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By Mike Johnson on 2010-10-24 22:44:00
Bryan Danielson and Ziggler are both trending on Twitter currently.

LayCool came out and cut a promo, saying that it was fitting that Natalya had a title shot in Minnesota since they both had lame accents. They promised to beat Natalya faster than the time it takes to delete the text messages Brett Farve sends them.


Natalya started off strong, even holding Layla up for a long hesitation suplex, doing a few squats before dropping her. Natalya got sent out of the ring. She nailed McCool when McCool got too close. Back in the ring, Layla locked in a submission but Natalya escaped and suplexed Layla.

Natalya took control until being kicked in the face as she charged Layla in the corner. Natalya naikled a discus clothesline and went for the Sharpshooter but Layla pulled herself out of the ring, grabbed her belt and tried to walk out with McCool.

Natalya laid out McCool and dragged Layla back to the ring. As the referee tossed her belt out of the ring, McCool kicked Natalya in the face. Layla scored the pin.

Your winner and still Divas champion, Layla El!

Short but entertaining.

Michael Cole did a voiceover showing the Mall of America since they were in Minnesota. He said to Jerry Lawler that he was there earlier today and Lawler told him that wasn't true as he had a problem with his flight getting to the show as the plane went on fire.

Josh Mathews, standing in the grave, pushed the Buried Alive match.

David Otunga is now trending on twitter. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, because if people are talking about the PPV online or following it online, that doesn’t necessarily mean they BOUGHT the PPV.


Taker attacked Kane in the aisle and they brawled with Taker controlling him early. Taker slammed Kane’s head into the ring steps. Fans began chanting for Undertaker early. He whipped Kane into the guard rail, then slammed him backward into the barricade.

Taker ripped the top section of the ring steps off and slammed Kane into the bottom piece, then tossed him into the ring. There was a loud “We want blood” chant, which the announcers ignored. Kane scrambled back outside and into the crowd trying to escape. Undertaker followed but was caught with a right hand. Taker chased Kane into the crowd and towards the production area. They battled on stairs leading to the arena’s second level.

Back on the Arena floor, Taker continued the assault before being cut off with a kick to the gut. Taker battled back with strikes, dragging Kane back into the ringside area. Taker began throwing chairs into the ring. He set up Kane on the apron for a guillotine legdrop, then began preparing the announcer’s table for more carnage.

They brawled around ringside and back into the stairs towards the second level. They battled back to the ring. Kane grabbed a chair and nailed Undertaker with it in the gut. He nailed Taker with it over the back. He choked Taker with the chair before slamming it in Taker’s gut.

Kane grabbed Taker and nailed him with a pair of chokeslams. He began dragging Taker out of the ring. He pulled Taker to the floor, nailing Taker with an uppercut before carrying Taker over his shoulder towards the grave. Taker slipped out from behind and nailed a big right hand of his own.

Kane and Taker slugged it out in the aisle. Undertaker finally got the better of it, laying out Kane. Taker continued the beating as Kane staggered towards some production equipment. Kane retreated towards the mound of dirt containing the gravesite.

Taker grabbed Kane by the throat but Kane threw dirt in Taker’s eyes, blinding him. Kane began dragging Taker to the grave but Taker sat up and locked in the Hell’s Gate submission. Kane tapped out on the grass but that didn’t count. Paul Bearer made his way to Kane and Taker as Kane was choked out. Taker began rolling Kane into the grave and succeeded.

Bearer hid behind the gravestone but Taker spotted him. Taker grabbed him and shoved Bearer’s face into a mound of dirt. He then grabbed Paul to toss him in the grave but The Nexus (sans John Cena) hit the scene and tried to attack Taker. Taker fought them off but was soon overwhelmed. Kane recovered as this was going down.

Kane nailed Taker with Paul Bearer’s urn, sending him into the grave. Wade Barrett and Heath Slater grabbed shovels and began burying Taker. Kane screamed at them to leave. Kane used “his powers” to set off fire and a dump truck dropped a ton of dirt into the grave.

Your winner and still World champion, Kane!

The lights went out and lightning struck the grave. The Undertaker’s symbol appeared on the gravestone. The announcers pushed it as if Kane had crushed Undertaker by dropping tons of dirt on him.

Of their recent PPV matches, this was the best of them. They put this together smartly, having them battle in the crowd and out of the ring instead of doing a straight-forward brawl. The style of match is all about the over the top nature of the gimmick and it worked here.

Josh Mathews interviewed Randy Orton and asked him if he was worried about John Cena costing him the title tonight. Orton said that Cena is confused right now but if he interferes, Randy is going to “drop him.”

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