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By Stuart Carapola on 2011-04-19 22:01:00 iPPV

Welcome to's live coverage of EVOLVE 7, coming to you from BB Kings in New York City! Click on the poster above for information on ordering the show.

Shiima Xion vs Jimmy Jacobs

Xion got in Jacobs' face right at the start of the match and Jacobs just beat him down in the corner. Xion got to his knees and disrespected Jacobs, so Jacobs beat him down again. Xion tried rolling out to the floor to get a breather, but Jacobs hit a dive through the ropes and then he tried whipping Xion into the stage, but Xion leapt up and moonsaulted off the stage and wiped Jacobs out. They head back in and Jacobs immediately goes back on the offensive and went for a casual one finger pin, but only got 2. Jacobs surfboarded Xion and repeatedly curb stomped him into the mat. Jacobs went to the second rope but Xion dropkicked his legs out from under him and hung him in the ropes, allowing Xion to hti a running dropkick to the exposed chest of Jacobs and then tying him up with a choke in the ropes. Xion hit a nasty inverted bodyslam into a gutbuster that seemed to actually drop Jacobs' face on his knee, then unloaded with chops. Jacobs exploded into Xion with a clothesline as the announcers point out the pink armband Jacobs is wearing in tribute to Larry Sweeney, but he tries a senton out of the corner and Xion gets the knees up. Xion went for a monkey flip but instead of sending Jacobs over his head, he dropped him right back down on his feet. Xion blocked Sliced Bread #2, but Jacobs hit a cutter out of the corner for 2. Xion caught Jacobs coming off the ropes with a spinebuster, but Jacobs speared him for 2. Jacobs went for another cutter out of the corner but Xion caught him coming out and locked in the Border City Stretch, a hold Jacobs knows very well, but Jacobs reversed to a cradle for 2 and then Xion immediately got Jacobs in La Magistral cradle for the upset win.

Winner: Shiima Xion

Jacobs flipped Xion off on his way out of the ring, and then the announcer asks Xion felt about his successful debut. Xion says jackasses don't run with race horses, and he used Jacobs as a steppingstone to cement his place in EVOLVE, and Shiima Xion has arrived. Oh, and one more thing: he got Jacobs a couple of napkins, and he can use them to either wipe the mascara off his face, or shove them down the front of his tights to make it look like he has something down there.

Solid opener, and the win over Jacobs was a great way to establish Shiima Xion as a player right out of the gate, and also sent Jacobs even deeper into a losing streak after at one point being the wins leader.

Silas Young vs Tony Nees

Silas went after Nees very aggresively right from the start, but Nees fired back and hit a leg lariat for 2. Young responded with hard chops and right hands, but Nees caught him with a pump handle suplex for 2. Young rolled out to the apron to try and get some space, then sunset flipped back into the ring and was immediately tripped by Nees, who made the mistake of trying a top rope splash after barely doing any damage to Young, and Young rolled out of the way. Young hit a nice fisherman's buster for 2, then yells at Nees that he needs this more than him and tells him to get up. Nees kicks Young in the head to stagger him and heads off the ropes, but Young big boots him for 2 and then gets a deep armbar with his forearm barred across the back of the head. Nees fights his way out of that and hits a sliding boot to the face of Young. Nees hauls himself up on the ropes and hits a three quarter nelson facebuster and a leg lariat, then hits Young with a running knee to the face for 2. Young ducks a clothesline and tries a tornado DDT, but Nees blocks and sits Young up top for a top rope Frankensteiner, but only gets 2. Nees with another boot to the head, but comes off the ropes right into a fireman's carry and Young hits a Finlay Roll and the headstand Arabian Press for the win.

Winner: Silas Young

Good match, and I find the aggressive Silas Young a lot more interesting than the guy who came skipping out of the back to Don't Stop Believin'. The ring announcer asks Young what's next for him, and Young says that with each win, he feels the momentum building inside. He tells Johnny Gargano and Larry Dallas that he hasn't forgotten about them, and says something unkind about Reby Sky, who is sitting at ringside with Larry.

