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By Stuart Carapola on 2011-01-29 19:07:26
Welcome to's live coverage of United: Philadelphia, the second of Dragon Gate USA's three night tour of the northeast! We have a much better internet connection tonight, and you can be guaranteed of the normal, segment-by-segment updates throughout the evening.


It's time for the Kaiju Big Battel, which was interesting to say the least. I have to say I shouldn't have found it entertaining in the slightest, but I really enjoyed it. It basically was a bunch of guys in big monster suits doing what looked like backyard wrestling while the boss music from Final Fantasy 7 played in the background. A guy who looked like a big rock with tentacles and a valve on his head won, and the MC, a somewhat normal guy, interviewed him with I Wanna Rock by Twisted Sister playing in the background. It was ridiculously over the top but I still enjoyed it for some bizarre reason. The second fight saw a guy dressed like the big red furry monster from Looney Tunes with grey shorts and a box with a smiley face on it on his head came out and then ripped the box off of his head to reveal...a piggy face with one eye and horns. Oh, and Bryce Remsburg (with an evil 1800s guy mustache) is the referee for this fight. All these monster guys, by the way, come out and cut promos that I couldn't quite make out, but the MC told us that Big Red Guy is challenging American Bettle to a Blindfold Match. Beetle comes out to the A-Team theme song and apparently doesn't need the blindfold to be blind. Beetle takes Big Red Guy down and rains punches down on him, but celebrates prematurely because Red isn't done. Beetle grabs him by the tail and gives him an atomic drop, and then Red grabs a building (don't ask) but accidentally knocks himself out and Bettle gets a 2 count. Beetle goes up top for the 10 punch count and Red guys collapses and wipes out several more buildings. Okay, basically they're all supposed to be super huge monsters rampaging around a city. Now you don't have to ask. Red picks up several buildings and piles them on top of a skyscraper and then monkey flips Beetle into the stack of buildings. Suddenly Sami Callihan comes to ringside and accuses Big Red Guy of stealing his watch. Indeed he is wearing the watch that Sami got from Canal Street in NYC, so Sami lays him out and puts him in a Horse Collar while the referee is distracted with American Beetle. Sami gets his watch back and tosses Beetle on top of Big Red Guy and he scores the win. The A-Team song proudly plays as Beetle celebrates his victory to the delight of Muppets everywhere. Big Red Guy is mad and destroys a bunch more buildings. Now a big rabbit with tentacles coming off of his face is presented with the Kaiju Hero award and he starts the Kaiju Dance Party, but suddenly some guy dressed like Toucan Sam crossed with a gerbil comes out to confront our hero...along with another dude with a smiley box on his head, and that's a triceratops guy accompanied by two guys in medical scrubs wearing Hannibal Lecter masks. Finally one last guy in a smiley boxd comes out in scrubs and they do a 5-on-1 beatdown on the rabbit with the Hero Award title belt. Scrubs Box hits a leaping enziguiri and then takes the mask off to reveal...another weird mask of a guy with scars all over his face underneath. The Rabbit crawls around in the middle of the ring while Scrubs Mask Box cuts an incomprehensible promo. They all take turns smashing buildings over rabbit guy's back and even take a shot at the MC. This is just too bizarre for words. Uh oh, wait a minute...Tentacled Rock With A Valve On His Head Guy comes back out to I Wanna Rock and cleans house on Triceratops. the masked Lecter guys, and Toucan Sam, and then helps Hero Rabbit back to his feet. Some hero, he got his ass kicked and needed help from a guy with a valve on his head to escape annihilation. They head to the back to the sounds of The Touch by Stan Bush playing over the speakers. It was truly a battle for the ages.

Main Show

-Jon Moxley and the NEW Open The Freedom Gate Champion YAMATO come out to open the show, and Moxley puts over the new champion as being the new top dog in DGUSA. Moxley goes on to say that Homicide was too much of a (wussy) to show up and defend his home turf in New York City. A "fan" hops the rail and attacks Moxley and gets dragged out by a bunch of wrestlers from the back. This leads us right into our opening match...

