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By Mike Johnson on 2010-08-29 19:55:00
World Wrestling Entertainment returned to the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ for the first time since last October's Hell in A Cell PPV with a matinee Raw house show

Full results;

*John Morrison pinned Ted DiBiase in a good back and forth match. Maryse got on the apron to distract Morrison so DiBiase could nail him but Morrison ducked and Ted knocked her off the apron instead. Morrison then nailed Starship Pain for the pin.

*WWE United States champion The Miz (With Alex Riley) pinned Evan Bourne. Riley did some good mic work before the match putting himself and Miz over and ripping on Kaval since Tuesday is the NXT finale. Miz then ripped on Newark and tore down the fans when they tried to do his catch phrase. Miz worked over Bourne early but Bourne nailed him with knee strikes during a suplex attempt. Bourne went for a shooting star but Riley tried to interfere. Bourne fought him off and nailed a dive to the floor. Miz and Bourne went into a series of near falls. Bourne went for the shooting star press but Miz got his knees up and scored the pin. Real entertaining on the mic and in the ring.

*Mark Henry defeated William Regal. Regal stalled, playing to the crowd. Henry flung him into ring, cleaned house on Regal and hit the World's Largest Slam for the pin. Over before it began.

*Yoshi Tatsu pinned Zach Ryder gained control after an early flurry of offense by Tatsu. Ryder kept him on the mat for a long time. Tatsu came back with chops and kicks, scoring the pin with a spinkick off the top. OK but it seems criminal to give us Regal for two minutes and Ryder for 12.

As Tatsu celebrated, Chris Jericho hit the ring and nailed the Codebreaker. Jericho said that he proved once again that he's the best in the world and that WWE owes everything to him at Summerslam. Jericho said that Team Jericho owes everything to him and John Cena listened to him, which is why they won. Jericho demanded Cena come to the ring and admit he was wrong.

Cena came out but was attacked by Sheamus and brawled to the back. The Nexus hit the ring and attacked Jericho. Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan made the save. The mystery GM emailed and announced Cena vs. Sheamus in a Cage and a six man for right now, switching Orton and Cena from their original placement on the card.

*Nexus members Michael Tarver & Wade Barrett & Justin Gabriel. Jericho took the mic and told Nexus he was pissed off and they were going to see the return of Y2J. Jericho and Orton worked over Gabriel early on. Bryan tagged in and scored with a dropkick. He locked in the surfboard. Tarver tagged in against Jericho. Tarver took control and tagged to Barrett, who drill Jericho with a big boot. Jericho escaped a Fireman's Carry and turned it into a rollup but was caught with a clothesline. Nexus controlled Jericho as Tarver locked in a rear chinlock as he mocked the babyfaces.

Danielson tagged in and cleaned house on Tarver until he was tossed out of the ring. Nexus worked on Danielson. He was tossed back out and Nexus beat him on the floor. Jericho went after Nexus on the floor with a chair. Danielson was worked over and finally made the hot tag to Jericho. Jericho forced Gabriel to tap to the Walls of Jericho. Nexus laid out Jericho and Bryan. Orton laid out Nexus with clotheslines, then punted Tarver in the head. The babyfaces all shook hands and left. Tarver laid in the ring for a long time before being walked out by the official.

*The ring announcer brought out Eve Torres to helped toss some t-shirts to the crowd but Alicia Fox came out. She said if they thought this was intermission, they are sadly mistaken. Fox told Torres to get out of her ring and they faced off. Out came WWE Divas champion Melina. Eve exited the ring but stayed at ringside for a bit before heading back to the back.

*WWE Divas champ Melina pinned Alicia Fox in a fun back and forth match.

*They plugged the 9/10 release of John Cena's Legendary and the 9/5 White Plains, NY house show which will be headlined by Big Show vs. CM Punk.

*WWE Tag Team champions The Hart Dynasty with Natalya defeated the Usos with Tamina. Some good stuff here, specifically with Tyson Kidd who was working his rear end off. The Usos controlled for a long time to set up DH Smith's hot tag. Smith cleaned house and hit the over the shoulder powerslam but the other Uso broke it up. Smith went for the Sharpshooter but Tamina got on the apron but Natalya laid her out. They hit the Hart Attack for the win.

*WWE champion Sheamus defeated John Cena in a Steel Cage match. Cena, who received the biggest reaction of the night for his entrance, opened up with a bulldog for a near fall. Sheamus came back with a clothesline and several pinfall attempts. Cena came back with a back suplex for a two count Cena went for the Attitude Adjustment but Sheamus escaped and nailed him with a kick to the face. Sheamus tried to climb out but Cena nailed a back suplex off the ropes. Both men were down but Sheamus got to his feet first. Sheamus took down Cena with a clubbing blow to the side of the head and ragged on the crowd. He went for a kick but Cena ducked it and opened up with a series of rights, only to be kicked in the gut. Sheamus drilled him with a right hand.

Sheamus called for the door to be opened but Cena came up from under him and dropped Sheamus backwards with the Electric Chair. Sheamus recovered first and drilled Cena with a knee. Cena reversed a suplex attempt for a two count. He began to climb the cage but Sheamus followed him up. The battled on the top rope. Sheamus pulled himself to the top of the cage but Cena prevented him from going over. They had a nasty spill into the ropes. Cena went for the shoulderblock but Sheamus ducked and Cena crashed into the cage. Sheamus covered him for a two count.

Sheamus tossed Cena into the cage facefirst. He then tied Cena's arms up in the ropes and began working him over with right hands and kicks. He climbed the cage right past Cena, who pulled himself free from the ropes and caught Sheamus. They battled standing on then ropes and Sheamus was crotched. Cena came back with several shoulderblocks and a slam. He nailed the five knuckle shuffle. Sheamus escaped the Attitude Adjustment and nailed an Uranage into a backbreaker for a two count. Sheamus called for the Celtic Cross but Cena turned it into the Attitude Adjustment. Sheamus grabbed the cage and scrambled up it from Cena's shoulders. Cena followed and they battled on the ropes. Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment off the ropes. Cena scored a two count.

Cena set up for the STF but Sheamus nailed him. Sheamus began crawling for the cage door but Cena dove and grabbed his leg. Cena scooted past Sheamus and almost escaped but Sheamus pulled him back in. Sheamus nailed the Pump Kick for a two count. Sheamus went for the Celtic Cross but Cena escaped and turned it into the Attitude Adjustment for a two count.

Cena climbed to the top of the cage but Sheamus caught him as Cena made it over. Sheamus pulled him back in, then slipped over the top but Cena grabbed him. Cena hit a superplex into the ring. Cena locked on the STF but The Nexus' Wade Barrett, David Otunga, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel hit the ring and attacked Cena. Sheamus crawled out the door for the win. Great main event!

After the match, Nexus beat on Cena. Cena avoided being tossed in the cage and ducked a Barrett clothesline. Barrett clobbered Otunga and Gabriel was nailed with a big right. No idea where Slater went. Cena cleaned house and ended the night saluting the fans.

Notes: They were selling Randy Orton, Nexus, and several John Cena shirts as well as Rey Mysterio masks...The show drew well but wasn't a sellout....Cena and Orton were clearly the biggest babyfaces based on crowd reactions. Jericho's rant on the mic got the most heat.

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