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By Stuart Carapola on 2011-05-15 19:45:00
No DQ: Tommy Dreamer vs AJ Styles

They do some mat wrestling to start and AJ gets an armbar, and Dreamer goes to the ropes but the referee tells him it's no DQ and he can't force a break. AJ lets go and tells Dreamer that he made this match famous and to wrestle. Dreamer beats AJ down and whips him to the ropes, but AJ rolls over his back and unloads with some hard kicks. AJ charges the corner but Dreamer gets the boot up and it nearly goes down AJ's throat he hits it so hard, then Dreamer stomps him down in the corner and hits Snake Eyes for 2. Dreamer with repeated elbowdrops for 2, then gouges at AJ's face. Dreamer backdrops AJ to the apron, but AJ comes right back in and takes Dreamer out with a series of clotheslines that send Dreamer to the floor. AJ hits a dive over the top, then takes a fan's soda and dumps it on Dreamer's head before going back to beating him up. Dreamer nails him and rams him into the steps, but misses a clothesline and AJ picks him up and crotches him on the guardrail. AJ slides under the guardrail into the crowd and hits a springboard forearm off the guardrail that drives Dreamer into the crowd. They fight up the stairs and into the crowd and AJ chops Dreamer so hard he goes over the wall and lands hard on the floor below. AJ goes after him, but Dreamer Tullys AJ into the wall, then tears a TNA Impact sign off the wall, nails AJ in the head with it, and rams him through the railing. Dreamer takes AJ and dumps him back over the guardrail to ringside, and goes under the ring for a trash can full of plunder. He takes his knick knacks into the ring but AJ dropkicks the can into Dreamer's ribs. Now AJ goes under the ring and gets a table, then rams it into Dreamer's head and covers for 2. AJ sets the table up on one leg, then whips Dreamer shoulder first into the ringpost and springboards off the table with a flying forearm to Dreamer, then rams Dreamer face first into the edge of the table and covers for 2. Crowd starts a “this is awesome” chant as AJ picks Dreamer back up and tries to suplex him onto the table, but Dreamer countered to a DDT and made the cover, but AJ got his foot under the bottom rope at 2. So Dreamer can't do a rope break, but AJ can? Dreamer gets a form and tries to gouge AJ in the forehead with it, but AJ fights Dreamer off with some hard chops and a leaping enziguiri, then drills Dreamer in the head with the trash can. AJ sets the table back up on the one leg, but Dreamer punches him in the groin and goes for a Spicolli Driver. AJ escapes and hits the Pelle Kick, but Bully Ray runs in and drills AJ in the back of the head with a chain. Christopher Daniels runs out and chases Ray off as Dreamer recovers and piledrives AJ through the table for the win.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer

Brutal and awesome brawl, and I didn't mind the interference at the end because it made sense in the context of the match.

Jeff & Karen Jarrett vs Kurt Angle & Chyna

Kurt and Jeff start us off and the crowd is solidly behind Angle, who waves at Karen with a big smile on his face. They tie up and Angle comes off the ropes with a shoulderblock and takes Jeff over with a side headlock, then they wrestle for a bit before Kurt tags Chyna in. The rules, as helpfully stated before the match, are “girl on girl and guy on guy” so Jeff is able to save Karen simply by continuing to attack Kurt, thereby forcing Chyna back to the apron. Kurt gets the ankle lock on Jeff, but Karen comes in and goes after Kurt, so Kurt picks her up and goes to tag in Chyna, but Jeff clips his leg and hits a nice dropkick before snapping Kurt's neck across the top rope. Jeff with a flying bodypress for 2, then chokes Kurt on the second rope. He hits the Boss Man Straddle, but goes for it a second time and Angle rips his head off with a hard clothesline. They trade blows in the middle of the ring but Kurt gets a couple of running forearms and tries a charge in the corner, Jeff gets the boot up but Angle immediately catches him with an overhead release suplex for 2. Jeff escapes an Angle Slam attempt, but Angle gets the rolling German suplexes and then the straps come down! Jeff counters another angle Slam attempt into an armdrag and then hits a leaping enziguiri for 2. Jeff's going lucha! Jeff goes for the Stroke but Angle rolls through into the anklelock. Jeff escapes that but Angle finally hits the Angle Slam for 2. Kurt drags Jeff over to his corner and tries to make him tag Karen, but Jeff mule kicks Kurt in the groin, and Kurt tags in Chyna, who slams Jeff and hits a vertical suplex, then points at Karen, who says no way and backs off. Chyna stalks her around ringside and Karen gets in the ring to escape, but runs right into Kurt, who blocks Karen's escape and allows Chyna to come in and nail her with a running clothesline in the corner. Chyna drags Karen back to her feet and hits the Pedigree, then hooks the anklelock. Jeff slides in and blocks Karen from tapping, so Kurt hooks Jeff in an ankle lock and drags him away, and Karen finally taps out.

