.

The Kings went for their double boot but Benjamin nailed them and tagged in King. King nailed some nice offense, including a standing moonsault for a two count, Claudio attacked but was caught with a Sidewalk Slam. King nailed Hero with a Fisherman's suplex for a two count. ANE double teamed on Hero, who kicked up after a series of kicks.

Hero came back with a kick to the head and a roaring elbow for a two count on Titus. Some fan threw streamers from the balcony. NYC pointed him out and chanted, "what a d***." Hope he gets tossed. Claudio tagged in but was caught by ANE with a double team move. Hero drilled him with a loaded elbowpad and Claudio covered Titus.

The ANE is eliminated.

Hero continued working over Haas, getting several near falls. Claudio and Hero tagged in and out, nailing Haas with double team maneuvers. Haas ducked a move and forced the Kings into each other, then hit a release German suplex on Hero.

Benjamin made the hot tag and nailed the Stinger Splash, then a bulldog off the ropes. Hero and Claudio went for a double suplex but Benjamin turned it into a double DDT. Haas and Benjamin set up Hero for their patented double team hanging splash. Haas hit the Olympic Slam for a two count.

Haas charged Hero in the corner but was nailed with a high knee and a leg lariat. Claudio tagged in and covered him for a near fall. Claufio went for the airplane spin and nailed it, then covered Haas for a two count.

Claudio nailed the big swing into a Hero dropkick for a two count. The Kings went for their finisher but Haas escaped and Hero accidentally speared Claudio. Haas and Benjamin drilled Hero with a double sidewalk slam and scored the pin.

Your winners and still ROH Tag Team champions, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas!

Lots of really good wrestling here.

After the match, The Briscoes returned to blast the champions with chairs to the head. Hero and Claudio were challenged but instead sat on the turnbuckles and offered the champs up to the Briscoes. Briscoes beat the hell out of the champs with chairshot after chairshot. The KOW left the ring. The ANE hit the ring, tossing a trash can in while wielding sticks.

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