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By Steve Shumaker on 2010-09-11 01:14:20

TNA rolled in to Canton, Ohio this evening for a show at the Canton Civic Center:

Quick results were as follows:

Jeff Jarrett defeated AJ Styles in the opener with the Stroke.

Angelina Love retained the Knock Outs title over Madison Rayne w/ Velvet Skye

Suicide fell to Kaz

The Motor City Machine Guns won the match of the night over Beer Money

Matt Morgan beat Rhino in the worst match of the evening

Mr. Anderson took out The Pope in the main event.

While the crowd was not huge, TNA put on an outstanding show.  Most everyone worked hard and I am certain the fans left happy, as the event was much more fan friendly than the SmackDown show that ran here late last spring.

High Points: 

The MCM vs. Beer Money match was worth the price of admission itself.  Robert Roode was very impressive working the majority of the match for Beer Money, bumping like a mad man and keeping the story of the match on track.  The Machine Guns had their usual great high spots, but to the credit of all four guys in the match it didn't feel like a "get my sh*t in" contest.  Well worked and appreciated by the crowd.

The Jarrett/Styles opener was good as well - sort of a Memphis style match.  Lots of closed fists and chain wrestling.  Six minutes of solid work and both guys looked good.

Earl Hebner received his own intro complete with music and refed the ladies match.  The jig he danced after kissing Raine was priceless.

The Pope and Mr. Anderson have so much charisma in the ring and both worked well.  Anderson played to the crowd and had some fun with one of the kids at ringside.  He was way over tonight and looked like he was having fun.  Pope was a little off tonight, but the match came off as solid.

TNA runs the MOST fan friendly show I have ever been to.  All of the workers except Styles and Kurt Angle (who appear but did not wrestle)  signed for free at the end of the show.  Jeff Jarrett stayed almost an hour after to make sure that every fan than wanted to meet him got to do so.  JB did the ring announcing and Don West (looking more like a bum than a sales rep) hustled the merch.  Fans who were particularly excited were taken backstage and the workers seemed to care.  I was VERY impressed.

The Low Points:

Matt Morgan was awful tonight.  He whiffed rail spots from Rhino twice when the match opened and his work in the ring was sloppy and poorly timed.  When he got the mic, he could not be understood as he was holding it too close to his mouth.  The man looks impressive, but was not good at all in the ring.

The ladies match was OK.  The girls worked hard, but the whole thing was more eye candy than anything.  Could have been worse, but what I would have given to have Gail Kim and Awesome Kong.

As you can guess, I would recommend attending a TNA house show.

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