Jon Davis vs Johnny Gargano

Davis looks huge next to Gargano. Davis powers Gargano into the corner and causes him to lose his gum, but he picks it up and puts it back in his mouth to groans from the fans. Gargano goes to an armbar, but Davis easily backs Gargano into the corner and breaks clean. Gargano goes back to the arm and takes Davis down with a hammerlock, then turns it into a bridging hammerlock for added pressure. Davis gets tired of this and just lays Gargano out, Gargano tries another armdrag but Davis blocks and clotheslines Gargano, but Gargano comes back with a double stomp to the back, leaping enziguiri, and dropkick. Davis pops right back up and drives Gargano to the floor with a shoulderblock, but then Gargano hit a spear through the ropes and a somersault senton. Gargano has Davis down and unloads on him with kicks and double axhandles, but Davis gets back up and starts no-selling Gargano's punches, Gargano tries a whip but Davis blocks and powerslams Gargano. Davis drills Gargano with a hard chop and gets a snap suplex and running kneedrop for 2. Crowd starts chanting for Gargano, but Davis blasts him with a big knee to the gut and repeatedly tried to put Gargano through the mat with bodyslams, and the fans chanted “one more time” at him, so he scooped Gargano back up...and hit a backbreaker for 2. Davis slumped Gargano into the corner and rammed shoulders into Gargano's lower back and hit a back suplex for 2. Davis goes for a powerbomb but Gargano punched Davis until he went down, then hit a double stomp to turn the tide. Gargano caught Davis with a kick to the head and a running cutter for 2, then hit a Yakuza kick anda series of leaping boots, but Davis creamed him with a hard forearm and a roaring clothesline for 2. Davis with more shoulder tackles in the corner, but tries a charge and Gargano traps him in a Tarantula choke in the ropes. Gargano goes for the spear through the ropes again, but Davis catches him in midair, tries to powerbomb him, nearly loses him, hoists him back up, and Gargano hits a Frankensteiner that sends Davis to the floor, then he hits a dive through the ropes, a dive off the apron, and a running dive off the stage. Damn! Gargano goes up top but Davis catches him coming off and hits a spinebuster and then the Jackhammer, but only gets 2. Davis looks stunned that he didn't finish Gargano with that combo, and the crowd starts dueling chants. Davis picks Gargano back up and goes for a running powerslam, but Gargano gets a victory roll for 2, a crucifix for 2, then a sunset flip but Davis powers him up and tosses him into the corner. Gargano gets the boot up on a charge, hits a second rope cutter, superkick to the face, and a twisting Sliced Bread #2 for 2, then locks Davis into the Border City Stretch and Davis nearly taps, but rolls through and picks Gargano up for a series of backbreakers and goes for a press slam, but Gargano counters back to the Border City Stretch and Davis finally taps.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

Hell of a match! Great debut for Davis, and Gargano is now the wins leader in EVOLVE. The announcer points out to Gargano that he is now the wins leader, and Gargano (who is now joined by Larry Dallas and Reby Sky) says this is only the first step and by the end of the night, there will only be one man as wins leader and we are looking at him. Dallas tells Gargano that's not part of the deal because he and Chuck Taylor are supposed to be co-wins leaders. Gargano seems dubious about that, so Taylor comes out and argues with Gargano while Dallas tries to calm them down. Reby Sky says they're a team and tells them to come talk about it in the back.

Jigsaw & Frightmare vs Facade & Jason Gory

Facade and Jigsaw start right off with a lucha segment with Facade getting 2 off a rollup, but Jigsaw comes back with a dropkick to the face. Facade with an O'Conner Roll for 2, then blew a springboard something so Gory comes in and nails Jigsaw for 2. Jigsaw with some hard chops to Gory and tags out to Frightmare, and they do a lucha segment with a bunch of armdrags and legsweeps and then kip up and Frightmare hits a flying headscissors and then scares Gory by screaming at him and hits a neckbrekaer. Tag out to Jigsaw and they whip both opponents to the corner, but Facade rolls under them and hits a double dropkick and Gory tries a crossbody, but Jigsaw and Frightmare catch him, throw him onto Facade in the corner, and hit a double dropkick on both men. Facade and Gory go out to the floor and Jigsaw & Frightmare hit stereo dives through the ropes. They head back in and Frightmare hits a senton for 2, then a double back elbow and double fistdrop in tribute to Larry Sweeney. Jigsaw with a snapmare and hard kick to the back for 2 and Jigsaw gets a Gory Special (on Jason Gory) and Frightmare comes off the top with a double stomp to Gory for 2. Frightmare with a dropkick for 2, then Jigsaw comes in and hits a Gourdbuster and just tortures Gory with kicks to the head, but gets a little too arrogant and Gory spikes him with a DDT and makes the hot tag. Facade comes in and cleans house on Frightmare, hitting a leaping enziguiri and then dumping Frightmare to the floor onto Jigsaw and wipes them both out with a somersault dive off the top. Facade rolls Frightmare back in and walks the ropes and hits a somersault senton, then a fast series of moves ends with Facade hitting a springboard leg lariat for 2. Jigsaw comes in and hits an overhead dropkick, followed by a shotgun dropkick from Frightmare, then a moonsault kneedrop from Frightmare for 2. Gory hits a Code Red and they hit a double team lungblower/wheelbarrow suplex on Frightmare, but Jigsaw breaks it up and hits the Jig and Tonic on Gory for the win.

Winners: Jigsaw & Frightmare

Lots of action in this one, and it looked like Facade might have had some nerves because he noticeably messed up once or twice, but in general did fine. The announcer pops back in the ring to discuss CHIKARA's undefeated streak in the tag division in EVOLVE, and Jigsaw says the only thing that matters to them is being the best tag team in EVOLVE. Frightmare says something unintelligible, and Jigsaw translates it to say that any team in the world, from EVOLVE or elsewhere, can come to EVOLVE and take them on.

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