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By Mike Johnson on 2011-04-20 22:51:00
JCW Tag Team champions Madman Pondo & Necro Butcher vs. The Ring Ryders

The Ryders are two masked guys, one in blue, one in Red. That's how I will refer to them.

Pondo used some wrestling moves but was nailed by a flying headscissors by Red. Necro tagged in and killed blue with a clothesline, then punted him in the face with a kick. Necro tried to toss him over the top to the floor but Blue slipped out and nailed a dropkick, then began working over his arm.

The Ryders worked over Necro with stereo kicks to the head. Blue hit a sliding kick to the outside. Necro grabbed him and tossed him into the crowd. Red hit an Asai Moonsault off the middle rope to the crowd on Necro and Pondo.

Necro returned to the ring. Red came off the top but was nailed with an uppercut. Necro punched and stomped Red. More sound effects. More dislike from me. Pondo tagged in but was nailed with several right hands. Red went for a high cross bodyblock but was caught and nailed with a swinging Uranage.

Necro tagged back in, chair in hand and slammed Red down on the chair. He nailed a sitdown powerbomb on the chair for a two count. Pondo nailed a pumphandle slam on the chair but Blue broke up the pinfall.

Pondo suplexed Red through a chair that was sitting open but he kicked out at the last second. Necro tagged back in and went to the floor but Red caught him and nailed a belly to back suplex. Blue hit a splash on Necro but Pondo nailed him to break up the pinfall.

The Ryders whipped Pondo into the corner and doubled up on him. Red hit a leaping enziguiri and came off with a frog splash for a two count. The Ryders continued hitting double team moves but Necro broke up the pinfall.

Blue hit a sunset flip powerbomb on Necro onto the metal bridge between the ring and apron. The Ryders hit the Spanish Fly on Pondo and scored the pin.

Your winners and new JCW Tag Team champions The Ring Ryders!

Pondo and Necro embraced the Ryders and presented them with the belts, showing them respect.

After a musical performance by one of the Psychopathic acts, the announcers talked about the main event and showed footage from the last Internet PPV.

*JCW champion Cpl. Robinson vs. "Richie Rich Boy" Bryer Wellington - No DQ

They showed a video feature on the last time they were supposed to face off, when Wellington refused to wrestle the hardcore style and Ian Rotten took his place.

Wellington took the mic and promised there would be a new JCW champion tonight. Truth Martini demanded the fans keep their mouth shut or they would leaving.

Robinson dragged in Wellington and beat him with headbutts, then worked him over with shots. Wellington's Butler attacked Robinson but was run off. Robinson nailed a series of running knes in the corner and a neckbreaker for a two count.

Robinson nailed him with a running knee lift in the corner and a bulldog but the Butler broke it up. That allowed Wellington to nail Robinson from behind and kicking and raking at Robinson's back.

Wellington nailed a suplex for a two count. Robinson avoided a clothesline and nailed his own, then nailed a series of backdrop drivers on Wellington. Robinson went after the butler and went to get weapons under the ring, tossing a chair into the ring.

Robinson returned to the ring, tying Wellington to the tree of woe. He placed a chair in front of Wellington, then smashed another chair into it. The Butler went after Robinson but backed away. Wellington was busted open. Robinson nailed him and covered him for a two count.

Robinson nailed a DDT for a two count. Butler tried to interfere again. JCW Commissioner Violent J came out, wielding an axe no less. He said that he warned Butler not to interfere and that this was going to be a fair and square match. He ordered The Butler to return to the match. J announced it would be a Three-Way-Dance.

Robinson clotheslined Wellington and covered him for a two count as the Butler started to undress and prepared to wrestle. Robinson nailed Wellington across the back with a chair, then nailed the Butler, who was wearing tights under his suit, as well.

Robinson nailed Wellington, tossed him to the outside and then out into the crowd. Robinson dropped the Butler, Jeeves, then followed Wellington to the outside. The cameras didn't catch what happened. Butler joined the fray and they worked over Robinson. Robinson fought back.

As they returned over the railing to the ringside area, Wellington nailed Robinson with a series of punches, then slammed him into the railing. He kicked Robinson into the guard rail. Robinson fired back but Butler joined the assault on the champion.

Wellington rolled into the ring to catch his breath as Robinson got the better of the Butler outside. Robinson returned to the ring and superkicked both challengers. Robinson nailed the Boot Camp, a cobra clutch Russian legsweep on the Butler. He went for it on Wellington, who slipped out and nailed a Death Valley Driver. Wellington went to the top but missed a moonsault.

Robinson nailed the Boot Camp. He tossed Wellington onto the stage and suplexed him hard on the stage. That sounded nasty. Robinson followed that up with a piledriver on the stage.

Robinson pulled a table out from undee the ring and set it up at ringside. Robinson returned to the stage and was going to powerbomb him off the stage. Konga Kong emerged from the locker room and nailed Robinson with a chair. Kong chokeslammed him off the stage through the table.

Kong rolled Robinson in the ring but Wellington was out on the stage. The connection died on the stream, the only time that happened the entire broadcast. I refreshed and I am guessing The Butler rolled over onto Robinson and scored the pin.

Your winner and new JCW champion Butler Jeeves!

Butler celebrated as Wellington wondered what the hell happened and was mad. The Butler acted all confused by winning the belt but once Wellington left, The Butler celebrated.

That's all from JCW.

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