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By Stuart Carapola on 2011-04-02 19:45:00
Open The Brave Gate Title Match: PAC vs Akira Tozawa

They tie up and PAC goes behind and takes Tozawa down with a waistlock, but Tozawa floats out to a front facelock. PAC goes to a wristlock and hits a drop toehold into a side headlock. PAC takes Tozawa down with a top wristlock, but Tozawa escapes and goes back to the headlock and PAC escapes. They do a chain wrestling sequence until Tozawa takes PAC down with a shoulderblock, then a fast paced sequence on the ropes and Tozawa dropkicks PAC to the floor. Tozawa nails PAC coming back in the ring and locks him in a three quarter nelson, then snapmares PAC and kicks him in the back. PAC returns the favor with the same sequence, then rams Tozawa to the corner and cracks him in the chest with a pair of hard chops. Tozawa fires back with chops of his own and goes for a vertical suplex, but Tozawa puts the brakes on and reverses to a snap suplex of his own for 1. Tozawa gets a rear chinlock but PAC makes the ropes, so Tozawa picks him up and hits a hard slam and a senton for 2. Tozawa chokes PAC in the corner with his boot and then catches him in a kneeling abdominal stretch. PAC hiptosses out of the hold, so Tozawa hits a charging dropkick to the abdomen, then another hard slam followed by the diving headbutt he always misses, but when he tries again PAC gets the feet up and knocks Tozawa silly.

Now PAC is in control and chokes Tozawa with his boot and hits a snap suplex for 2. Standing shooting star press gets 2 and then a short armdrag into a Northern Lights suplex gets 2. PAC catches Tozawa in a headscissors as the cut in his head from last night opens back up. Tozawa makes the ropes for the break and PAC makes the referee pull them apart. PAC talks trash in Tozawa's face so Tozawa nails him, and PAC just beats him down with forearms. Finally Tozawa reverses a whip and hits a dropkick, a dropkick to the knees, and a running dropkick that sends PAC to the floor. Tozawa follows him out with a dive through the ropes, then a second. The crowd chants for one more time, so Tozawa hits a somersault dive off the apron that wipes PAC out yet again. Tozawa rolls PAC back into the ring and hits a running forearm and a big backdrop suplex for 2. Tozawa motions for the German suplex and gets the waistlock, but PAC blocks so Tozawa gets an O'Connor roll right into a high angle German, but only gets 2.

Series of Irish whip reversals ends with PAC getting backdropped to the apron where he hits a springboard dropkick, and then a second one to the back for 2. Crowd starts a "this is awesome" chant as PAC gets a climbing enziguiri in the corner and a springboard 450 splash that only gets 2. Tozawa is getting fired up and they exchange hard forearms in the middle of the ring that you can hear at home. Tozawa comes out on top and drops PAC to a knee, but PAC comes back with a spinkick, Tozawa responds with a pair of his own, PAC hits a leaping enziguiri, and Tozawa kicks PAC's leg out and hits a Shining Wizard. Crowd is going nuts as they get back to their feet and Tozawa hits a running bicycle kick in the corner, misses a second, dodges a charge by PAC, and hits the second bicycle kick. Tozawa misses a charge and PAC kills him with a German suplex, but Tozawa fires up, hits a leaping bicycle kick to PAC's back and a German, but PAC pops Tozawa into the air and flapjacks him, then superkicks him in the face and both men are down again.

Another forearm exchange in the middle of the ring until Tozawa hits a nother boot to the face. PAC gets the feet up on a charge and goes for a twisting Phoenix Splash out of the corner but misses and Tozawa gets a Frankensteiner into a cradle for 2, then the bridging German suplex gets a VERY close 2. Tozawa pulls PAC up and goes for a straitjacket suplex but PAC slips out, fast paced series of reversals ends with PAC hitting a German suplex and bridge for 3.

Winner: PAC

Excellent match, by far the best thing on the show so far. They shake and share a hug after the match and the crowd is chanting Tozawa's name. I really liked this, and Tozawa lost nothing in losing. Suddenly, members of Blood Warriors rush the ring and attack PAC 4-on-1. Brodie hits a Truckstop and a big boot, then CIMA gets a mic and says that tomorrow night, he and Ricochet will win the tag title.

We go backstage to Ronin, who say that they're going to do the Dragon Gate six man a little different this year by proving that they belong in the ring with Blood Warriors and can beat them.

After intermission, we're back for a tag match featuring wrestlers who took part in the DGUSA seminar earlier in the day. I didn't catch their names, but it doesn't really matter because Sami Callihan comes out and trashes two of them, then goes on to describe in vulgar fashion how he's tired of getting buried by DGUSA management and he's here to cause some damage. Arik Cannon comes out and gets in Callihan's face because he's sitting in the back hearing Callihan...well, to keep it PG, he's tired of hearing Callihan complain because Callihan lost clean. Cannon says they're both pissed off and nobody cares, and Cannon destroys the other two guys Callihan left standing, and then they go after each other. They trade blows inside the ring and then spill out to the floor and keep fighting back there and all the way to the back. MORE profanity, but I loved their match at EVOLVE last year and am totally on board with seeing them lock up again.

We go backstage to PAC, who simply tells Blood Warriors that they've got his attention, then walks off.

