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By Mike Johnson on 2010-11-01 10:13:29
As we reported last night in the Elite section, the WWE Creative team has been told CM Punk is out of physical storylines for at least three months due to his hip issue, but have been told to come up with ideas for him in a non-wrestling role.

One source told me Punk is scheduled to undergo hip surgery within the next week based on an injury suffered at Bragging Rights. I am told that Punk could probably work with the injury but the feeling is that if he does, it will only get worse, so WWE management wants him to get the problem taken care of so it doesn't hurt him long-term.

As of last night, Punk wasn't scheduled for this week's TV, based on the latest draft of the Raw script, but that could change at a whim. There was talk of writing him out of the storylines last week but that was later dropped.

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