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By Buck Woodward on 2010-05-23 21:56:23

The announcers reviewed Batista's recent assaults on Mark Henry.  Josh Mathews interviewed Batista, who said Cena quit last week after Raw went off the air.  Batista promised to make him quit again tonight. 

Divas Champion Eve vs. Maryse.

They went face-to-face at the bell, then Maryse kicked Eve's knee and threw her shoulder first into the ringpost.  Maryse kicked Eve in the stomach and threw her face first into the mat by her hair for a one count.  Maryse tripped Eve to the mat and stepped on her back, then put her in a chinlock.  Eve fought up in it, but Maryse knocked her back down.  Maryse pulled Eve's hair, stretching her against the ropes, then kneed her to the floor.  Maryse went outside and tried to kick Eve, but Eve moved and Maryse kicked the ringpost.  

Eve rolled Maryse into the ring and hit a clothesline, then a pair of dropkicks.  Maryse responded with a slap, but Eve kneed her in the gut and threw her to the mat.  Eve hit a standing moonsault for a two count, then did a sunset flip for two before Maryse kicked Eve in the face and got a two count.  Maryse yelled at the referee to do his "freakin' job" before punching Eve.  Eve hit some punches, then a faceplant for a two count.  Eve kicked Maryse in the face, then went for a somersault senton, but Maryse got her knees up.  Maryse went for the French Kiss DDT, but Eve blocked it and hit a reverse headdriver, followed by rolling Maryse into a pinning position for the win at the five minute mark. 

Winner: Eve.

The events leading to the main event were shown.

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Batista in an I Quit match.

Batista got on the mic after the bell rang and said that he made Cena quit last week.  He told Cena he could say "I Quit" now, before he "put his ass in a world of pain."  The referee asked Cena if he wanted to quit, on the mic.  Cena said "You made your point... I ... I don't think so" and hit Batista with the mic.  Batista fell to the floor. Cena went outside and tried to hit Batista with a chair, but Batista moved and Cena hit the ringpost.  They got back in the ring, and Batista whipped Cena hard into a corner.  Batista pounded Cena, hit a snap mare, then kicked him in the head.  Batista almost went for a cover, but stopped himself.  Batista rammed Cena into the turnbuckles and punched his kidneys.  There were "Cena Sucks" and "Let's Go Cena" chants. 

Cena tried to mount a comeback, but Batista hit a back elbow, then threw Cena shoulder first into the ringpost.  Cena refused to quit.  Batista knocked Cena off the ring apron to the floor.  Batista threw him into the security wall, then back into the ring and stomped him.  Batista hit a vertical suplex.  Cena mounted a comeback, hitting two shoulderblocks and a back suplex into a powerbomb.  Cena did the Five Knuckle Shuffle and hit the fistdrop.  Cena went for an Attitude Adjustment, but Batista grabbed the ropes to block it.  Cena went to charge Batista, but he pulled the referee in front of him and Cena put on the breaks.  Batista kicked Cena's knee, then hit a spear. 

Batista locked on his new submission hold, the double armbar.  Cena refused to quit, then powered out of it and quickly put Batista in an STF.  Batista reached the ropes, but there are no breaks.  Batista refused to quit, and apparently he passed out.  Cena released the hold, and Batista was not responding to the referee.  Cena went to ringside and got a bottle of water and threw it at Batista, waking him up.  Batista refused to quit.  Cena approached Batista, and Batista scooped him up and hit a spinebuster.  Batista then hit a Batista Bomb.  Cena refused to quit.  

Batista cleared off the announce tables. Batista took Cena outside the ring and they got up on one table.  They teased a Batista Bomb, then Cena teased an Attitude Adjustment, then Batista scooped up Cena and powerslammed him off one announce table and through another.  Cena's head was busted open.  Cena refused to quit, while a trainer tended to his cut. Batista then stood over Cena while the trainer fixed his cut.  Batista told the trainer "Come back later, he's going to need it."  

Batista then took Cena into the crowd, and they fought into the upper deck of the arena.  Batista grabbed the mic and told Cena to quit before he tossed him over the rail.  Cena refused to quit, and Batista set up to give Cena a Batista Bomb over the railing.  Cena fought out of it, put Batista on the other side of the rail, and knocked Batista off.  It wasn't a far drop, and he landed on a group of security men.  Batista refused to quit.  They fought their way to the rampway, and Cena stomped Batista.  Batista grabbed a chair and hit Cena in the ribs with it, then across the back twice.  Batista hit Cena in the rinbs again, then five times across the back.  They were on the stage, and Cena refused to quit.  Batista hit him again with the chair, then got in one of the cars on the set.  Apparently the keys were in it, and Batista put the car in reverse and tried to hit Cena.  Cena had crawled away, but the camera shot didn't make it known to the viewer.  Batista backed the car into the entrance way, knocking out some lights.  

Cena popped up and attacked Batista, ramming him into the car repeatedly.  Cena gave Batista an Attitude Adjustment onto the hood of the car.  Batista refused to quit.  Cena took the mic and said "I was really hoping you would say that" and yanked Batista onto the roof of the car.  Cena lifted Batista for an Attitude Adjustment off the roof, and Batista quit, ending the match at the 21-minute mark. 

Winner: John Cena. 

John Cena stood on the roof of the car, holding Batista, then flung him off with the Attitude Adjustment anyway, sending Batista crashing through the stage.  Cena headed back to the ring to celebrate, while trainers climbed down the hole in the stage to check on Batista.  Cena celebrated in the ring, then headed back to the stage.  As he was waving farewell to the fans, Sheamus ran out and hit Cena with a pump kick.  Sheamus stood over Cena to end the show. Elite subscribers are able to enjoy the coverage on an ad-free version of the site, and will also have access to our exclusive post-PPV audio show. You can subscribe by clicking this link and if you've never checked us out before, you can sign up for our three days free offer.

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