Open The Freedom Gate Title vs DGUSA Career: YAMATO vs Austin Aries

YAMATO sends Jon Moxley to the back because he wants to be a fighting champion. Feeling out process to start, Aries takes a side headlock and YAMATO goes to the corner and Aries breaks clean. Tie up and Aries takes YAMATO down with a drop toehold and gets a modified STF, then half nelsons YAMATO to his back for 2 and YAMATO reverses to a pin attempt of his own for 2. They go to the mat again and nobody gets an advantage, they get to their feet and YAMATO takes Aries to the corner and breaks clean, but Aries hits the brainbuster and only gets 2, then goes up top and hits the 450 splash and still only gets 2. YAMATO rolls out to the floor and Aries goes out to fight with him out there and backdrops YAMATO into the crowd. Aries goes after him and rams him into somebody's chair, then dumps him back to ringside and fires YAMATO back into the ring. Aries comes in with a slingshot senton for 2, then hits a diving, rolling elbow to YAMATO's back for 2. Aries fires kicks at YAMATO's leg and DDTs the foot, then snaps the knee and covers for 1. Aries whips YAMATO into the corner (with YAMATO stumbling the whole way) and followed him in with a clothesline and a bulldog out of the corner for 2. Aries fires kneestrikes into YAMATO's skull, then takes YAMATO to the corner and slings his leg over the middle rope and dropkicks it. YAMATO tires to escape to the apron, but Aries grabs the leg and legdrags him. YAMATO climbs under the ring and surprises Aries from behind and dumps him to the floor.

Now YAMATO has the advantage and beats Aries down with a broom, then lays in a couple of hard chops before rolling Aries back into the ring. YAMATO now goes to work on Aries' leg and gets a toehold, then lets him out and hits a running dropkick to the knee. YAMATO chokes Aries in the corner with his boot and then continues to unload on Aries with hard strikes. YAMATO gets a spinning toehold and turns it into a modifed version of the Condo Clutch, but Aries makes the ropes. Aries suddenly gets an STO out of nowhere, but YAMATO immediately goes to the anklelock. Aries makes the ropes so YAMATO drags him back out to the middle and gets a conventional figure four. Aries reverses the hold and really cranks on it, but YAMATO gets the bottom rope to force the break. Aries hits another STO and the pendulum elbow, then both men make it back to their feet and exchange blows, then exchange sleeper holds. YAMATO tries a German suplex but Aries flips through and lands on his feet and hits a German of his own, clotheslines YAMATO to the floor, and goes for a dive, but YAMATO tried climbing under the ring to sneak up on Aries again. This time Aries knows it's coming and sidesteps YAMATO to send him to the floor, then follows out with the heat seeking missile.

Aries and YAMATO get back up to the apron and YAMATO suplexes Aries over the top, but Aries lands on his feet, drags YAMATO in, and hits a twisting brainbuster for 2. Aries goes for another brainbuster but YAMATO blocks and hits a gourdbuster and tries a kick to the head but Aries blocks and rolls YAMATO into a weird leglock thing. Aries hits the shinbreaker but tries it again and YAMATO rolls through into a sunset flip for 2 and then into a Boston Crab. YAMATO changes it up to a single leg crab but Aries breaks free, so YAMATO sets up and hits a running forearm in the corner, but Aries fights back with forearms and YAMATO hits a big boot and gets a sleeper, then turns it into the sleeper suplex for 2. YAMATO gets ready to hit his finish, but Aries slips out and hits a roaring elbow and then gets dumped hard to the floor. YAMATO goes after Aries and pulls him up to the apron, but Aries gets YAMATO up and hits a DVD on the apron. Aries rolls YAMATO back into the ring and covers for 2, then goes up to the top to try for the 450 splash again, but YAMATO shakes the ropes and Aries slips. YAMATO goes up with Aries to try for a superplex and hitsit, but Aries cradles him when they land and all four shoulders are down, the referee counts but only gets 2.

Aries starts unloading on YAMATO in the middle of the ring and YAMATO goes down to his knee, then Aries hits the shinbreaker and suplex and YAMATO looks like he comes down on his face. Aries hits the IED in the corner, hits it again, and hits the brainbuster but only gets 2. Aries goes right back up and goes for the 450, YAMATO dodges and hits a leaping enziguiri, kick to the head, and tries a brainbuster but Aries rolls through and cradles YAMATO for 2 and goes for another brainbuster but YAMATO reverses and hits a brainbuster and only gets 1, and Aries pops right back up and hits a brainbuster and only gets 2. Aries pulls YAMATO back up and goes for yet another brainbuster but YAMATO shoves him off and they exchange forearm blows in the middle. Aries hits a roaring elbow off the ropes and tries another brainbuster but YAMATO slips out the back and hits the sitout Tombstone, but still only gets 2. YAMATO hits the kick to the head, then another, and drags Aries back up for a second sitout Tombstone and that's FINALLY enough to get the win.

Winner: YAMATO

This match was just unbelievable, it started slow but kept building and building to the point where you were popping for every move because it looked like the finish. Crowd chants "thank you Austin" as the referee straps the belt around YAMATO's waist. YAMATO leaves as Aries gets back to his feet, and the crowd chants his name as he leaves the ring and heads to the back to "please don't go" chants from the crowd.

We go backstage to Jimmy Jacobs who says sometimes he gets past the roadblocks and sometimes he doesn't, because Brodie Lee beat him for the second time, but now he's going to get back up tomorrow and wrestle Austin Aries in his last match in DGUSA. He says that while Aries had a hell of a match tonight, he didn't get the job done, and tomorrow's not going to see Aries ride off into the sunset, he's going out with a bang and tomorrow will be his End Time.

The Dragon Gate six man is up next on Page 3!

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