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By Stuart Carapola on 2010-08-10 09:21:36
Welcome to this week's ROH On HDNet Report, right here on! Tonight's episode will be headlined by ROH World Champion Tyler Black taking on Christopher Daniels in a non-title match, which suddenly becomes a lot more interesting in light of the recent news about Tyler's impending departure to WWE, a situation which I will have a lot more on later this week in the Elite section. But for now, let's get to this week's TV!

We open with a video package hyping up tonight's main event, and then we go to the ring with the champ himself, as he is in the ring with Executive Producer Jim Cornette. Jim reminds Tyler of some of the world class opponents he's faced since winning the title, and says that Christopher Daniels is one of them. Tyler agrees, and rattles off the names of some of the guys he's beaten and then says that tonight, he's going to beat Daniels before he even gets a title shot so he can prove that he's the greatest wrestler in the world. Tyler says that since he's come to ROH, he's had a lot of loyal, supportive fans and he appreciates them and will give them his all every time, but there are also fans who aren't Tyler Black fans, they're fans of Davey Richards or Roderick Strong and that's okay because he respects everyone in the locker room and the fans can cheer whoever they want, BUT...there are some fans who don't come here to cheer anyone, they just come here to boo Tyler Black, tell him he sucks, and go online to talk about how they can't wait for him to lose the belt. Tyler tells these fans that they can kiss his ass because if they don't respect him, then he has no reason to respect them, and the only thing they're doing is making him stronger, and what they want isn't going to happen for a long time. Well, another month or so, anyway.

We hit the opening video package and then come right back to the ring where our first match is already in progress...

Butcher's Rules: Necro Butcher vs Skullkrusher Rasche Brown

They go toe to toe to start and then Rasche ripes Necro's shirt off and unloads with chops. Rasche charges Necro in the corner with a clothesline, then boots him in the face. Necro is sporting his new shaved head and looks like one of the Highlanders. Rasche clotheslines Necro to the floor and goes for a dive, but Necro has a chair and blasts Rasche in the head with it. Necro back in with a Jackknife rollup for 2, and then a swinging neckbreaker for another 2. Necro comes off the top with a flying clothesline and Rasche flies out of the ring where Ernesto Osiris puts the boots to him. Prince Nana hands Necro a chair, but Rasche sees him coming and punches him in the gut and slams him off the apron to the floor. That is never going to look less nasty. Now Rasche is in the ring with the chair waiting for Necro, so Necro grabs a chair of his own and they get ready for a chair duel, but Erick Stevens and Shawn Daivari run in for the DQ. A DQ in a Butcher's Rules Match?

Winner: Rasche Brown by DQ

The Dark City Fight Club run out to make the save, and it turns into a six man brawl with the locker room emptying to try and break it up. The faces run the Embassy off, fire Paul Turner over the top rope, and stand tall in the ring.

Kyle Durden is backstage with Christopher Daniels, and Daniels says he heard what Tyler said, and for the first time tonight, he and Tyler will go one on one. The only thing they're battling for is pride and respect, and Tyler talks about how he battled Roderick Strong and Davey Richards and finally beat them both after months and months, but he says he's going to beat Daniels in one night and end it there. Daniels says that statement reeks of disrespect, and Daniels won't stand for it. He doesn't care how talented Tyler is or how much momentum he has, he's not going to take that from a punk like Tyler. Tonight, he's going to earn Tyler's respect and take that respect, so when they do finally meet for the title, Daniels is going to take that too, and that's the gospel according to the Fallen Angel.

Next week: Roderick Strong puts his guaranteed shot at the ROH World Title on the line against Davey Richards, and we go to a backstage interview with Davey Richards, and some people might say that Death Before Dishonor VIII was Match Of The Year, but for him, it'll only be MOTY when he wins the belt. Davey feels sorry for Roderick that he's fallen in with Truth Martini, and he knows him well from their NRC days, and he doesn't know if Roderick is being week or if it's a change of faith or what, but Davey's going to find out next week.

Back to the ring...

Colt Cabana vs Alex Anthony

Cabana looks quite amused with Anthony's appearance, which Dave Prazak describes as a cross between Little Richard and Sabu. Cabana takes Anthony to the ropes and breaks, then pulls Todd Sinclair into a tieup with Anthony and starts counting for the break. Sinclair breaks and Anthony tries to roll Cabana up, but Cabana doesn't budge so Anthony tries a wristlock and Cabana just rolls him. Anthony tries the wristlock again and Cabana chain wrestles his way completely around Anthony. Anthony finally gets frustrated and shoves Cabana then goes for a waistlock, but Cabana butt-butts his way out, then whips Anthony into the corner, hits him with the flying butt-butt, Bionic Elbow, and the Billy Goat's Curse for the submission win.

Winner: Colt Cabana

Kevin Steen comes out to ringside with a chair, and while Cabana is focused on him, Steve Corino comes from behind and hits Cabana with a chain and then starts choking him with it until El Generico runs in with a chair to make the save.

We go to a video package showing all the best tag teams in the world (ie the Briscoes, American Wolves, Dark City Fight Club, and Kings Of Wrestling), and then we get the announcement that Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team, Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin, will take on the Kings Of Wrestling on September 11th in New York City at Glory By Honor IX.

From there we go backstage to Kyle Durden, who is with Roderick Strong and Truth Martini. Durden tells Truth that since Roderick has started following his ways, his career seems to have really taken off. Truth asks Roderick why this man (Durden) is talking to him, and Roderick says he doesn't know why, and Durden says he's just doing his job. Truth says the Book Of Truth says for one to succeed, another must fail. For one to find happiness, another must suffer in misery. For one to live, another must die. Roderick says that Davey talks about all the obstacles he's overcome, but for Roderick, he's never had any obstacles because he's always been a success, and Davey is just going to be a steppingstone.

