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By Mike Johnson on 2011-06-12 22:49:00
Welcome to's live, ongoing TNA Slammiversary PPV coverage.

TNA Tag Team champions James Storm & substitute Alex Shelley vs. The British Invasion

Robert Roode is back to being called Bobby Roode again. Roode joined Taz and Mike Tenay on commentary. Roode said he hoped to be return to action within 3-4 weeks from his injury.

Williams and Storm opened up, going back and forth. Storm controlled early and tagged out to Shelley. Williams tagged out to Magnus, who shoulderblocked Shelley down and tagged him with a right hand.

Storm blind tagged himself in. They worked over both members of The Invasion and double dropkicked Magnus. Storm began working over Williams’ arm. The champions tagged in and out working over Williams. Shelley locked on the Oriental Torture Device. Storm rebounded off the ropes, then dropped down to poke him in the eyes.

Magnus pulled Shelley out of the ring but nailed him on the floor. Back in the ring, the Invasion doubleteamed Shelley with a big boot. Williams began taking Shelley apart, working on the shoulder. The Invasion tied up Shelley’s arms and snapped him down to the mat. Shelley fought his way out but was caught with a powerful suplex by Magnus.

The Invasion scored with some nice double team maneuvers, including a great flying elbow by Magnus. Storm broke up the count. Shelley tried to kick his way out of the challengers’ corner but was nailed with an exploder suplex. Williams went for the Chaos Theory but Shelley slipped out and drove Williams’ face into the turnbuckles.

Storm made the tag and cleaned house on the Invasion. Williams took a big backdrop. Storm DDT’s Magnus for a two count but Williams interfered. Storm drilled Magnus on the floor, then backdropped Williams over the top to the floor on his partner. Storm held the ropes open for Shelley to hit a suicide dive to the floor.

Shelley and Storm nailed a double suplex on Magnus, dropping him across his own partner. Storm was attacked from behind and tossed to the floor. The Invasion began working over Shelley. He fought them off. Storm went for the Whirly Bird but Williams slipped out.

Storm and Shelley nailed a series of moves on the Invasion. Shelley drilled Williams with a double stomp. Storm covered him but Jackson James only counted two. The crowd chanted “that was three.”

Storm accidentally spat beer in Shelley’s eyes. Shelley superkicked Storm again. The challengers drilled Shelley with a double team reverse elbow but Shelley kicked out at the last second.

Shelley went to the floor, blinded. The challengers worked over Storm. Shelley made the save. Storm superkicked Magnus and Shelley hit Sliced Bread #2 for the pin.

Your winners and still TNA Tag Team champions, James Storm & Alex Shelley!

Solid match with good bell to bell tag action. Nice way to open the show.

They showed video of Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle showing up at the Impact Wrestling Zone earlier tonight.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Scott Steiner. Steiner said he was going to take out Morgan, then show his girlfriend what it was like to be with a real man.

Scott Steiner vs. Matt Morgan

Morgan grabbed a sideheadlock but was shoved off to the ropes. Morgan nailed him and slammed Steiner. Steiner was nailed with a headbutt. Morgan mauled him against the ropes and sent him to the floor.

Morgan followed him and shoved Steiner into the apron several times before rolling him back into the ring. Morgan went to place Steiner onto the turnbuckles when he was caught with a low blow. Steiner began trashing Morgan as he worked him over on the mat with boots.

Steiner drilled Morgan with a belly to belly suplex for a two count. Steiner was all over referee Brian Hebner (back from his knee issues) about the count. He choked Morgan against the ropes and kicked him several times in the ribs. Steiner choked Morgan’s throat with his boot.

Steiner caught Morgan with a clothesline as he rebounded off the ropes and nailed the push ups. Steiner worked over Morgan with chops in the corner, then snapmared him and caught him with a kick to the face. Steiner worked over Morgan with kicks in the corner. He drilled Morgan with a chop but that only fired Morgan up.

Morgan was whipped into the corner but caught Steiner with a kick as he charged. Morgan fired up and drilled Steiner with a series of rights and clotheslines. He positioned Steiner into the corner with a chokeslam, then nailed the Avalanche and a sideslam.

