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By Mike Johnson on 2010-10-03 20:20:00

They aired a Bragging Rights PPV commercial, with Nexus as one of the selling points.

Josh Mathews was with all the NXT Season 3 Rookies, pushing that one of them may be eliminated this Tuesday.  Mathews asked Kaitlin how worried she was about elimination, but before she had a chance to answer, The Nexus came on the scene.  Mathews asked Wade Barrett if he was worried about the Raw GM's ruling that if Nexus interferes, Barrett loses and the Nexus will be no more.  Barrett said that he's already shown that he can beat Cena on his own and tomorrow, they will have a special gift for Cena on Raw, showing a Nexus armband.

Alberto Del Rio made his way to the ring with Rodrigo Rodriguez doing his big introduction in Spanish.  Del Rio took the mic and bragged that tonight was his PPV debut and he wanted to make it special.  He said that a man like him can take days counting his fortune but instead he's in Dallas, trying to help the fans.  He told the fans not to cheer him, but they can thank him.  He mocked Rey Mysterio and Christian, then asked who was going to be the next man to face him.  He said that since this was Texas, he thought things were bigger but said he could buy each and every one of you.    He continued ripping on the fans until Edge came out.

Edge said he was not out here to defend anyone but he was in a battle against stupidity.  He ripped on the little dog on Smackdown dressed like Rey Mysterio and Del Rio's scarf.  Del Rio told him to think very carefully about what he said.  Edge began insulting Del Rio in broken Spanish.  Edge ripped on Del Rio's announcer, calling him stupid and ripped his jacket.  Del Rio and Edge looked like they were about to go down when Jack Swagger came out and said what's stupid is a Mexican and a Canadian fighting on the PPV when Swagger isn't wrestling.    Swagger complained about Edge beating up his mascot.  Edge said he would pay the mascot's medical bills and then he'd pay Swagger's as well.  Del Rio attacked Edge from behind and Swagger joined in.

The General Manager's email advisory came through.  Michael Cole announced that Edge would have to issue a public apology tomorrow and right now, it will be Edge vs. Jack Swagger.

Jack Swagger vs. Edge

Swagger worked over Edge early.  Edge came back to nail several rights but Swagger whipped Edge into the turnbuckles.  Swagger used a step over toehold but Edge escaped and began fighting is way back to his feet.  Swagger took Edge out and covered him for a two count.  Swagger locked in a body scissors to work over Edge on the mat.  Edge escaped and used the Hot Shot on the ropes.  Edge went for the spear but Swagger dropped down and Edge bounced off the ropes.  Swagger covered him for a two count.

Swagger teased hitting a back suplex off the apron to the floor on Edge.  Swagger locked on an abdominal stretch as both were between the ropes.  Edge came back with a boot to the face as Swagger jumped over the ropes to return to the ring.  Edge had a swollen eye at this point.  Edge came back with several clotheslines.  Swagger went for the ankle lock but edge escaoed.  Edge ducked a clothesline and nailed the inverted DDT, then pulled swagger into a pinfall combination.  Swagger kicked out and went for the ankle lock but Edge grabbed the ropes to force a break.  Striker mentioned Edge's Achille's Heel injury.

Swagger charged Edge, who backdropped him over the top to the floor.  Edge went for a shoulderblock but Swagger avoided it.  He went for the anklelock on the floor but was kicked off, with Swagger taking a bump into the ring steps.  Edge rolled Swagger back into the ring and went to the top rope.  Swagger leaped up to grab a suplex but Edge battled him off.  Edge nailed a missile dropkick to the face.  He covered Swagger for a two count.

Swagger came back to whip Edge into the corner but Edge slipped out of the ring, nearly taking out another cameraman in the process.  Edge went to the ropes but Swagger caught him with a top rope Belly to Belly suplex.  Swagger nailed a back suplex.  Swagger had a bloody bottom lip.  He went for the Vader Bomb out of the corner but Edge kicked him as he came down and set up for the spear.  He went for it but Swagger nailed the Doctor Bomb for a two count with Edge kicking up at the last second.

