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By Stuart Carapola on 2011-05-15 19:45:00
X-Division Title: Frankie Kazarian vs Max Buck

They tie up and exchange wristlocks with some flippiness thrown in, Max takes Kazarian down with a shoulerblock and then dodges a monkey flip. Kazarian catches Max with a drop toehold and they do a mat wrestling sequence and fight over a front facelock. Kazarian winds up on top, Max sits out and goes to a wristlock but Kazarian gets another drop toehold and goes back to the front facelock. Max escapes and misses a charge and Kazarian hits a springboard dropkick and then leapfrogs Max and gets a dropping neckbreaker for 2. Max backdrops Kazarian to the apron, knocks him to the floor with a running knee, then nails Kazarian with a sweet running dropkick through the ropes. They head back in and Max puts the mouth on Kazarian, then hits a front jawbreaker and chokes him on the bottom rope. Kazarian tries to fight back but Buck dropkicks him square in the grill and covers for 2. Buck with a snapmare and drops repeated knees to Kazarian's back,then goes to a rear chinlock. Kazarian fights his way out and Buck yanks Kazarian to the mat by the hair and then repeatedly drills him with right hands before yelling at the fans that he'll be the champ tonight. Kazarian picks Max up and rams him into the corner and drills him hard with right hands, Buck kicks him in the face, but Kazarian runs up the ropes and hits a top rope gutwrench suplex and both men are down. Max makes it to his feet first and goes for a right hands, but Kazarian blocks and wipes Buck out with a pair of clotheslines and a leg lariat. Buck reverses a whip and tries a monkey flip, but Kazarian catches Buck and press slams him, then follows up with a springboard legdrop for 2. Kazarian goes for the Fade To Black, Max counters to a sunset flip, Kazarian counters that with a kick to the face and a rolling neckbreaker for 2. Buck blocks the Fade To Black again and powerbombs Kazarian into the corner, then follows up with a twisting Diamond Cutter off the top rope for 2. Buck puts Kazarian on the top rope and hits a hanging DDT, then goes up top and hits a 450 splash for 2. Buck is incredulous that the 450 didn't put Kazarian away and he wastes a bit of time arguing with the referee, then goes back to slapping Kazarian in the head while putting the mouth on him. Kazarian blocks a suplex and dumps Buck on the top rope and hits a running boot to the face to send Buck to the apron, then hits a running sunset flip that sends Buck flying into the aisle and landing with an audible thwack. That looked really ugly. Kazarian rolls Buck back in and covers, but Buck kicks out at 1. Crowd chants “this is wrestling” as Kazarian goes to pick Buck up and Buck small packages him for 2. Buck again escapes the Fade To Black and Kazarian hits the Shining Wizard for the win.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian

Excellent match, easily Max Buck's best match to date in TNA. Great psychology and a great build that really got the crowd into the match. If TNA's new focus is on wrestling, this is exactly the kind of stuff that works, minus the sunset flip to the floor.

Jeremy Borash is backstage with Abyss, who says he's lived his entire life by the motto that whatever doesn't kill him will make him stronger. Crimson thought he could take Abyss out by burying Janice in his spine, but Abyss is a weapon of mass destruction who has been ripped with barbed wire, slicedwith glass, and had his teeth kicked in by RVD, and he's always kept going. Those teeth were delicious, and tonight, he's going to teach Crimson a lesson in pain and humility, and his undefeated streak comes to an end tonight.

Abyss vs Crimson

They start off by trying to take each other out with shoulderblocks, but neither man moves so Abyss just drives Crimson down with right hands. Abyss whips Crimson into the corner but Crimson comes out with a flying shoulderblock and clotheslines Abyss to the floor. Abyss grabs Crimson's ankle and drags him out to the floor and starts unloading with right hands, but Crimson rams Abyss into the rail several times. Crimson tries a charge but Abyss moves and Crimson hits the ringpost, then Abyss rams him into the ring steps. They head back inside and Abyss hits the running splash in the corner, then whips Crimson hard into the opposite corner and locks him in a neck vice. Crimson fights his way out and they wipe each other out with a double clothesline. They go back to exchanging blows in the middle of the ring and Crimson wipes Abyss out with a flying clothesline, then gets a three quarter nelson, rams knees into the head of Abyss, and turns it into a neckbreaker for 2. Crimson misses a charge in the corner and Abyss chokeslams him for 2. Abyss goes out to the floor and pulls Janice out from under the ring, he chases the referee off with it and goes to hit Crimson, but Crimson ducks and spears Abyss for 2. Crimson measures Abyss for another spear but Abyss boots him in the chest and goes for the Shock Treatment, but Crimson escapes and hits a double underhook DDT for 2. Abyss nails Crimson and hits the Vader Bomb for 2, and now Abyss is wondering what it's going to take to put Crimson away. Abyss sets Crimson for another charge in the corner, but Crimson moves and hits a big Sky High for the win.