Main event time!

ROH World Champion Tyler Black vs Christopher Daniels

Tieup to start, and neither man gets an advantage. Daniels goes to a wristlock and Tyler handsprings out to a wristlock of his own. Daniels takes him down and floats over to a wristlock and Tyler tries to escape but Daniels maintains control. Daniels whips Tyler to the corner, Tyler leapfrogs and snapmares Daniels then gets the indy kick to the back for 1. Tyler gets a headlock on Daniels, Daniels sends him to the ropes and picks the ankle, then they do a reversal sequence until Tyler catches Daniels with a dropkick. Another fast paced sequence ends with Daniels catching a couple of armdrags and then catching an armbar on Tyler. Tyler tries to escape but Daniels maintains his base and armdrags Tyler back over. Tyler tries a third escape, but Daniels springobards off the second rope and goes back to the armbar. Tyler takes Daniels to the ropes and punches Daniels in the gut, but Daniels with a Northern Lights Suplex for 2, then goes back to the armbar and this time grapevines the arm, but Tyler makes the ropes. Daniels with a shoulderblock and an STO, then hammerlocks Tyler and rams his shoulder into the top turnbuckle. Great psychology here. Daniels with palmstrikes and a forearm, but gets backdropped ot the apron where Tyler hits the Pelle Kick to send Daniels to the floor. Tyler with a somersault dive that completely misses Daniels, but Daniels is a swell guy so he sells it anyway. Tyler repays Daniels for his kindness by ramming him into the guardrail, then rolls him onto the apron, gets a running start, and kicks Daniels in the head. Tyler finally rolls back in and covers, but only gets 2. Tyler with a slam and the Time Wasting Clappy Stomp (which, now that I think about it, will be perfect in WWE where the longer it takes to set up and execute a move, the more deadly it is), but Daniels starts to fight back. Daniels comes off the ropes and Tyler nails him with a double axhandle and covers for 2, then starts pounding the mat in frustration at not getting the fall. Tyler goes to a neck vice and briefly starts gouging the face of Daniels, then goes back to the neck vice. Daniels fights out of it again but gets backdropped and Tyler with another indy kick to the back. Tyler starts kicking Daniels around with the toe of his boot and chokes Daniels on the ropes. They get into a chop exchange and Daniels tries to backdrop Tyler as he comes off the ropes, but Tyler kicks him in the face and covers for 2, then covers again and still only gets 2. Tyler with a back suplex for 2 and then locks him in a headscissors. Daniels rolls Tyler backwards onto his shoulders, but only gets 2 and then Tyler takes his head off with a clothesline, then sits on his chest and starts raining punches down on him. Daniels ducks a clothesline and gets a Blue Thunder Driver and both men are down. The referee starts the count and they both make it to their feet, and Daniels starts firing at Tyler with forearms and elbows and nails him with an enziguiri, then follows that with an Arabian Press for 2. Daniels with a running forearm in the corner and a Death Valley Driver for 2. Daniels goes for the Angel's Wings, Tyler blocks and rolls Daniels up for 2, then catches him with a kick to the head for 2. Tyler goes for the Buckle Bomb but Daniels escapes and hits an Ace Crusher to the second turnbuckle! Nice! Daniels puts Tyler up top and hits Iconoclasm for 2, then sets up Tyler for the BME, but Tyler small packages him for 2. Daniels backdrops Tyler to the apron and Tyler catches him with an enziguiri and a sprigboard clothesline for 2. Tyler goes up for the Phoenix Splash, Daniels goes up after him and gets elbowed off, Tyler goes for the Phoenix Splash and Daniels moves, but Tyler rolls through to his feet and superkicks Daniels into the corner where he hits the Time Wasting Stompy Running Forearm (another move that's right up WWE's alley) and then hits Peroxism for 2. Crowd starts a big Fallen Angel chant as Tyler picks Daniels up and clubs him over the back with forearms. Tyler off the ropes with a boot to the face and then tries to follow that with another Pelle Kick, but Daniels catches him in midair and locks him right into the Koji Clutch! That was awesome! Tyler stands up and picks Daniels up with him and rams him into the corner and then goes for the superkick but Daniels dodges and rolls Tyler up for 2. Now they do a pinfall reversal sequence and the bell rings...oh, time ran out.

Time Limit Draw

Roderick Strong comes out with Truth Martini and tells Daniels that he proved he can't get the job done, then demands that Tyler give him the title shot he earned in Toronto. Davey Richards comes out and tells Roderick that he's getting ahead of himself because he's got to go through him next week before he gets a title shot. Daniels then points out that the only guy out of the three of them that Tyler hasn't pinned is him. Who's going to get the title shot? Who can beat Tyler for the ROH World Title??

Well, I guess we'll find out within a month or so. As I said earlier, I'll have more on Tyler's departure in hotline form in the Elite section a little later this week, but as far as this week's episode of ROH goes, great stuff as usual. I loved the main event, the opening match was good too, and we had some good storyline progression. In fact, I feel it's worth pointing out that, except for the oddball episode once every few months, ROH On HDNet really doesn't ever have a bad episode. It's always very well put together, has a nice mix of wrestling and storylines/promos, it does a good job of hyping stuff we'll see over the next couple of weeks, storylines are coherent and make sense, and nothing insults the fans' intelligence. I think they set a great example because these are things WWE and, to a lesser extent, TNA can really learn from.

Anyway, that does it for me, thanks for reading and I'll see you all back here next week!

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