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By Mike Johnson on 2010-12-19 22:55:00

Cody Rhodes came out with a mic and said he was here to stock everyone’s stockings with his grooming tips but “Houston, you have a problem.” He said that the problem was Houston itself. He said that Houston “are carriers of a repulsive epidemic.” He said they were responsible for “Irritable jowl syndrome.” He began ripping on out of shape people.

Out came The Bellas dressed like Santa’s Little Helpers tossing out presents and Big Show dressed as Santa wishing everyone Merry Christmas. Rhodes said that he didn’t appreciate being cut off while he’s giving out dashing tips. Rhodes said he was the poster child for how not to be dashing. Show asked him what he was talking about. Rhodes said the most disgusting sight of the year was Show in his underwear for Knucklehead and told Show that he had no dignity. Show told Rhodes he wasn’t funny and too uptight. He said Rhodes was angry because he diets too much and told Rhodes that running around in your underwear is free and liberating. Eww. Rhodes said that the only thing more ridiculous than fashion advice from show is the idea that Show is starring in movies and not him. He called Show a “Vanilla Shrek” but that Shrek smells better. Show said that if Rhodes wants to be in a movie, Show can get him a part in Knucklehead 2. He touched Cody and Rhodes got pissed Show touched him and went off. Show grabbed Cody and nailed a spinebuster. Show began ripping off Rhodes’ clothes, leaving him in his underwear, a la Ric Flair in old school angles, right down to the tie. Rhodes was wearing underwear with today’s day on them. Totally silly comedy but Rhodes’ delivery when he got angry was really good.

CM Punk came out to commentate the main event.

John Cena vs. Wade Barrett: Chairs Match

They locked up but Barrett got in the ropes to force a break. Barrett tried to escape the ring but Cena grabbed him and used a headlock takedown. They locked up and went through the ropes to the floor. Barrett grabbed a chair and took several shots at Cena. Cena grabbed a chair to even the odds.

They returned to the ring with the chairs. They snapped chairs. Cena worked over Barrett in the corner as Barrett covered up. Cena bulldogged Barrett into a chair for a two count. Barrett came back to work over Cena and lifted him into a slam for a two count.

They went to the floor where Barrett shot Cena into the chair shoulder-first. Barrett went to slam a chair over Cena’s head on the stairs but Cena rolled out of the way. Cena made his way up the aisle, trying to put distance between he and Barrett but was nailed in the back. Barrett grabbed the bottom section of the ring steps and brought them up the aisle towards Cena.

They battled up to the stage. Barrett went for a powerbomb but Cena backdropped him on the stage. Cena went to the back and retrieved an office chair on wheels. Barrett was out so Cena doused him with water to wake him, then ran the wheel chair down the ramp hard and into the steel steps section, which was set up sideways in the aisle. That was original!

Barrett came back to place an open chair across Cena’s neck and run him into the ringpost with it. He rolled Cena into the ring and drilled the chair down across Cena’s chest. Barrett placed the chair over Cena and sat down in it, trying to choke Cena with it. Cena powered up and shoved Barrett over. Cena made the comeback with several shoulderblocks but Barrett swung and drilled him with the chair.

Barrett tried up Cena in the ropes and worked him over with punches. The referee tried to free Cena but Barrett yelled at him. Barrett began battering Cena with the chair. Cena fought his way out and made the comeback, nailing the five knuckle shuffle. Cena went for the Attitude Adjustment, but Barrett escaped and nailed a sideslam for a two count.

Barrett wedged a chair in between the turnbuckles in the corner. He tried to send Cena in but Cena reversed. Barrett blocked hitting the chair. Cena went for the STF but Barrett kicked him off into the chair. Barrett continued working over Cena. Barrett went to the ropes to drive a chair into Cena but Cena rolled out of the way. Both men were down.

They recovered and went for the chair but Cena retrieved it first and drilled Barrett over the back. Cena hit an Arabian Facebuster off the top rope, on Barrett. Cena set up six chairs facing each other in the center of the ring. He grabbed Barrett and nailed the Attitude Adjustment through them and scored the pin.

Your winner, John Cena!

After the match, Cena realized Barrett was trying to climb away and followed him with a chair. He drilled Barrett over the back with the chair. Barrett tried to escape but drilled him again. Barrett was left laying under all the hanging chairs that were stage decorations. Cena pulled several chairs off a palate that was used to bring out the weapons during the matches. He trapped Barrett under the palate and they played his music. Cena silenced them, then grabbed one of the series of hanging chairs and snapped them down, raining them down atop the palate. A really great visual (yet totally safe) to close the show.

Real good main event to close the show. They did a good job teasing and using the chairs. I popped for Cena pulling one out of the Sabu playbook with the Facebuster.

Overall, an extremely entertaining PPV.

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