Winners: Kurt Angle & Chyna

This was the first real stinker on the show, but I think we all had a feeling going in what we were going to get here. It could have been worse, and actually Kurt and Jeff did pretty well when it was just the two of them.

Mike Tenay and Taz analyze the upcoming World Title match, and then Ken Anderson comes out to observe the match since he's challenging the winner. He joins Mike Tenay and Taz at the broadcast booth, and then we're off to the ring for the main event!

TNA World Title Match: Sting vs Rob Van Dam

Crowd seems split for this one as they face off in the middle of the ring. They tie up and Sting takes a side headlock, RVD tries to twist out but Sting holds his ground, so RVD shoves Sting off into the ropes and Sting takes him down with a shoulerblock. Sting comes off the ropes again and RVD tries a monkey flip, but Sting grabs RVD's legs and drops down on RVD's shoulders for 2. RVD now gets a shoulderblock but doesn't budge Sting, so he ducks a clothesline and gets a bodyscissors rollup for 2. Nice move. RVD takes Sting to the corner and fires off some forearms, then rams some shoulderblocks into Sting and does his backflip, but runs into Sting's knee. RVD tries another monkey flip but Sting holds the ropes and RVD crashes hard and then rolls out to the floor. RVD takes a long count to break Sting's momentum, then comes back in and gets a schoolboy rollup for 2, a small package for 2, then just kicks Sting in the face and Sting goes down flat on his back. Sting rolls to the ropes as RVD puts the boots to him and chokes Sting with his boot, then hits a slingshot guillotine legdrop to the floor. RVD rolls back in and cradles Sting for 2, then unloads with straight right hands and kicks in the corner. RVD tries a running leg lariat in the corner, but Sting moves and RVD tumbles over the ropes and to the floor, landing on the back of his head. RVD looks hurt and stumbles to the guardrail, and Sting tries a Stinger Splash but RVD moves and Sting hits the rail. RVD tells the fans to move and he tries a springboard guillotine legdrop off the guardrail, but Sting dodges that and now RVD lands awkwardly on the rail and tumbles into the crowd. Sting follows him and goes right after the leg he's hurt pretty badly by this point and then rams RVD into the wall, but RVD nails him and rams Sting into the wall and both men are down. Sting climbs the stairs up to the same spot where AJ and Dreamer were before and RVD follows him up to take the fight to him. They fight across the crowd with RVD hitting a dropkick like a shotgun blast, but hits hard himself when he hits the floor. They get back up and RVD superkicks Sting, sending him tumbling back down the steps to the floor, then RVD hits a flying bodypress off the stairs and into Sting, who tumbles backward and barely avoids wiping out a few fans. They make their way back over the guardrail and into the ring, and it looks like RVD's leg is still tender as he makes his way to the apron, but he snaps Sting down on the top rope and then goes up top for a flying jump kick. RVD goes for Rolling Thunder but Sting gets the knees up and then gets all fired up, nailing RVD with chops and punches and then running him over with clotheslines. He goes for the Stinger Splash but RVD wipes him out with a spinkick. RVD hits a legdrop and then goes for the Five Star Notebook Splash, but Sting moves and rolls RVD up for 2. Sting hits the Scorpion Deathdrop, then picks him up and hits it again for 3.

Winner: Sting

Solid main event, the brawl through the crowd was good and set the tone for how beat up both men were by the time they got in the ring. I liked how Sting hit two Scorpion Deathdrops just to make sure RVD stayed down. RVD raised Sting's hand after the match in a nice display of sportsmanship, then Ken Anderson leaves the broadcast booth and comes to the ring to go face to face with Sting to close the show.

This show was way better than I expected it to be, a lot of great wrestling with a minimum of screwiness. I really enjoyed this and thought it was the best PPV TNA has done in a long time.

Thanks for following's live coverage of TNA Sacrifice, I'll be back in a little while with the postgame show, and then Dave Scherer and Mike Johnson will check in with their thoughts tomorrow in the Elite section!

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