-Open The Freedom Gate Champion YAMATO defeated Brodie Lee. YAMATO goes to work with hard chops but Brodie no sells and fires back with hard forearms. YAMATO dodges a charge in the corner but gets caught in a Greco-Roman knucklelock. YAMATO gets a side headlock but Brodie fires him into the ropes and takes him down with a shoulderblock. YAMATO tears off his kilt thing and tries several shoulderblocks but can't budge Brodie, who catches him coming off the ropes with an overhead belly to belly and a dropkick. YAMATO ducks a charge and Brodie goes to the floor, but YAMATO tries a dive and Brodie catches him and dumps him on the guardrail. Brodie with a running boot sends YAMATO into the crowd and Brodie drags him back to ringside, but YAMATO catches him with a cheapshot coming back in. Brodie no sells again and gives YAMATO a Michinoku Driver for 2. Brodie unloads with some hard shots in the corner and stands on YAMATO's neck. Brodie stares down Moxley on the floor and then goes back to beating YAMATO up and lays him out with a huge chop for 2. Brodie picks YAMATO up and just tosses him, then gets a short clothesline for 2, but YAMATO dodges a big boot in the corner and gets an enziguiri and a running forearm and then a running boot in the corner. YAMATO tries a slam but Brodie falls on top of him for 2. Brodie deadlifts YAMATO and goes for a suplex, but YAMATO with an enziguiri and then locks in the rear naked choke. Brodie tosses him and hits a half nelson suplex and running boot in the corner, followed by the Boss Man Slam for a close 2. Brodie with another running boot for 2, and goes for the Jackknife, but YAMATO counters to a front guillotine choke and then slides around back to a rear naked choke and turns that into a German Suplex and then a brainbuster. YAMATO gets the choke again and Brodie's out so the referee calls for the bell.

-Moxley gets the mic and says that the bigger they are, the harder they fall and calls Homicide out again, and another "fan" hops the rail and Moxley beats him up until security drags him to the back.

-Rich Swann defeated Jimmy Jacobs. Jacobs has really gotten himself back into great shape. Jacobs just beats the tar out of Swann to start, opening up with chops and stomps but Swann catches Jacobs with a nice dropkick, then slides to the floor and dodges a baseball slide from Jacobs, countering with a 619 on the floor. Really innovative stuff. Swann charges Jacobs but gets backdropped face first onto the steps. They head back in and Swann sends Jacobs to the corner and hits a Sydal clothesline and a Flatliner for 2 before trappinmg Jacobs in a modified seated abdominal stretch. Swann lets him out and unloads with rights but Jacobs Hulks up and starts firing back with jabs an sweeps Swann's legs. Jacobs goes for the Contra Code but Sann blocks, Jimmy goes for the End Time but Swann rams Jacobs into the corner and sets him up top and then hits a standing top rope Frankensteiner and running shooting star press for 2. Jacobs catches him out of nowhere with a springboard Ace Crusher for 2 and then goes up top but Swann nails him and tries for a superplex, Jacobs blocks and goes for a top rope Contra Code but Swann blocks and hits a twisting top rope sunset flip, and Jacobs blocks that and cradles Swann for 2. Swann with a spinning savate kick for 2 and hits the Guile Kick in the corner, but Jacobs kills him with a running Yakuza Kick and hits the Contra Code for 2. Swann with a Stunner and Pelle Kick and then goes for the triple jump 450 but Jacobs gets the knees up. Swann nails a superkick and then spikes Jacobs with a flying headscissors and then hits the triple jump 450 for the win.

-Chuck Taylor grabs the mic and says that Rich Swann just proved why he belongs in Japan, and later on tonight, he and Gargano will beat CIMA and Dragon Kid and be one step closer to going to Japan.

-PAC and Masato Yoshino cut a backstage promo saying that Yoshino is the Open The Dream Gate Champion and he is the Open The Brave Gate Champion, and they're going to be the first Open The United Gate Champions.

