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By Mike Johnson on 2011-01-30 04:25:00

Legends Wrestle Royal

Bill Apter came to the ring and introduced Gene Okerlund. He explained the rules. Okerlund introduced Paul Orndorff, who came to the ring. Okerlund then introduced Harley Race and the Iron Sheik. All three received monster pops. Okerlund then introduced Mr. Saito, who got a nice pop. The fans chanted Saito's name. Number one was Danny Davis. He wore his old WWF outfit. Mike Graham was number two. They locked up and Graham shoulderblocked Davis down. Davis cut him off and kicked and stomped away at Graham in the corner.

Number three was Jimmy Hart, who was announced as demanding he was included. Hart nailed Graham with the Megaphone as he was working over Davis. Hart and Davis choked out Graham with wrist tape. Fans chanted for Hart.

Number four was Tito Santana. Tito nailed Hart as Graham unloaded on Davis, who then staggered into a Tito right hand. Graham and Santana worked over Davis and Hart with turnbuckle smashes at the same time.

Number five was Barry O (Orton). Orton slipped leaping over the top rope into the ring. He wore street clothes. Graham immediately began working over him. Hart attacked Graham. Orton saw Tito and begged off, then attacked him. Tito whipped Orton into the ropes and nailed him. Davis and Hart tried to toss Graham out.

Number six was The Barbarian. He wore the old facepaint. No antlers worn to the ring. Barbarian locked up with Tito. Fans chanted, "Lets go old school." Barbarian tried to toss Graham over the top but couldn't get him over. He finally clotheslined Graham over the top to the floor.

Number seven was Los Angeles territory vet Rock Riddle. He was the first name not to get a big pop. Orton and Barbarian worked over Tito. Riddle wandered around the ring, not getting in. Barbarian and Santana whipped Davis into the other's clotheslines. Orton and Hart were in the corners watching. Riddle spent the entire time on the outside of the ring. He finally entered the ring, where Barbarian and Santana worked on him.

Number eight was Shane Douglas. Davis and Barbarian tried to toss Riddle. Douglas got a monster "ECW" chant when he hit the ring. He and Davis went at it. Barbarian muscled Riddle into the corner. Barbarian lifted Orton's shirt and tried to chop him but Douglas nailed him from behind. Everyone continued to fight.

Number nine was The Warlord. Douglas and The Barbarian teamed to toss Santana over the top, followed by Barry Orton. Warlord went after Hart, who jumped over the top rope to the floor to escape certain death. Warlord then ran Davis into the turnbucklle. Douglas tossed the Barbarian out, so we don't get to see the Powers of Pain working together. Douglas and Davis battled while Warlord beat down Rock Riddle. Warlord kicked Douglas low.

Number ten was Chavo "Classic" Guerrero. Rock Riddle tossed over Davis, who landed on the apron and was then shoved off by Riddle. The fans all chanted for Chavo. Chavo unloaded on Douglas.

Number eleven was Shane Helms, back out as the Hurricane. Chavo chopped away on Riddle. Douglas beat the hell out of Helms in the corner and yelled, "I'm not Shawn, b****." The crowd popped for that.

Number twelve was Bob Orton. Chavo and Riddle battled on the ropes. Orton attacked them with the cast. Warlord battled Douglas.

Number thirteen was Cruel Connection (Gary Royal). People were confused until they saw the outfit and then those who remembered the team on TBS popped and chanted. Connection did jumping backs in the ring and was attacked by Royal. Some fans chanted "Super Dragon." Ouch!

Number fourteen was Mando Guerrero. Mando went right after Douglas and Connection. Orton popped Chavo with a right and then laughed at him.

Number fifteen was Terry Funk coming out to Desperado. Douglas and Funk went at it as people chanted for ECW.

Number sixteen was Savio Vega. Funk peppered Helms with punches and tossed him to the floor to a huge pop. Cruel Connection was also eliminated. Mando chopped away at Riddle.

Number eighteen was Roddy Piper who received a monster pop. Piper and Funk went face to face but others attacked them. Piper poked Orton in the eyes. Vampiro, Sean Morley and Tatanka were out to end the entrances.

Everyone battled. Fans chanted "This is awesome." Riddle and Guerrero were tossed. Vega and Vampiro went at it but Vamp nailed a spinkick and tossed Vega out. Orton and Funk battled in the corner. Funk tossed Orton over.

Piper worked over Val and tried to force him over the top. Vampiro and Douglas worked on Chavo, who tried to call for time out. Douglas attacked Funk and beat him down in the corner. Morley went after Piper but got it in the eyes. Vampiro clotheslined Morley over the ropes.

Douglas working over Funk busted him open. Chavo sat on the corner so Piper punched hgim and he took a bump to the floor. It came down to Funk, Douglas, Vampiro and Piper. Douglas continued working on Funk who started mouthing off and making a comeback. Douglas kept working him over and Funk went nuts slapping and windmill punching Douglas. Douglas cut him off with a punch.

Vampiro joined in the assault and splashed Piper in the corner. He tried to whip Douglas into Terry in the corner but Funk moved. Funk took down Vampiro with a series of punches but Douglas lowblowed him. Tatanka finally hit the ring and chopped away at Vampiro and Douglas. He clotheslined both men and did a war dance. He charged Vampiro and Douglas but they ducked and he went over the ropes.

Vamp and Douglas went at it so Piper and Funk tossed them out. It's down to Piper vs. Funk! I am so glad I am in LA! Fans chanted "This is awesome."

They faced off. Terry took the mic. He said that he wanted to thank everyone who was in heaven for everything they did for the business and he wanted to thank everyone for coming out. He said that he wanted to say a prayer asking that everyone would be safe on the way home. He asked Piper to bow his head for the prayer. Piper bowed his head and Terry said, "Lord, please let" and nailed Piper with the mic. CLASSIC. Funk screamed "Amen" over and over and then forced the mic in Piper's face, demanding Roddy admit Terry is the better man.

They battled out of the ring and into the crowd. Funk berated Piper as he beat him with the mic and said, "This is real ECW, you pig." He dragged Piper back in the ring and tossed him over the top but Piper landed on the apron and returned. They battled back and forth with punches. Piper got Terry over the ropes but Funk grabbed the ropes and held on for Dear life. Piper finally punched and punched until Funk landed on the apron and then forced him out to the floor.

Your winner, Roddy Piper!

Funk tried to get back in the ring but was held back by the referees. He tossed a chair, which Piper grabbed. Funk raised his arms to the crowd then gave Piper the finger. Piper led the fans in a chant for Funk. Everyone gave the Funker a nice ovation on the way out.

A hell of a fun match and My God, Piper vs. Funk. So much fun, even at their advanced age. I loved the hell out of all of this. Such FUN.

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