Edge went for an enziguiri as Swagger went for a Dragon Screw, which looked bad.  The referee checked on Edge before they kept going.  Swagger locked in the ankle lock but Edge rolled through and nailed the spear and scored the pin.

Your winner, Edge!

Solid match.  Fans didn't seem to know what to think about Edge in the babyface position.  Other than one spot towards the end, this was solid all the way through.

Backstage, the Nexus were talking about Wade Barrett's match against John Cena.  Barrett was not there.  David Otunga had a plan on how they can get involved but not get disqualified.  The others didn't seem to believe in the idea but Otunga dismissed them and told them he would explain on the way.

John Cena vs. Wade Barrett: Cena joins Nexus vs. the end of the group

They played up that there was a huge amount of pressure on Cena tonight.  They noted that since Cena was the face of the company, a lot of the stars on both brands were rooting for him to come through. 

They went back and forth early with several near falls in a feeling out process.  There were some dueling chants early.  Cena nailed a hiptoss and  a dropkick for a two count.  Cena got the better of Barrett in wrestling early.  Barrett worked over Cena with right hands but Cena came back with a double leg takedown and peppered him with punches.  Cena went for the Attitude Adjustment but saw Nexus coming out to ringside.  Cena was distracted so Barrett nailed him from behind.  Barrett got out of the ring and told them to stick get away from ringside and that he had it.  Otunga told them that the plan would work.  Nexus remained at ringside.

Barrett whipped Cena into the barricade and then back into the ring for a two count.    Barrett drilled Cena with a right hand and covered him for a two count.  Barrett drilled Cena with an over the knee backbreaker.  Barrett drilled Cena with an elbowdrop off the middle rope but Cena kicked out at two.   Barrett controlled Cena, stomping and punching him.  Cena fired back but missed a charge into the corner.  Barrett drilled him with a hangman's neckbreaker for a two count.

Barrett drilled his knee into the small of Cena's back and extended his arms backward.  Barrett catapulted him into the ropes and Cena snapped backwards over Barrett's knees.  Barrett went right back to working over Cena's back.  Cena finally came back with a pair of flying shoulder tackles, a suplex and went for the five knuckle shuffle.  Nexus surrounded the ring as Cena nailed it.    Big Show came running down to the ring and began brawling with Nexus.  A ton of Raw and Smackdown babyfaces followed and they beat the hell out of the Nexus, running them off into the crowd.  Cena had a big smile on his face.  Officials removed the others from ringside as Cena smiled that it was now one on one.

Cena went for the STF but Barrett escaped and drilled him, working on Cena's back.  Cena mounted a comeback.  He went for the Attitude Adjustment but Barrett escaped and whipped out an AWESOME Billy Robinson style Butterfly suplex for a two count.  Barrett went after Cena in the corner, but Cena kept kicked him off.  He charged but Cena was caught with a side slam for a two count.  Barrett went for the second rope elbow but missed.    Cena went to the top rope but Barrett recovered.  They battled back and forth until Barrett finally set up for a superplex.  Cena powered his way out of it and headbutt Barrett down, dazing himself in the process.  Cena came off with a top rope legdrop for a two count.

Cena went for the AA but Barrett turned it into his finisher, the Wasteland, which Cena kicked out at the last second.  Barrett looked to be thinking about what to do before he finally went to grab Cena.  Cena nailed the AA for another two count.  Barrett missed a punch and Cena locked in an STF.  Michael McGuillicuty (not identified) hit the ring from the crowd but was tackled by the referee and the security guard.  Husky Harris then hit the ring from another part of the crowd (not identified either) and drilled Cena.  Barrett scored the pin.

Your winner, Wade Barrett!

Your new member of Nexus, John Cena ...and obviously, Harris and McGuillicuty will be soon as well.

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