-Sami Callihan won a Six Man Frestyle Match that also included Cheech, AR Fox, Jigsaw, Frightmare, and Rexx Reed. All out blitzkreig of action inside the ring, and the first big spot sees Rexx Reed just propel AR Fox through the guardrail and into a bunch of people in the front row whose day this clearly became the highlight of. They continued the nonstop action inside the ring, taking turns armdragging, cradling, diving, clotheslining, and spinkicking one another into oblivion. Reed destroyed Fox with a clothesline but Callihan comes in and goes to work on him and, together with Frightmare, succeed in getting their heads ripped off with a double clothesline from Reed. More fast paced spots until Jigsaw hits a leaping enziguiri on Fox but Fox hit a spinning vertical suplex and then Frightmare comes in and lays Fox out and hits a moonsault kneedrop. Callihan chopped Reed in the face to send him to the floor and went for a dive, but Reed nailed him so Frightmare hit the dive instead, followed by a dive from Cheech as well. Then everyone else hits dive after dive until Jigsaw hit a somersault dive to wipe out everyone but Reed and Callihan. They exchange blows with Callihan getting the advantage with several running chops, a leg drag, and a horse collar on Reed. Frightmare kicks Callihan in the head to break and dropkicks him in the face, but Callihan legsweeps him and hits the facewash. Callihan elevates Frightmare out of the corner right into a piledriver for 2, and then all hell breaks loose again. Fox hits a springboard Codebreaker but Callihan suplexes him off the ropes and hits a running knee for the win. Callihan got a huge reaction from the crowd after the win.

-Naruki Doi & Ricochet cut a backstage promo saying that they're going to win tonight and then go on to New Jersey tomorrow to become the first Open The United Gate Champions.

-Jon Moxley and Akira Tozawa come out to the ring and Moxley says Tozawa's going to win, and then says he's going to squash BxB Hulk like a graph and then go on to beat Homicide tomorrow in New Jersey. Austin Aries comes out and brings Reby Sky with him to be in his corner since Moxley went after her last night in New York.

-Akira Tozawa defeated Austin Aries. They exchange wristlocks to start and Tozawa works a rear waistlock a little too vigorously, getting some laughs from the crowd. Aries escapes with a headscissors and backdrops Tozawa to the apron and Tozawa rams Aries into the turnbuckle and does his "missing the flying headbutt" routine. Aries rolls to the floor to escape Tozawa, then comes back in and takes Tozawa down with a side headlock, Tozawa counters to a headscissors and you know the rest. Aries tries to suplex Tozawa back in but Tozawa slips out the back so Aries gets a switch, takes Tozawa down with a double leg, and cradles him for 2. Flying kneedrop gets 2 for Aries, then a bulldog gets another 2. Aries with the figure four stump puller and then sends Tozawa to the floor, but misses a dive and Tozawa slides into the ring and hits a dive through the ropes of his own, then hits a second one and high fives the cameraman. They head back in and Tozawa gets a three quarter nelson and then yells at Reby Sky. Tozawa works Aries over with stomps in the corner and chokes him with the boot before unloading with chops. Aries fires back with some hard chops of his own, but Tozawa slams him and does his "missing the flying headbutt" sequence again but this time hits a senton for 2. Tozawa goes for a backdrop suplex but Aries reverses to a crossbody for 2, and Tozawa goes for a backslide but Aries reverses that to a DDT. Aries with a roaring elbow off the ropes and goes for the brainbuster, but Tozawa escapes so Aries dumps him to the floor and htis the Heat Seeking Missile. Aries hits a neckbreaker over the second rope and a slingshot senton before catching Tozawa in the Last Chancery. Tozawa makes the ropes and Aries goes for the shinbreaker/suplex combo, but Tozawa counters with a kneestrike. Tozawa charges Aries but eats the boot and Aries tires a crossbody, but Tozawa gets the knees up and hits a backdrop suplex for 2. Tozawa with a leaping Yakuza Kick in the corner but Aries hits back with an IED and brainbuster for 2. Crowd is going nuts. Aries goes up top but Moxley hops up on the apron ahd shoves Aries into the ring. Reby Sky goes after Moxley as Tozawa rolls Aries up for 2, and Tozawa goes for the deadlift German, but Reby Sky hops up on teh apron and gives Tozawa a kiss, allowing Aries to roll him up for 2 and hit a rolling elbow and a German Suplex, but Aries rolls through and lands on his feet but then Tozawa hits a German and a straitjacket suplex for 3. HUGE win for Tozawa, especially amidst all the shenanigans at the end there, and he is now 2 for 2 with a pair of really big wins. Awesome match with a hot finish, and crowd popped huge for Tozawa after the victory.

