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By Mike Johnson on 2010-12-10 22:17:00

Famed New Japan referee Tiger Hatori is refereeing. I popped for that.

BBoy and Azrieal started, going back and forth and faced off. Omega tagged in and faced off with BBoy, but Generico asked to be tagged in. They locked up and Generico backed Omega into the corner, breaking clean. They locked up again with Omega backing Generico into a corner and again, a clean break. He pointed at Generico, then poked him in the eye. They faced off and then shook hands, only for Omega to poke him in the eye again.

Generico got fired up and nearly scored a pin with a rollup. They went back and forth exchanging armdrags, then Omega got a poke in the face. Liger and Bandido tagged in. Bandido shot him into the ropes but was shoulderblocked down. Bandido hiptossed Liger and nailed a headscissors takedown on him, sending the legend to the floor outside.

Azrieal and Bandido exchanged forearms and chops in the center of the ring. Azrieal slid out of the ring and was caught with a tope to the outside. Back in the ring, Bandido scored several two counts. Omega tagged in and tagged Bandido with several chops. He suplexed Bandido over. BBoy tagged in but Bandido out maneuvered them and drilled Omega with a float over DDT. BBoy took Bandido out and controlled the bout.

Bandido came back with a rolling neckbreaker for a two count. Generico tagged in and continued working over BBoy. He peppered Boy with punches in the corner and covered him for a two count. Generico tried to go up and over during a charge in the corner but was caught and nailed with a Gut Buster. Generico fought back and went for a brainbuster off the ropes. BBoy knocked him into the ring and stomped his stomach.

Azrieal tagged in and worked over Generico. He had words with Omega when Omega wanted in. Omega and Bandido tagged in. Omega dropped him across the ropes and nailed a suicide legdrop across the back of his head.

Jushin Liger tagged in and locked Bandido in a bow and arrow before dropping him into a modified rear chinlock. Generico tagged in. He and Liger doubleteamed Bandido. Bandido fought back against Generico and tagged in Omega. Omega delivered with a hangman’s neckbreaker and scored a two count. Omega nailed the reverse hurancanrana on Bandido.

Azrieal and Liger both tagged in and Liger got the better of a chopfest. Everyone else hit the ring and Liger palm thrusted them all. Omega caught Liger with a kick. He tricked Liger and nailed him with an enziguiri. Liger came back to do the same with a palm thrust. Liger then hit a dive off the top to the floor on. Azrieal followed up with a crazy tope con hilo to the floor. He landed on a woman in the first row.

Generico nailed an Arabian Press to the outside on everyone. Bandido went for a dive but was cut off by BBoy. BBoy nailed him with a death valley driver on the apron. BBoy hit a sitdown powerbomb but the pin was broken up by Liger. Liger nailed his tiltowhirl backbreaker for a two count.

Liger went for a Ligerbomb on Bandido, who turned it into a hurancanrana for a two count. Bandido went to the top rope but was cut off by Generico. Generico went for the brainbuster and nailed it, dropping him on the top turnbuckle. Azrieal covered Bandido and scored the pin.

Bandido Jr. has been eliminated.

Generico and BBoy battled it out in the center of the ring. Generico drilled him with a running boot to the face. BBoy came back with a shining wizard and scored the pin.

El Generico has been eliminated.

Azrieal caught BBoy with a surprise kick to the head and scored the pin.

BBoy has been eliminated.

Liger and Omega worked over Azrieal. Liger rolled up Azrieal for the pin but Omega broke it up. They ended up coming to blows. Liger charged Omega, who leapfrogged him, then Azrieal. Omega nailed a hurancanrana on Azrieal. He drilled Azrieal with a leaping leg lariat. He nailed Azrieal with a double thrust palm for a two count. He got on Azrieal’s shoulders for a forward roll but was slammed down.

Liger broke up a pinfall attempt and exchanged chops with the champ. Omega came from behind and nailed the Electric Chair on Azrieal but Liger broke up the pinfall. Liger nailed a sitdown powerbomb for the pin on Omega.

Kenny Omega has been eliminated.

Liger was cut off by Azrieal. Liger nailed a suplex for a two count. The eliminated competitors all banged on the mat to rally Liger. Azrieal cut him off and slammed him to the mat. He nailed a superkick for a two count. They battled to the top rope where Liger nailed superplex and scored the pin in 25:43.

Your winner and new JAPW Light Heavyweight champion Jushin Liger!

Thank you for logging in with us tonight. will continue with live coverage tomorrow at 4 PM for Day Two of the JAPW Anniversary weekend from Philadelphia with the following updated card:

*The ECW Arena debut of Japanese legend Jushin "Thunder" Liger as he defends the JAPW Light Heavyweight championship for the first time vs. Mike Quackenbush.

*JAPW champion Brodie Lee will defend against former ECW and NWA champion Rhino.

*Nick Gage & Necro Butcher will challenge the new JAPW Tag Team champions Da Hit Squad or The United States Death Machine.

*B-Boy vs. Eddie Kingston.

*Jay Lethal vs. Kenny Omega.

*The Briscoe Brothers vs. The United States Death Machine.

*Azrieal vs. Bandido Jr. vs. Devon Moore.

*JAPW Women's champion Sara del Rey vs. LuFisto

*Also appearing will be the The South Side Playaz Club with Jonny D., Mia Yim, Corvis Fear.

For more information, visit www

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