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By Mike Johnson on 2004-02-14 08:40:00


The tour of Cairo, Egypt by Wilfried Ctyroky's European Wrestling Association which was mentioned yesterday has been pushed back to 3/27-3/31. The same American names mentioned (The Warlord, Norman Smiley, the Headshrinkers, Twin Tackles, Maximum Capacity and The Punisher) are still scheduled, as are European workers Eric Schwarz, Chris the Bambikiller, Michael Kovac, Alex the Iceman, Patrick Schulz and Drew McDonald.

ROH champion Samoa Joe will return to German Stampede Wrestling in Lennestadt, Germany on 3/5-3/6. On 3/5, Joe will will face Ahmed Chaer. Also scheduled for 3/5 is X-Dream Breakthrough champion X-Dream vs. Ares vs. British star Jonny Storm. There will be a tournament to crown the first GSW champion on 3/6 involving Joe, Michael Kovac, Eric Schwarz and Murat Bosporus as competitors.

Westside Xtreme Wrestling will present the biggest marquee match (for hardcore fans) in the promotion's history on 2/28 in Essen, Germany at The Roxy with Chris Hero vs. CM Punk in a one hour marathon match. Also scheduled for that show isWXW Cruiserweight champion Mike Quackenbush against Jonny Storm and WXW champion Double C against former champion Ares. Hero and Quackenbush are regulars with the promotion and are the two most popular acts in the group. The promotion has already announced a 3/27 return with Chris Hero and Chad Collyer scheduled.

The Honkytonk Man will debut for the Swiss Wrestling Federation on 5/22 in Wil, Switzerland.

The IPWA in Israel will run 2/24 at the David Sports Center in Netanya. The show is being called Netanya Havoc with the promotion's champion Gery Roif putting up his belt in a tournament with the idea that if he loses, the new champion will continue to defend the belt. The first round of the tourney features Oded Rosenberg vs Joe Tylec, Matt Lyder vs Maor Ram, IPWA champion, Gery Roif vs Sharon Palty, and Omri Ilan vs. Nadav Arbel They will do Semi-Finals and Finals the same night as well as a Three-Way Dance with Rabeea Zeedan vs Guy Schlesinger vs Doron Degani.

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