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By The Wrestling Lariat on 2010-12-24 12:24:44
Whitehead’s World
by Tim Whitehead


I made it out to the famous Sampson Center for the first time in a while to see Beau James’ Southern States Wrestling (1/31). It was a very interesting evening!

JOHNNY THUNDER & DANNY CHRISTIAN defeated STAN LEE & RICH MANSFIELD in the opener when Christian pinned Mansfield.
LITTLE FRANKENSTEIN fought to a no contest against BAD BOY BUCK in a midget’s match. Mike Cooper came out pretending to be Sandman. He poured a can of Sprite down his throat and smashed the can against his forehead, which knocked him out. When he came to, he went after the midgets with a kendo stick but they got the weapon and joined forces and caned Cooper.

BEAU JAMES came out, accompanied by THE DUKE (Allan Barrie). Discussing his upcoming match against Debbie Combs, Beau claimed that Cora Combs had been calling him, begging him not to hurt Debbie. He added that he’d been slapping his sister around as practice for this match. Beau then brought out War Machine, announcing that they’ve ended their feud and are re-forming their tag team. He sent Commissioner Ken Bolus to find a team to oppose them.

COLORADO KID & DAN COOLEY beat BEAU JAMES & WAR MACHINE. When Beau & Duke saw that Colorado Kid & Dan Cooley were the opponents recruited by Commissioner Bolus, they freaked out and said they wanted to wrestle Mike Cooper & Rich Mansfield instead, but Bolus ordered the match to take place. Kid ended up pinning Beau in a good match.

RICK MORTON beat EDDIE GOLDEN. This was supposed to be a “clean scientific match,” and it was at first. But when Golden kept countering Morton’s moves, Morton got frustrated and got more aggressive, finally winning by using the ropes and pulling the tights.

BEAU JAMES defeated DEBBIE COMBS to capture the NWA Women’s Title. You read that right. The match saw a good amount of interference by the Duke, most of which backfired. The finish saw Duke put Debbie out with ether after a ref bump. The ref revived and counted the pin, so Beau won the belt, but since he had no use for a feminine belt he gave it to the Duke, who bragged that as champ he now gets to wrestle women all over the country. Beau & Duke then beat Debbie up. The midgets ran in for the save but got beat up as well. Several other wrestlers ran in for a big brawl. Rick Morton came out to a pop but completed his heel turn by DDT'ing Debbie. Finally, Death & Destruction (Roger Anderson & Frank Parker) showed up and cleaned house on all the heels.

NOTES: The arrival of Death & Destruction was a surprise even to most of the workers. Dave Jericho was backstage, getting ready for his return trip to Philly and ECW.


In other offbeat news, I got several items of Japanese merchandise in the mail recently, including three of the female wrestler photo books (Manami Toyota's “B. Bomb,” Yumi Fukawa’s “Unbalance,” and Chikako Shiratori’s “Naked”). All are great in different ways. Toyota’s is the most “artsy,” and also the most revealing. Both Yumi’s and Chikako’s are mostly bikini shots, with nothing overly revealing even though Chikako’s is titled “Naked,” but both girls are very cute so the books are great. I hope to be receiving the new Megumi Kudo and Hikari Fukuoka books soon.

JWP has put out a fifth anniversary poster collection with full sized posters of all the JWP wrestlers and an accompanying history book. If you're into posters of the Japanese female wrestlers this is excellent.

Among the other items was an AJW key chain, which had the promotion logo with “since 1954” written underneath. In actuality, AJW was founded in 1968 but 1954 was the year female wrestling first became popular with MIldred Burke making her first Japan tour. It shows that exaggeration isn’t limited to American promotions.

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