Morgan hit a sit-out slam for a two count. Morgan was caught with an STO for a two count. Steiner set up Morgan for the Steiner Recliner, trying to force a submission. Morgan forced his arms out and tried to lift Steiner for an Electric Chair. Morgan succeeded but Steiner rolled through for a victory roll. I didn’t expect that! Two count.

Steiner went to the ropes and leapt off, but was caught in a goozle. Steiner slipped out but Morgan boxed Steiner’s ears and nailed the Carbon Footprint for the pin.

Your winner, Matt Morgan!

Good match. They worked a faster style than I’d have expected but at the same time, still made sure to treat It like a grudge brawl, since it would make no sense for them to be exchanging armdrags.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Jeff Jarrett. Borash asked Jarrett if he’d ever imagined he’d be facing Kurt Angle with Angle’s greatest accomplishment. Jarrett said Angle’s best accomplishment Jarrett already took and she was home in Henderson, TN. Jarrett said that once he beat Angle, Jarrett was going to be the one standing on a podium at Impact with Angle placing the medal around Jeff’s neck. Jeff told Karen that he knew she was going to be watching tonight and the victory was dedicated to her.

TNA X-Division champ Abyss vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Kazarian

Great new theme music for Abyss.

Abyss drilled Kendrick with a right but was nailed by Kaz, who worked him into the corner with a series of rights and leaping kick. He dropkicked Abyss into the ropes but Abyss nailed him with an elbow.

Kazarian rolled to the floor, while Kendrick tried to face off with Abyss. Abyss absorbed a series of kick and was caught doing a high cross bodyblock. Abyss pressed and tossed Kendrick to the floor on Kazarian.

The challengers attacked Abyss and worked him over in the corner. Abyss went to the floor. He evaded a Kazarian sliding kick. Kendrick went for a dive but was caught. Kazarian dropkicked Kendrick’s back and Abyss went down. The challengers worked over Abyss on the floor and tossed him back into the ring.

Kazarian nailed a flying forearm as Kendrick held the champion. Kendrick then nailed a big running kick as Kaz held him. Kendrick charged but was caught with a Black Hole Slam. He went to the outside. Kazarian was backdropped to the apron and then nailed.

Abyss took his time, working over Kazarian and Kendrick one by one. He nailed Kazarian with a stiff chop across the chest. Kendrick was headbutt off the apron to the floor. Abyss whipped Kazarian into the corner and nailed him with a running charge in the corner.

Abyss worked on Kazarian, who mounted a comeback. Abyss drilled him across the back and nailed him with Shock Treatment. Kendrick began returning to the ring as Abyss dragged Kazarian to the corner for an back splash. Kazarian rolled out of the way and Abyss nailed his knees.

Kendrick went wild on Abyss with several dropkicks and then a missile dropkick for a two count. Kendrick came off the ropes with a tornado DDT for a two count.

Kendrick kicked off Abyss and went for Sliced Bread #2 but Abyss stopped him and nailed a chokeslam. Kazarian attacked Abyss and came off the top with a rana. Kazarian nailed a flying back elbow. Kendrick and Kazarian nailed a double dropkick. Kazarian nailed a slingshot legdrop. Kendrick nailed a splash. Both covered Abyss who kicked up.

Kazarian was caught for a chokeslam but Kazarian turned it into a rolling pin attempt for a two count. Kendrick was knocked into Kaz by Abyss, who went to the floor. Kaz and Kendrick began arguing and brawling.

They battled atop the ropes in a corner. Kazarian went for the Flux Capacitor but Kendrick knocked him off. Kazarian went for the Fade to Black but Kendrick nailed him with a thrust kick. Abyss dispatched Kendrick and covered Kazarian for the pin.

Your winner and still X-Division champion, Abyss!

Solid match. Abyss looked more like a monster here than he has in a long time. I really liked his new outfit and music as well as his new “art of war” direction. All three worked hard and it made sense to pin Kazarian as Kendrick would have more to lose by taking the loss here. The crowd didn’t get into the idea of the two challengers working over the heel champion, though.

So far, solid show. Nothing amazing but some good wrestling.

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