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By Mike Johnson on 2011-01-30 04:25:00
Kevin Steen vs. Chris Hero

Steen took the mic and asked, "Are you ready to see a f***ng PWG show." They went back and forth early. Hero went for a shoulderblock but couldn't budge Steen. Hero rolled him up for a two count. Hero began working on Steen's arm but Steen reversed it. Hero returned the favor.

They went back and forth until Hero drilled Steen with a roaring forearm smash. Steen went to the floor and dared Hero to follow him. Steen grabbed a weapon from a fan but Hero nailed him from behind and began chopping away. Steen whipped Hero into the railing but Hero leapt it and landed in the crowd. Steen followed and they brawled around the building. Steen climbed a lighting tower and dove off on Hero. in

Back in the ring, Steen worked over Hero and nailed a moonsault for a two count. Steen peppered him with punches. Steen covered Hero but Hero kept kicking out. He unloaded with a series of forearms and chops. Hero started to make a comeback as Steen chopped away at him and nailed a leaping leg lariat.

Both men were down as the referee was counting them down. Fans began singing El Generico's theme and Steen yelled at them to shut the hell up. Hero mounted his comeback but was nailed with a double sledgehammer. Hero kicked Steen out of the ring then dove through the middle and bottom ropes with a kick that looked awesome. He followed up with another then tossed Steen back in the ring.

Hero nailed several right hands but was whipped into the corner. Hero nailed him with a knee to cut him off and then hit Diamondust out of the corner for a two count. The fans clapped and chanted for Hero. Hero chopped away at Steen but Steen caught him in the ropes and nailed a hanging DDT. Steen charged and nailed a cannonball splash in the corner.

Steen went for an exploder but Hero avoided it. Hero went for a pump kick but was caught with a TKO for a two count. Fans began the dueling chants. Steen went for a suplex but Hero halted it and nailed a nasty looking exploder. He hit an explosive charging dive into the corner but was caught and powerbombed by Steen, then locked in a Sharpshooter.

Hero fought his way to the ropes. Steen placed him on the ropes and went for a belly to back superplex. Hero fought him off with elbows and kicked him to the mat. Hero went for a moonsault but Steen moved. Hero landed on his feet but was hit with a lungblower. Steen went for a moonsault but Hero moved and they went back and forth in a great sequence. They started beating the hell out of each other and Steen began dropping Hero on his head with a sleeper suplex.

Hero kicked out and Steen charged, only to be nailed with Hero's roaring forearm smash and pinned.

Off the charts awesome match.

The Cutler Brothers (Brandon & Dustin Cutler) vs. The Fightin’ Taylor Boys (Brian Cage-Taylor & Ryan Taylor) vs. RockNES Monsters (Johnny Goodtime & Johnny Yuma) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson aka TNA's Generation Me) for the first spot in the DT Tournament

Before this even starts, I am going to say that there is absolutely no way I am going to be able to keep up with this one, so I'm just going to give you highlights and the finish.

A hell of a match with all four doing some great high flying spots. At one point, all eight men were using a submission hold at the same time, creating some insane human centipede of submission. There was a hesitation superplex. The Young Bucks were heeling it up bigtime. The finishing sequences were just insane. Just get the DVD.

In the end, The RockNES Monsters did an insane move where one hit the Death Valley Driver on the other onto their opponents.

Your winners, The RockNES Monsters.

Kevin Steen hit the ring and destroyed the Monsters. Steen took the mic and said that he warned everyone that there were going to be two killer matches and he was right because he just killed them. He named himself as the second entrant in the DT Tournament, saying he didn't care who his partner was or if he even had one. He promised that at the Tournament, "Everybody dies!" Killer Promo.

PWG champion Claudio Castagnoli vs. PWG Tag Team champion El Generico

Generico received a hero's welcome. Castagnoli's theme music is awesome. They did some good back and forth wrestling early. Generico failed to shoulderblock down Claudio several times, so he chipped him and went for another but was taken down. Generico caught Claudio in an armdrag takedown.

Claudio regained control and cinched in a chinlock, then stomped Generico down. Claudio missed a charge in the corner and Generico worked him over with punches on the turnbuckle. Claudio went for a powerbomb but Generico landed on his feet and turned it into a spinning head scissors takedown.

Generico went to the top but was cut off by Claudio wth a series of European uppercuts. Generico fought him off and came off the top with a leaping rana. Generico nailed a sliding kick outside of the ring. He went for a plancha but was caught and slammed on the apron oiutside. Claudio slammed his leg into the ringpost and once they were back in the ring, continued the beating, kicking and stomping away.

Claudio continued the assault and attempted a Boston Crab. He ran Generico headfirst into the turnbuckles, then pressed and dropped him into Snake Eyes on the turnbuckles. Claudio teased tearing off Generico's mask and cinched in a side chinlock.

Generico fought back but was caught with a powerslam for a two count. Claudio began focusing on Generico's legs. Generico tried to kick him off and went to the corner but Claudio yanked him down, sending him crashing hard to the mat. Claudio continued the beating as the fans sang "Ole Ole" and Generico fired himelf up, Tommy Rich style.

Generico got some offense in but missed a dropkick and was chokeslammed hard for a two count. Claudio suplexed him for a two count. Generico fought back and nailed an elevated dropkick, Claudio charged but Generico ducked down and Claudio went to the floor. Generico hit an awesome flip dive off the top rope to the floor.

Back in the ring, Generico worked over Claudio until he was kicked off. Claudio mounted a comeback with a pump kick for a two count, then cinched in the Boston Crab. Generico fought his way to the ropes but Claudio pulled him back to the center. Claudio pounded Generico with rights and forearms, screaming at him to stay down.

He just massacred Generico and killed him with a running kick in the corner. Generico charged him but was caught with an elevated forearm smash for a two count. Generico drilled Claudio with a Code Red for a two count.

Claudio was caught with a kick while on the ropes and Generico went for the brainbuster. Claudio beat him down and tried for the Ricola Bomb off the ropes but Generico fought back. Claudio wore him down and went for the powerbomb but it was turned into a rana. Generico nailed a brainbuster for a two count.

The crowd chanted, "This is awesome" and they are right.

Claudio nailed an awesome airplane spin while holding Generico in the Torture Rack position. Two count. Ricola Bomb. Two count. He nailed a one legged spin into a Boston Crab, then turned Generico into another leg submission and got the tap out.

Your winner and still PWG champion, Claudio Castagnoli!

An awesome match.

Joey Ryan attacked Claudio but Chris Hero hit the ring from the crowd to make the save. They went back and forth on the mic to close things out. Ryan ripped on them and said he was going to get his title back and make them tap. Claudio dared him to get back in the ring and kick his ass all over the place. He was hilarious ripping on Joey, saying Pepe Le Pew wanted his haircut. Castagnoli said that he just had a great title defense and lead everyone to go "Hey" for El Generico, Chris Hero and WrestleReunion. He said it was one of the best weekends ever and thanked the crowd for being one of the best crowds he's performed in front of in a long, long time.

Claudio also noted Hero would be his partner in the DT Tournament. PWG did a nice job of setting the stage for their next big event.


Good night everyone! I'll have some notes and news from the show in the AM.

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