-Jimmy Jacobs does a backstage promo saying he didn't plan to go 0-2 in his first two matches this weekend, but life doesn't always play out the way you want and tomorrow's another day.


-BxB Hulk defeated Jon Moxley. Hulk rushed the ring without his usual entrance and went right after Moxley, chasing him to the outside and beating him up on the floor. Moxley reversed a whip and sent Hulk through the guardrail and then took him to another corner and hit a Russian legsweep into the rail. Hulk hit a kick to the gut and moonsaulted off the apron onto Moxley, then sent him back in the ring and went for a springboard leg lariat but Moxley dodged and hit a lariat for 2. Moxley with hard chops and traps Hulk in a Kimura Lock but Hulk makes the ropes so Moxley hits an elbowblower and locks in an armbar. Hulk makes the ropes again and Moxley hits a backdrop and Hulk barely cleared the move and avoided landing on his head, getting a "you killed BxB" chant from the crowd. Hulk comes back with a springboard dropkick and opens up with kicks, sweeps Moxley's legs, and hits a standing, twisting senton for 2. Hulk goes for a suplex but Moxley counters to a Crippler Crossface. Hulk makes the ropes yet again and hits the Guile Kick and starts coming back on Moxley with elbows and clotheslines. Hulk hits an axe kick for 2 and a running shooting star press for another 2. Hulk slams Moxley and goes up top, but Akira Tozawa jumps up on the apron and trips Hulk, making Hulk tumble off the top and land on his head. Moxley hits a big superplex that seems to hurt himself as much as it hurts Hulk, then they both regain their feet and go toe-to-toe in the middle of the ring. Hulk ducks a clothesline and hits a twisting enziguiri and hits Moxley with the EVO for 2. Moxley ducks a clothesline and hits an Ace Crusher for 2, then gets the crossface chickenwing right in the middle of the ring. Hulk makes the ropes so Moxley tries a suplex but Hulk lands on his feet and hits a Here It Is Driver for 2. Hulk hits a series of kicks to the head and Tozawa tries to run in again, but Hulk disposes of him and hits a knockout kick on Moxley for the win.

-Crowd chants "187" at Moxley as he heads to the back.

-Sami Callihan cuts a backstage promo saying he wanted respect in DGUSA, and asks if he has our attention now. He wants us to know that he won tonight, but next time he's setting the bar a little higher because he's Sami Callihan and he demands respect.

-Okay, it's time for our final two matches of the evening, the second round matches in the Open The United Gate Title Tournament. Just to bring you up to speed before we start the tournament matches, here's the current standings in the Open The United Gate Title Tournament as of the beginning of this show:

2-Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano
2-Masato Yoshino & PAC
0-CIMA & Dragon Kid
0-Naruki Doi & Ricochet

-Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano defeated CIMA & Dragon Kid in an Open The Freedom Gate Title Tournament match. Ronin got a big reaction from the crowd at the beginning. Dragon Kid and Taylor start and Taylor takes Kid to the corner and breaks clean. Taylor goes to a wristlock and Kid tries to do a flippy escape, but Taylor shuts him down with a headlock and they go to the ropes for a break. They do a back and forth sequence that ends with Kid hitting a flying headscissors to send Taylor to the outside. Gargano and CIMA tag in, and CIMA mercilessly beats Gargano down, but Gargano gets a flying headscissors out of nowhere. Taylor and Gargano tag in and out on CIMA and work him over while keeping him in their half of the ring, but CIMA breaks free and gets Taylor to his side and tags out to Dragon Kid, who lays Taylor out with a dropkick and hits a flying kneedrop as CIMA chases Rich Swann into the crowd with a chair. The extracurricular activites on the outside are enough of a distraction that Taylor is able to get Kid back to his side of the ring and ram Kid into the feet of Gargano. Ronin hits a double back elbow and then dance before doing a stomping version of clubberin' that I shall hereafter refer to as stomperin'. CIMA gets a knee to the back of Gargano from the outside and Dragon Kid hits a dropkick, and then they do a combo wheelbarrow/lungblower on Gargano before CIMA mockingly dances at Taylor. CIMA does this move where he wedges Gargano's head under the middle turnbuckle, then wedges Taylor's head under Gargano's butt, then runs across the ring and dropkicks Taylor in the butt, ramming his head into Gargano's butt and in turn ramming Gargano's head into the turnbuckle. Dragon Kid follows this up by putting Gargano in the corner and hits a running dropkick, then ties Gargano up in an Indian Deathlock and turns it into a Muta Lock. Kid hits a 619 around CIMA onto Gargano and CIMA follows with a senton on Gargano for 2. Gargano finally hits a DDT/Flatliner combo out of nowhere and makes the hot tag to Taylor, and he comes in and cleans house on Kid. CIMA goes after Taylor but Gargano spears him through the ropes and Taylor follows with a Lionsault for 2. Taylor hits a Blockbuster on Kid and gets dumped to the floor, but Gargano dumps CIMA to the apron, Taylor dropkicks CIMA to the floor and then Gargano hits a somersault dive off the apron. Kid with a flipping Stunner on Taylor but Taylor hits an overhead belly to belly and a Death Valley Driver for 2. Kid gets the Royal Octopus on Taylor but Taylor conuters to a backbreaker and Gargano hits a Shining Wizard. CIMA tosses Taylor to the floor and comes off the top rope into a dropkick from Gargano, but CIMA comes back with a lungblower and a springboard double stomp for 2. CIMA charges Gargano but Gargano pops him up and gives him a running Snake Eyes into the second turnbuckle for 2. Gargano goes up top but CIMA picks him up so Kid can hit a Mega Frankensteiner and CIMA follows that up with a 2K1 Bomb for 2. Kid foes for the Dragon Rana but Gargano ducks and Taylor comes in for a double team spike DDT and then CIMA superkicks Gargano, allowing Kid to roll him up for 2. Kid goes for a twisting something, but Ronin turns it into a double team Ace Crusher for 2. A whole melee breaks out and CIMA hits a top rope bulldog on Gargano and then he and Kid hit stereo missile dropkicks to Ronin. CIMA and Gargano exchange finisher attempts until CIMA hits the Air Raid Crash, but Gargano dodges the top rope double knees and hits his full nelson slam thing and gets CIMA in the Border City Stretch as Taylor holds Kid at bay. CIMA lasts for a while but Kid is unable to make the save and CIMA taps out to give Ronin the huge upset win. Ronin now goes up to 4 points and CIMA & Dragon Kid are still at 0.

-Taylor grabs a mic and says that they're up to 4 points and those belts are theirs tomorrow. Blood Warriors suddenly turn on the crowd when Brodie calls them a bunch of pieces of s*** and then they lay Ronin out 5-on-1. Yoshino & PAC come out to the ring for the final match of the evening.

