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By Mike Johnson on 2011-06-12 22:49:00

Karen Angle was interviewed “via satellite from the Jarrett mansion.” Karen said that Kurt Angle shoved her down the stairs on Impact and she’s under therapy to get better. She swore she was pushed and did not fall. She said that when her husband gets in the ring with Angle, he’s going to be the number one contender and will bring the gold medal where it belongs, in her son’s room. She promised to put it around Jeff’s neck and take him to the bedroom and do what she does best. Tenay said that was being a ballbuster and she lost it as they cut her off.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle

They are smart to close with this as they are all but guaranteed a great match. I am guessing Karen is in the building based on the way the “Mansion” looked like backstage at the Impact Zone.

They have their usual good wrestling early with Angle riding Jarrett to the mat with a front facelock. Jarrett tries to escape but his hiptoss is reversed. Angle slammed Jarrett with a right hand in the corner and tossed him across the ring with a suplex.

Jarrett was worked over in the corner. Angle charged Jarrett, who backdropped him to the floor. Angle came up holding his shoulder. Jarrett went to the floor and ran Angle into the railing, working him over on the floor. He slammed Angle into the steps.

Jarrett lifted and dropped Angle over the railing. Jarrett drilled Angle with a running knee as he climbed back into the ring, sending him to the floor. Jarrett brought Angle back into the ring, nailing several kicks. He draped Angle on the ropes then slipped through and punched him in the face with a right hand.

Jarrett whipped Angle into the ropes and drilled him with a running knee to the gut. They each went for high cross bodyblocks at the same time and collided mid-ring. The referee counted them down but they made their way back to their feet. Jarrett caught Angle with a sleeper. Angle went down to one knee but battled back. He slammed Jarrett backwards into the corner.

Angle catches Jarrett out of the corner with a German suplex. Jarrett and Angle battled back and forth with punches. Angle nailed him with a leaping shot, then an elbow. He whipped Jarrett into the corner but Jarrett kicked him off. Angle still catches him with a high release belly to belly suplex.

Angle went for an anklelock but Jarrett kicked him off. They battled back and forth. Angle caught Jarrett with a powerbomb for a two count, then turned him over into an anklelock. Jarrett used a forward roll to break it and snapped Angle with a DDT for a two count.

Jarrett went for the stroke but Angle turned it into the Angleslam for a two count. Angle went up for a moonsault and missed it. Does that guy ever hit the move? Jarrett nailed him with the Stroke and scored a two count.

Jarrett told Angle he was going down and went for a tombstone. Angle reversed it, as did Jarrett. Jarrett was caught with an anklelock in the center of the ring. Jarrett rolled through and Brian Hebner was nailed, grabbing at his knee when he went down.

Jarrett rolled out of the ring and threw his hands up like he was done with the entire deal, then grabbed a guitar from under the ring. He broke it over Angle’s head and Jarrett, for the first time ever, began gathering evidence and tossed it out of the ring. He called for another referee, who one would think was watching the monitors and saw what happened, but whatever – to come to the ring and count the pin. Angle kicked up at two. Jarrett argued with the ref, allowing Angle to roll him up for a two count of his own.

Angle nailed his series of German suplexed for a two count of his own. They battled to the top rope. Jarrett nailed Angle off the ropes but Angle leapt back up and suplexed Jarrett off for another two count.

Jarrett was sent into the ringpost shoulderfirst. He started selling the arm again. Jarrett went for a Stroke off the ropes and nailed it. He covered Angle, who kicked out at the last second. The crowd started chanting for Angle and going nuts for him.

Jarrett goes for the anklelock but Jarrett slips out and locks in the move himself on Angle. Angle went for the ropes but Jarrett cinched it in. The crowd chanted, “USA” at Angle. Angle began fighting and kicking off Jarrett, who refused to let go. Angle finally reversed it in the middle of the ring and Jarrett tapped out.

Your winner, Kurt Angle!

Angle is now the top contender for Anderson’s TNA title.

Very good match. Probably not at the top tier level of matches they’ve had but these guys are both very good to great in the ring depending on the day and this was a very good day. From an in-ring standpoint, this was a really fun match and they had some really good sequences here.

TNA Slammiversary just went off the air, so what did you think?

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