Winner: Crimson

Very impressive finish! Great match and I think TNA has a star on their hands in Crimson.

TNA World Tag Team Title Match: Beer Money vs Matt Hardy & Chris Harris

Harris looks huge. He and Storm start, but Harris tags out before making contact and Hardy beats Storm down in the corner. Storm comes back with a neckbreaker and then he and Roode lay into Hardy with a series of double teams. Hardy runs Roode into the corner and tags out to Harris, who beats Roode down in the corner, but Roode comes back with a flying clothesline, nails Hardy in the corner, and gets a running neckbreaker on Harris. Harris gets a back elbow on a charge by Roode and tags out, and Roode immediately nails Hardy and then tags Storm in for more double teaming. They do the old wishbone on Hardy, but Hardy suckerpunches Storm and tags Harris back in. Storm breaks free and Harris bails out to the floor, so Storm goes back to beating Hardy up until Harris comes back into the ring, spits Storm's beer in his face, and then rains down right hands on him. He whips Storm to the corner and Hardy follows him in with a running clothesline and then Harris hit a running bulldog, and Hardy covers for 2. Hardy charges the corner and Storm gets the boot up and hits a lungblower, then makes the hot tag to Roode, who comes in and cleans house on Chris Harris. Roode wipes Harris out with a clothesline and comes off the second rope with a Blockbuster. Hardy runs in but gets clotheslined to the floor, then somehow gets Harris over with a Perfectplex for 2. Roode goes to tag Storm but Hardy drags Storm off the apron and Harris hits a full nelson slam for 2. Hardy tags back in and hits a side suplex, then drops a second rope elbow on Roode's back for 2. Hardy with a bearhug and Roode tries to fight out, but Hardy drills him in the face and tags out to Harris, who drops down on Roode's back as Taz talks about how Harris isn't in ring shape because he's not on the road all the time. Hardy tags in and goes back to the bearhug, but Roode fights his way out and then collide head to head and both go down. Roode tries to make the hot tag but Harris tags in and drags him back, he spits at Storm but Roode kicks him off and makes the hot tag and it's down to the former AMW going at it. Storm just brutally beats Harris down, then comes off the ropes with a pair of clotheslines and a Thesz Press and just relentlessly fires right hands down on Harris. Harris tries to toss Storm over the ropes, but Storm skins the cat back in and hits a DDT on Harris for 2. Roode beats Hardy up on the floor as Storm hits a tornado Scorpion Deathdrop on Harris for 2. Beer Money set Harris up for the DWI but Hardy nails Storm and hits the Side Effect on Roode. He goes for the Twist of Hate on Storm but Storm counters to a lungblower. Harris grabs Storm and hits the Catatonic, but Roode then nails Harris with a spinebuster. Beer Money with a double suplex on Hardy that sends him to the floor, then they set Harris up for the DWI. Harris goes for a spear but Storm superkicks him in the face and go for the DWI, but Storm says no, and instead they give Harris the Death Sentence and Storm pins Harris for the win.

Winners: Beer Money

This match was really good in spite of the fact that Harris showed up out of shape, and underscored how good the rest of them are that they were able to hold it together so well even with Harris dragging them down.

Jeremy Borash is backstage with Bully Ray, who says everybody's uncomfortable around him because he strikes fear into people, because he can. Ray says JB looks like the kinda guy who listens to Lady Gaga, but JB asks him what's behind Dreamer's turn. Ray asks why JB cares, because he and Dreamer know why he did what he's doing, and the information is on a need to know basis. What JB does need to know is that Ray could do whatever he wants to JB, and that AJ is everything that's wrong with today's wrestlers. He powerbombed AJ off the stage and he's lucky he didn't end his career, and anytime he gets the opportunity in the future, he'll try and take AJ out, and once he gets done taking him out, he'll take the rest of Fortune out and then he'll take AJ's wife out...only it won't be the way he takes AJ out, if you catch my drift. What a heel!

We continue with the No DQ match on Page 3!

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