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By Chris A. on 2010-08-29 21:39:53

The arena was about 70% full & the crowd was very good.

1) John Morrison beat Ted DiBiase (w/Maryse) with Starship Pain. Morrison got a good pop, while Maryse got great heat. She stole a kid's sign in the first show and ripped it up. The kid cried and cried. Kudos to the WWE and security, who took his sign to the back and got a bunch a wrestlers to sign it and returned it to the boy.

2) The Miz (with Alex Riley) defeated Evan Bourne. A very, very good match that saw Rileyget involved several times. In the end, Miz get his knees up when Air Bourne was attempted for the pin. Crowd was way into this match.

3) Mark Henry pinned William Regal with the World's Strongest Slam. I was very happy to see William Regal come out. I was not happy when he got hardly any offense in and was defeated in 3 minutes.

4) Yoshi Tatsu pinned Zach Ryder with a spinning heel kick from the top rope. A good back and forth match, but the crowd wasn't too into.

While Tatsu celebrated, Chris Jericho ran out and delivered a Code Breaker to a pretty big pop. Jericho ran down the crowd and said he was the reason Team WWE beat the Nexus at the par-per-view. He demanded John Cena come out & apologize to him. John Cena came out and as soon as he got in the ring, he was jumped by Sheamus. They brawled to the back, while Jericho laughed. He was then jumped by Nexus (Barrett, Tarver and Gabriel). Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton ran out to make the save. Soon enough, the AOL-GM alert went off. He said that the 6 men in the ring would have a match now, while Sheamus would defend the title later against John Cena in a cage (originally it was supposed to be Orton.)

5) Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, and Daniel Bryan defeated Nexus when Gabriel tapped to the Walls of Jericho. Jericho worked as a total face & the crowd ate it up. He said that Y2J was back. I also wonder if Orton is hurt, since he hardly was involved in the match. He only tagged in once early. After the match, Jericho & Bryan got jumped - Orton came back in to make the save - using clothesline to dispose of Barrett & Gabriel. The crowd was going nuts waiting for an RKO on Tarver,but Randy took a step back & delivered a punt to Tarver's head. They combined snippets of Orton's and Jericho's music when they left.

6) Melina beat Alicia Fox in a sloppy match with her old split leg-drop. Before the match, Eve was throwing T-shirts to the crowd, but Fox kicked her out of the ring.

7) The Hart Dynasty beat the Usos to retain the tag titles with the Hart Attack. A very good tag team match that went back and forth. Tyson Kidd took much of the beating before getting the hot tag to DH Smith. Tamina got involved a few times before Natalya took her out.

8) In a steel cage, Sheamus defeated John Cena via the cage door. Cena started a huge fight when he tossed his shirt in the crowd. A nice, long main event with lots of near falls and close escapes. Ending saw some of Nexus (Barrett, Slater, Otunga, and Gabriel) jump in to beat down Cena, while Sheamus got out the door. Slater went after Sheamus, but got some kicks for his trouble. Sheamus left. Super Cena beat up the 3 Nexus members left in the cage to send the crowd home happy.

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