- Doi and Yoshino do a back and forth sequence to start, then Ricochet and PAC go at it in an exchange of high flying stuff. Ricochet sends PAC to the floor and hits a Space Flying Tiger Drop, but they head back in and PAC rams Ricochet to their corner and tags in Yoshino. Yoshino gets a hard back elbow but gets driven back into the Blood Warriors corner and Doi distracts the referee while Ricochet chokes Yoshino out in the corner. Doi with a slam and elbowdrop for 2, but Yoshino blocks a second slam and hits one of his own. Ricochet takes a swipe at Yoshino from outside the ring, but Yoshino takes Doi back to his corner and he and PAC tag in and out on Doi while working over the arm. Doi gets a pair of jawbreakers and tags to Ricochet, who comes in with a slingshot elbowdrop and then dances like a butterfly while stomping PAC in the face. Ricochet with a nice dropkick for 2, but PACgets a big slam and World-1 hits a double back elbow off the ropes for 2. Now Yoshino's in the ring and Ricochet gets a sunset flip for 2 and locks Yoshino i n a double guillotine. Doi hits a Blue Thunder Driver and mouths off at PAC while Ricochet chokes Yoshino with his boot behind the referee's back. Ricochet grabs Yoshino from the outside but Yoshino dodges a kick and Doi nails Ricochet, and then Yoshino hits the Slingblade and makes the hot tag to PAC, who comes in with a springboard dropkick on Doi and then does a twisting springboard plancha to Ricochet on the floor. PAC heads back in and leapfrogs Doi and hits an enziguiri for 2, but Doi dumps him on the ropes and hits a top rope somersault senton. Doi goes for Doi Fives but PAC escapes and hits a double stomp and a standing, twisting splash and then a Northern Lights Suplex for 2. Now Yoshino and Ricochet are in and they do a fast sequence that ends with Ricochet tripping Yoshino and hitting a standing moonsault into a double stomp for 2. Yoshino gets Ricochet in the Royal Octopus but Doi comes in and kills Yoshino with a running forearm and hits another top rope somersault senton and Ricochet springboards off Doi's back and then PAc comes in and nails him with a running shooting star press. PAC hits a superkick on Doi and follows with a Phoenix Splash, but doesn't go for the cover. PAC and Yoshino hit a series of double team moves on Doi and then PAC goes for a handspring elbow, but Doi dropkicks him in the face as he comes off the ropes and then they hit a series of high impact moves on PAC over and over in the corner and Ricochet nails PAC with a 630 splash for 2. Ricochet with a Regalplex on Yoshino and goes for a moonsault thing, but PAC runs up the corner and German Suplexes him into the ring. PAC and Yoshino hit a double team in the corner on Ricochet and PAC hits a twisting moonsault and covers, but Doi breaks it up. Yoshino goes for Ghanarea but Doi escapes and slaps Yoshino over and over for about 20 seconds and then hits Doi Fives and goes for the knee kick, but Yoshino hits Ghanarea and PAC hits a 630 on Ricochet and then dives onto Doi on the floor. Yoshino hits a flying headscissors on Ricochet and gets his twisty leg choke thing and Ricochet gives up to send Yoshino & PAC up to 4 points and leaving Doi & Ricochet with nothing. Not a good night for Blood Warriors, but an excellent match, and easily the best of the weekend so far.

-PAC grabs a mic and says that they're up to 4 points, and tomorrow night, they're going to beat Ronin to become champions. Yoshino thanks the crowd for coming tonight and asks them if they liked the show (getting a positive response) and say that they'll be back soon.

With the second round finished, here's the standings in the Open The United Gate Title Tournament:
4-Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano
4-Masato Yoshino & PAC
0-Naruki Doi & Ricochet
0-CIMA & Dragon Kid

So both Blood Warriors teams are completely out of the running, and we're guaranteed that either Yoshino & PAC or Taylor & Gargano are bringing the belts home tomorrow night in Union City. Another excellent show, nothing bad on it and both tournament matches (particularly the main event) were excellent, and I also really liked Aries and Tozawa, and we got a couple of surprise wins with Tozawa beating Aries clean and Gargano tapping CIMA out.

Thanks for following our coverage tonight, and will again be on hand tomorrow in Union City at 3pm for United: Finale, as DGUSA crowns the Open The United Gate Champions and Jon Moxley faces Homicide in a No Rules Match. Take care, and see you tomorrow.

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