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By Stuart Carapola on 2011-04-02 19:45:00
Welcome to's live coverage of Dragon Gate USA's Mercury Rising 2011 iPPV! Click here for information on ordering the iPPV.

Okay, had a bit of trouble with the video stream and missed the first few minutes, so we join the first match in progress:

Jon Moxley vs Arik Cannon

As we join the match, Moxley has Cannon in a sleeper with a body scissors, but Cannon fights his way out and they go toe-to-toe in the middle of the ring. Moxley catches Cannon with a hard forearm, but Cannon ducks a lariat and turns it into a swinging neckbreaker. Cannon unloads on Moxley with chops and runs him over with a pair of lariats and a leaping back elbow. Moxley comes off the second rope, but Cannon catches him and hits a T-bone suplex for 2. Crowd is solidly getting behind Cannon, but Moxley gets an ACe Crusher and wipes Cannon out with a running lariat, but makes a casual cover and only gets 2. Moxley gets a chair and swings it at Cannon, but Cannon dodges and Moxley hits the ropes, causing the chair to bounce back and hit him in the head. Cannon gets a rollup for 2 and hits his twisting brainbuster, but Valerie Malone comes into the ring and distracts the referee, allowing Moxley to kick Cannon low and small package him for the win.

Winner: Jon Moxley

Reby Sky comes out with a microphone to protest the decision, and Moxley shoves Valerie Malone at Reby, leading to a catfight between them. Reby gives Valerie a DDT, but Trina Michaels takes her shoe off and knocks Reby out from behind. Moxley dips Trina and lays one on her to celebrate.

Good for what it was, I like both guys and I'm glad to see Cannon finally get something of a push.

We go to a backstage promo from Austin Aries saying he doesn't need to be here in DGUSA but wants YAMATO's title. Aries says nothing short of unconsciousness will put him down tonight, and tonight he will become a champion.

Elimination Match: Jimmy Jacobs vs Brodie Lee vs Stalker Ichickawa vs Silas Young vs AR Fox vs Jon Davis

Ichikawa and Fox start us out, and Ichikawa goes around playing to the crowd, so Fox rolls him up for 2 and then Young and Davis both get in the ring and go after Ichikawa and comedy ensues as he tries to outrun them all, but ends up falling on his face and they all take turns elbowdropping him. Ichikawa yells DANGEROUS at his opponents, then they all stand around staring at him as he stands them side by side next to each other and walks down the line slapping them all until Brodie catches his arm. Ichikawa counters by pointing at the ceiling and making buzzing noises, then slaps Brodie after all. Ichikawa comes off the ropes and Brodie just decks him in the face, so the other four guys all team up on Brodie and hit running clotheslines into the corner on Brodie. Ichikawa tries a cartwheel elbow thing, but falls on his head so Davis rips his head off with a hard clothesline and eliminates him.

Stalker Ichikawa is eliminated.

Brodie and Davis exchange blows in the middle of the ring, Davis lays in a series of kicks and a big right hand, but Brodie comes off the ropes and hits a flying headscissors to send Davis to the floor and follows him out with a dive through the ropes. Silas and Fox wind up in the ring and Fox does a Matrix escape to duck under a clothesline and dropkicks Silas to the floor, and then Fox hits a dive over the ringpost and wipes everybody out on the floor, leaving only Jacobs in the ring. Jacobs goes out to the floor and rolls Ichikawa back in and tells him to go up top and hit a dive. Ichikawa obeys and goes to the top and dives to the floor...and hits nothing. Davis and Jacobs go at it in the ring with Davis hitting a windmill powerslam. Fox comes in to go at it with Davis and hits a Stratusfaction and split legged twisting senton. Brodie superkicks Fox in the face and Silas comes in to go

at it with him, Silas hits a pair of big boots and goes for a waistlock, but Brodie shrugs him off so Silas hits a hard forearm and a chop, then ducks a clothesline and hits a German suplex for 2. Brodie rolls out of the ring so Young and Fox go at it and Fox gets dumped to the apron, so he moonsaults onto Brodie, then comes in and hits...something on Silas that gets 2. Jacobs hits a double Ace Crusher on Silas and Fox and then a double Contra Code as well and eliminates Fox.

AR Fox is eliminated.

