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By Buck Woodward on 2010-08-10 08:00:00

August 10th

On this day in history in ....

1992 - Reno Riggins defeated Brian Christopher for the USWA Southern Heavyweight Title in Memphis, Tennessee, ending Christopher's fifth reign with the belt.  On the same show, The Moondogs (Spot & Cujo) defeated Jerry Lawler & Jeff Jarrett for the USWA Tag Team Title, ending Lawler & Jarrett's third title reign, and starting the second run for this version of the Moondogs.

1996 - WCW held their "Hog Wild" event at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, South Dakota.  The event would later be renamed "Road Wild" when Harley-Davidson motorcycles, claimed ownership of the "Hog" term when it comes to motorcycles. The show, which included a WCW Saturday Night broadcast, consisted of 16 live matches before a crowd that didn't pay anything to see the event.  Here are the results of the show:
In matches that aired on WCW Saturday Night:
- The Public Enemy defeated Dick Slater & Mike Enos.
- Konnan defeated Chavo Guerrero, Jr.
- The Nasty Boys defeated High Voltage.
- Alex Wright defeated Bobby Eaton.
- Kevin Sullivan, Meng & Barbarian defeated Joe Gomez, Jim Powers & Mark Starr.
- David Taylor defeated Mr. JL (Jerry Lynn).
- Diamond Dallas Page defeated The Renegade.
- Arn Anderson defeated Hugh Morrus.
In matches that aired on the Pay-per-view:
- WCW Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio, Jr. defeated Ultimo Dragon with a springboard rana.
- Scott Norton defeated Ice Train via submission with a Fujiwara armbar.
- Madusa defeated Bull Nakano when both women had their shoulders down after a Nakano suplex, but Madusa raised hers at the two count.  As a result, Madusa was allowed to destroy Nakano's Honda motorcycle.
- Chris Benoit defeated Dean Malenko with a rollup.
- WCW World Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat defeated Rick & Scott Steiner when Booker pinned Scott after Col. Robert Parker hit Scott with a cane.
- WCW United States Champion Ric Flair defeated Eddie Guerrero with a figure four leglock after Guerrero missed a frog splash.
- Scott Hall & Kevin Nash defeated Lex Luger & Sting when Hall pinned Luger.
- Hulk Hogan defeated The Giant to win the WCW World Title when Hogan hit Giant with the title belt after the Outsiders had interfered.

1998 - The Monday Night Wars continued, with WWF Raw earning a 4.5 for a show that saw Kane & Mankind defeat Steve Austin & Undertaker, Rock & D'Lo Brown, and the New Age Outlaws to win the WWF World Tag Team Title.  WCW Nitro pulled in a 4.6 to win the night on a show that featured Lex Luger defeating Bret Hart for the United States Title, and Chris Jericho defeating Stevie Ray for the WCW Television Title.

2003 - Christian defeats Booker T for the WWE Intercontinental Title in Des Moines, Iowa.  This marked the start of Christian's third IC Title run.  The title change took place on a house show, and was never aired on television. Booker T was suffering from a back injury at the time, and was going to need several months off, so the decision was made to drop the title quickly and allow him the time off.

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