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By Mike Johnson on 2010-12-10 22:17:00
Jersey All Pro Wrestling kicked off their Anniversary show weekend at the Rec Center in Rahway, New Jersey tonight.

Josh Daniels vs. Jonathan Gresham

They started out with some good back and forth wrestling as Gresham took Daniels to the mat with a cravate. Daniels escaped and tried to work on Gresham’s arm. He grabbed Gresham in a side headlock and was shot off into the ropes but soulderblocked Gresham down. They exchanged hiptosses and Daniels went to the floor. Gresham faked out a dive and went to the top rope for a standing moonsault to the floor.

Back in the ring, they exchanged chops with Daniels getting the better of the exchange. He began wearing down Gresham with hard hitting shots. Daniels wore him down on the mat with a side chinlock. Gresham fought back with a series of chops. Daniels backdropped Gresham, who landed on his feet. Gresham nailed a dropkick and several quick moves but was caught in a Side Russian Legsweep into a submission attempt as Daniels used his leg to torque Gresham’s neck.

Daniels nailed a running clothesline in the corner, then a second. Gresham looked out on his feet. He kicked off Daniels from a third attempt but was caught with several stiff kicks. Gresham ducked another and nailed a Dragon Screw legwhip and cinched in a figure four leglock. Daniels escaped and drilled him with a lariat for a two count.

Gresham came back with a floatover DDT for a two count, then cinched in an anklelock. Daniels caught him with a belly to back suplex with a bridge and scored the pin in 7:32.

Good opener to open the show.

Devon Moore vs. Jon Moxley

They began brawling as soon as Moxley hit the ring. Moore came back with a head scissors takedown and a dropkick. Moxley caught him in the corner with a series of punches but was elevated up and over to the apron, then kicked to the floor. Moore dove through the ropes but was caught and run into the guard rail. Moxley slammed him into the railing a second time.

Back in the ring, Moxley slammed him down for a two count. He applied an STF. Moore mounted a comeback but was cut off on the top rope. Moxley nailed a superplex and scored a two count. He cinched in a rear naked choke on Moore. He pulled Moore to the ropes and tried to suplex him outside the ring to the floor but Moore escaped and kicked Moxley off the apron. Moore nailed a shooting star press to the floor.

Back in the ring, he nailed a bodypress for a two count. Moore drilled Moxley with a big boot to the face and nailed a quebrada for a two count. He went for a sunset flip but Moxley sat down and nearly for the pin. They charged and collided in the center of the ring. The referee began counting them down as the crowd clapped and rallied them.

Moxley caught Moore with a DDT and nearly scored the pin. He went to the top but Moore dropkicked his legs out from under him, crotching Moxley. They battled on the ropes and Moxley nailed a forward faceslam off the ropes for the pin in 5:50.

Another short but good match.

Nick Gage vs. Rhino (with Jonny D)

Gage got the biggest reaction of the night so far for his entrance. They locked up and neither man go t the advantage. Gage worked over Rhino with a side headlock but Rhino took him down with a shoulderblock. They brawled out of the ring. Rhino slammed him backwards into the floor before they returned to the ring.

Gage cut Rhino off with a clothesline and nailed a running elbowdrop for a two count. Abby would be proud. He cinched in a side chinlock and took Rhino down to the mat. Gage drilled Rhino with a hangman’s neckbreaker for a two count.

JAPW champion Brodie Lee hit the ring and tried to take out Rhino with a running boot but nailed Gage instead. No DQ? Lee and Rhino got into it for a second and Lee walked out. Rhino waited for Gage to recover and gored him for the pin in 5:16.

The brawling was fine but it felt they never got out of first gear. The finish was weird and honestly, not good. Fans chanted, “Bullsh**” afterward, then chanted for Gage.

Corvis Fear vs. Joe Hardway

Hardway was attacked by Fear as the strippers did their thing. Hardway came back with a slam and a legdrop for a two count. He choked Fear against the ropes. Fear tried to come off the ropes but was stopped. He came back with several chops and knocked Hardway outside to the apron. Fear followed and they battled on the apron.

Back in the ring, Hardway scored some shots but Fear cut him off. He nailed a unique splash into the ropes on Hardway then hit a leg lariat. Fear went for a stunner but Hardway escaped and nailed a TKO for a nea r fall.

Hardway grabbed a crutch but Annie Social ran out grabbed it. Fear nailed a stunner on the distracted Hardway to get the pin in 6:08. OK.

After the match, Social got into it with Mia Yim. Fear grabbed Yim and kissed her.

Kalamity vs. LuFisto for JAPW Women’s championship shot tomorrow

Fans chanted “Welcome back” to LuFisto. They locked up and Kalamity backed LuFisto into the corner. They had a clean break and locked up again in the center of the ring. LuFisto scored a quick two count and Kalamity did as well, then they faced off.

They locked up for a test of strength, which LuFisto got the advantage on, but Kalamity fought back. She ran LuFisto into the ropes for a rollup for a two count. LuFisto came back with a clothesline and a back senton splash for a two count. She cinched on a leg submission but Kalamity fought her way to the ropes.

Kalamity came back with a stuff clothesline and began stomping Lufisto as she was hanging in the ropes. She measured and drilled her with a stiff kick to the head, then locked on a Camel Clutch variation. She really worked over LuFisto in the corner but was kicked off while charging. Lufisto did a hanging armbreaker over the ropes while upside down outside the ring.

LuFisto went to the ropes but was cut off and tied to the tree ofwoe. Kalamity nailed a running dropkick to the mid-section, then smothered LuFisto with her boot. She nailed a running boot to the face and scored another two count. She locked a chinlock on LuFisto, driving her knee into Fisto’s back at the same time. The crowd rallied LuFisto who made a comeback and scored a two count with a backslide.

They began exchanging blows while on their knees and continued fighting as they made their way to their feet. They knocked each other back down with a double clothesline. They recovered and began exchanging chops. Kalamity missed a charge in the corner and was nailed with a kick, a cannonball splash and a running boot for a two count.

They went back and forth. LuFisto caught her in a forward choke but Kalamity got out and they began stiffing the hell out of each other with hard kicks and punches. The fans began chanting, “This is awesome” and they were right. LuFisto came back with a flying headbutt for a two count.

LuFisto grabbed Kalamity by the breasts, squeezed and raked them. That was, uh, unique. Kalamity came back wih a sitdown powerbomb for two count. LuFisto finally came back with a Tazmission and forced a submission at 11:03.

Your winner, LuFisto!

Really good back and forth match. The best thing on the show so far.

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