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By Dave Scherer on 2011-04-19 10:38:40

On his Twitter account, @HulkHogan4Real, Hulk Hogan is really pushing something called Visalus, which is something of a multilevel marketing thing.  He has a video on his website where he punches someone who looks like Eric Bischoff.  Maybe Amway is next for The Hulkster, brother.

Hogan also noted on Twitter that his son Nick will be in Orlando with him for the Impact tapings tonight and tomorrow.  If you are going to the shows and can send reports, please drop Mike or myself an email.

WWE has posted a video where Alberto Del Rio will be holding a "retirement party" for Edge at the Smackdown taping tonight in London.  Also at the show, Rey Mysterio will also take on Cody Runnels in a WrestleMania rematch.  If you are going and can send a report, please send me an email.

David Hobbs sent this item. ... I have some news for you regarding an English brother and sister getting a WWE tryout tonight before the Smackdown taping at the O2 Arena in London on Tuesday night (tonight).  The Facebook pages of Zak Bevis and Saraya-Jade Bevis, better known as Zak Knight and Britani Knight of the UK’s ‘Knight Dynasty’ faction, have been going wild with messages of good luck for the tryout tonight.  The pair are 2nd generation wrestlers with their parents Saraya Knight and Ricky Knight being heavily involved with the UK independent scene for many years.  Teenager Britani also had a WWE tryout in November 2010.

Arda Ocal sent word that he had Lance Storm on his radio show last night.  You can listen to it by clicking here.

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