Jacobs then goes to cover Silas, but he's too close to the ropes. Jacobs goes for a spear, but Davis comes out of nowhere and plows through Jacobs with a Pounce, then powerslams Silas for 2. Davis tries another Pounce but Silas dodges and hits his backbreaker/lariat combo for 2. Brodie comes in behind Silas and goozles him, but Silas fights out and dropkicks Brodie, then hits a flying headscissors from the top rope. Brodie just cracks Silas in the face but Jacobs comes in and catches him in the End Time. Silas breaks it up and hits the Finlay Roll and goes for his delayed headstand moonsault, but misses and Jacobs catches Silas in the End Time and Silas taps.

Silas Young is eliminated. Davis goes after Jacobs and gets him in a fireman's carry, but Brodie hits a big boot and Jacobs turns it into a crucifix to eliminate Davis.

Jon Davis is eliminated.

Jacobs goes right for the End Time, but Brodie shrugs him off and hits a big boot. Brodie goes for a leaping Yakuza Kick in the corner, but Jacobs dodges and Brodie goes to the floor. Jacobs screws up his dive through the ropes, but Brodie's nice enough to help Jacobs give him a flying headscissors, then Jacobs follows that up with a Contra Code on the floor. Jacobs picks Brodie up, but Brodie goozles him and launches him back into the ring. Jacobs kicks the middle rope into Brodie's groin coming back in the ring and hits the Contra Code, but only gets 2. They wind up on top and Brodie hits a buttefly superplex, a big running boot in the corner, and the Truckstop for the win.

Winner: Brodie Lee

There was way too much going on at the beginning, but it got much better once the first couple of guys cleared out. Jon Davis looked like a monster, and I really liked the last bit between Brodie and Jacobs, Brodie is such a talented guy and an imposing monster, and Jacobs comes up short once again.

We go backstage to Arik Cannon, who says he's been doing this for a long time, and there are nights when you win and lose, but then there are nights like tonight where you get f***ed. He's pissed off, and now it's time to do things his way.

Masato Yoshino vs Sami Callihan

Fast paced sequence to start and Callihan kills Yoshino with a clothesline and a hard chop for 2. Callihan gets a hard slam and a series of elbowdrops for 2. Callihan tears at Yoshino's face and puts the boots to him, then lays him out with a hard chop, picks him back up, and hits another one for 2. Callihan with a slingshot splash for 2, then dishes out more chops in the corner on Yoshino. Callihan whips Yoshino hard across the ring, but hesitates before charging and Yoshino is able to dodge and hit the Slingblade. Yoshino gets a nasty looking hammerlock DDT for 2 and goes for a running boot, but Callihan ducks and hits a leaping Russian legsweep for 2. Callihan gets fired up and goes for a powerbomb, but Yoshino fights his way out and locks in his twisty abdominal stretch thing, then turns it into a sunset flip for 2. Callihan uses the ropes to haul himself to his feet, but Yoshino comes off the top with a double stomp to the arm, then goes back up and tries it again and Callihan dodges and hits a leaping enziguiri and running facewash for 2. Callihan goes up for a top rope splash, but Yoshino moves and then heads up top himself for a swank missile dropkick for 2. Callihan starts nailing Yoshino with double chops and open hand strikes, but Yoshino blocks a pair of clothesline attempts, ducks a third, but Callihan nearly rips his head off with a third. That only gets 2 so he hits a sitout Tombstone for a close 2. Callihan goes for it again but Yoshino slips out and they go back and forth with a series of pinfall attempts and nobody gets a win, but Callihan comes off the ropes right into the Lightning Spiral. Yoshino gets 2 from that, then gets the Thumbelina and then locks in the Solo Siete and Callihan give up the ghost.

Winner: Masato Yoshino

This was really good, Callihan looked like a monster here and I thought he was going to win with the sitout Tombstone. Callihan gets the mic after the match and says this isn't over, and he's through f***ing around. Lots of adult language on this show!

We go backstage to Jon Moxley, and he says he's a trendsetter and everyone follows everything he does, but Austin Aries is yesterday's news and he'll be out of DGUSA forever after he loses tonight...FOREVER! FOREVER! FOREVER! FOREVER! FOREVER! FOREVER! (In case you don't know, he's mocking an old Terry Funk promo)

We continue with the Open The Brave Gate Title Match on Page 2!

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