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By Mike Johnson on 2010-12-10 22:17:00

Necro Butcher (with Brodie Lee) vs. Eddie Kingston

Necro choked Kingston immediately with a shirt and tried to hang him over the ropes. Kingston fought his way out and they began chopping each other on the floor. Several chairs got tossed into the ring. Necro and Kingston battled back and forth. Necro nailed a backbreaker across two open chairs in the ring.

They continued to maul each other in the tradition of Thesz and Inoki. Necro trapped Kingston in a chinlock, tearing at his face and mouth. Fans began chanting for Kingston. Kingston made it to the ropes.

Kingston fired back with a series of hard chops in the corner and a running boot. He grabbed a chair and set up a chair. He press slammed Necro off the top through the chair and covered him for a two count. Kingston nailed a side suplex. He went for a German suplex but Necro headbutt him backwards.

Brodie Lee grabbed a piece of the guard rail and placed it inside the ring. Necro ran it into Kingston, placed it atop of him and nailed a back senton splash on the railing. That was insane. Butcher bulldogged Kingston on the railing piece for a two count. Kingston came back to hit a belly to back suplex on the railing. All of this is in full view of the referee with no DQ.

Butcher and Kingston began beating each other with punches in the face. Butcher nailed a KO shot and scored the pin in 12:58.

Your winner, Necro Butcher!

Nice brawl.

Necro Butcher took the mic and said he had found Brodie Lee, the new JAPW champion, another opponent of “questionable ethnicity” from “Deepest, Darkest Puerto Rico” and called for the challenger to come out. Lee waited for a long time until finally Pinky Sanchez came out.

JAPW champion Brodie Lee vs. Pinky Sanchez

Sanchez came out wearing the Pink Ant mask and took it off in the aisle. He hit the ring and ate a big boot to the face, and was pinned.

Your winner and still champion. Brodie Lee.

Lee and Necro kept beating on Sanchez, which brought out Rhino and Jonny D, followed by most of the roster. There was a pull apart with Rhino. Lee ended up on the floor, laying out several members of security and throwing a guard rail. Lee held up the JAPW title and told Rhino he’d see him tomorrow in Philadelphia.

Nick Gage took the mic said that we were all looking at the most dominant force in JAPW, the Hillbilly Wrecking Crew. Jonny D said they should send Lee back to the ring and no one would have to wait for Philadelphia. Lee charged back down to ringside and began swinging a chair. Everyone held Rhino back from getting out of the ring. Jonny D told them Rhino would see them tomorrow.

JAPW Tag Team champions Sami Callihan & Chris Dickinson vs. Da Hit Squad

Da Hit Squad went under the ring and tossed a ton of weapons in, including chairs, a trash can and two big heavy pieces of wood. As the champions came to ringside, Maff nailed a dive out of the ring onto both, which got a huge pop.

Monsta Mack and Callihan faced off in the ring nailing each other with stiff shots. Maff and Dickinseon brawled on the floor. Mack pressed Callihan over his head but Dickinson attacked him from behind. The champions worked over Mack in the ring as Maff was down on the floor.

Maff returned to the ring and began unleashing suplexes. He and Callihan exchanged chops. Maff charged Callihan, who leapfrogged him and Maff ran right into a chair wedged in a corner. Maff was busted open. He tried to charge Callihan again but Callihan sidestepped him and Maff speared a huge piece of wood. He no sold it and charged Callihan, crashing through the second piece for a huge pop.

Maff locked Callihan in a figure four leglock. Mack came off the top with a big splash. Dickinson dropped a top rop elbow on Maff to break it. Mack and Dickinson fought back and forth. Dickinson drilled him several times with remnants of the broken wood and covered him for a two count. Mack was now busted open as well.

Dickinson worked over Mack as Maff and Callihan brawled on the floor. Callihan cut off Mack and nailed a tope on Maff. Mack went for another dive but the champions nailed him. He fought them off and then hit a tope through the ropes on his opponents. Fans chanted, “JAP.”

All four battled in the aisle. The champs put a trash can over Mack and kicked the hell out of his head. Callihan tossed a guard rail into the ring. He broke another piece of wood over Mack. He threw the trash can from the ring down at Maff. Dickinson tossed Maff in the ring and Callihan covered him for a two count.’

Callihan went for a back suplex and finally nailed it, driving Maff into the guard rail, which was placed in the corner. Mack and Dickinson continued to battle outside. They all began brawling into the bleachers. They had a long, long, long brawl around all four corners of the building,

Back in the ring, Callihan drilled Mack with a trash can lid to no success. He drilled Mack with a lariat for a two count. The champions worked over Maff as Mack recovered. Maff recovered and hit a Burning Hammer off the apron through a thick wooden plank bridged from the apron to the rail.

Mack scored the pin in 19:36.

Your winners and new JAPW Tag Team champions, Da Hit Squad!

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