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By Buck Woodward on 2010-05-23 21:56:23

The announcers explained that the next PPV, Fatal Four Way, would feature WWE and World Title matches with Fatal Four Way rules, and wrestlers would have to qualify for those bouts. 

Chris Jericho approached Big Show, and sarcastically thanked him, saying that because of his actions, he and Miz are now a team, and they "trimmed the fat".  Jericho said they would win the tag titles tonight, and Show would have nothing. Show made fun of Jericho for being knocked out, and Miz for losing the U.S. Title to Bret Hart.  Miz approached Show from behind.  Show warned Miz, without turning around, that he would knock him out, then knock out Jericho, wake him up, then knock him out again.  Miz and Jericho slowly backed away. 

Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty vs. Chris Jericho & The Miz.

As the Miz made his entrance, they reviewed Bret Hart defeating The Miz last week on Raw.  Tyson Kidd and Miz started off, with Miz taking Kidd down and stomping him.  Miz went for a slam, but Kidd floated over it, grabbed a snapmare and delivered a series of kicks.  Smith tagged in and hit a delayed vertical suplex on Miz for a two count.  Smith kicked Miz to the floor, then backdropped Jericho out when he ran in.  Smith picked up Kidd and threw him onto Miz and Jericho on the floor.  Kidd rolled Miz back into the ring for a two count, then put him in a front facelock.  Miz pushed Kidd into his corner and tagged Jericho, who stomped Kidd.  There was a loud "Y2J" chant.  Kidd was backdropped, but landed on his feet, and hit Jericho with a spinkick.  Smith tagged in for a double team legdrop and got a two count. 

Jericho booted a charging Smith and hit a second rope dropkick.  Jericho hit a baseball slide kick, sending Smith to the floor.  Miz hit a kick while the referee wasn't working. Jericho gave Smith a back suplex for a two count.  Jericho charged Smith, but Smith hit a side slam for a two count.  Miz tagged in and stopped Smith from tagging out, pounding him with elbows and punches to the head.  Miz kicked Smith in the head for a two count.  Miz put Smith in a chinlock, but Smith broke out and hit an Electric Chair.  Both men crawled and made tags.  Kidd hit Jericho with a back elbow and a pair of dropkicks, then hit a spinkick and a dropkick to the head.  

Kidd kicked Miz off the apron, then gave Jericho a slingshot rollup for a two count.  Kidd went for a rana, but Jericho blocked it and applied the Walls Of Jericho.  Kidd crawled to the ropes for the break.  Kidd kicked Jericho from the apron, then went for a springboard, but Jericho caught him with a Codebreaker.  Jericho crawled onto Kidd, but only got a two count.  Jericho argued with the referee over the count.  Kidd hit Jericho with an upkick as Jericho stood over him and slapped him.  Kidd tagged in Smith, who clotheslined Jericho and Miz.  Smith knocked Miz out of the ring, then gave Jericho a belly to belly suplex.  Smith ran into a Jericho elbow, but Jericho then ran into a Smith powerslam for a two count.  Smith lifted Jericho, but Jericho floated over him and shoved Smith into the ropes.  Miz tripped up Smith and Jericho rolled him up for a two count. 

Miz argued with the referee, while Natalya tripped Jericho.  Smith powerslammed Jericho, but Jericho kicked out at two.  Smith sent Jericho into the ropes, but he made a blind tag to Miz.  Smith kicked Jericho out of the ring, but Miz grabbed Smith with a backbreaker/neckbreaker combo for two.  Miz went for a Sharpshooter, but Smith rolled him up for a two count.  Miz knocked Smith into a corner and went for his through the ropes clothesline, but Smith caught him in a bearhug.  Kidd tagged in, and hit a Hart Attack clothesline on Miz for the pin at the ten minute mark. 

Winners: The Hart Dynasty.

The events leading to Randy Orton vs. Edge were shown. 

Randy Orton vs. Edge.

They circled each other at the bell, then Orton grabbed a headlock.  Edge threw him into the ropes, and Orton knocked him down with a shoulderblock.  They locked up again, and Edge hit a knee to the gut and punched Orton in a corner.  Orton reversed a whip and hit a clothesline, then stomped Edge.  Randy hit a kneedrop, then pounded Edge while pulling him against the ropes.  Randy gave Edge a catapult into the bottom rope.  Randy kicked Edge in the gut, and Edge rolled to the floor.  Orton followed him and Edge grabbed Orton's trunks and yanked him into the security wall.  Edge dropped Orton ribs first on the security wall, then rolled into the ring to break up the referee's count.  

Edge went back to the floor for Orton, and tossed him into the ring for a cover and a two count.  Edge stomped Orton's midsection, but Orton kicked him in the gut to mount a brief comeback before Edge hit a knee to the cut and put Orton in a bodyscissors.  Edge added a chinlock at one point.  Orton tried to elbow out, but Edge kept the pressure on.  Orton eventually elbowed out, but Edge kicked him in the gut and dropped him across the top rope.  Edge went to climb the ropes, but Orton stopped him and set up for a superplex.  They battled on the ropes, with Edge headbutting him into the ring.  Orton then crotched Edge on the top rope.  Orton got back on the ropes and hit the superplex.  

Both men were slow to get up.  They exchanged punches, then Orton hit some clotheslines and a powerslam for a two count.  Edge reversed a whip and hit a boot to the face.  Orton crawled to the ring apron, and Edge tried to knock him off it, but Orton kicked him.  Orton grabbed Edge's head, switched positions with him, and hit Edge with the elevated DDT.  Edge got his foot on the ropes to break up the count, then rolled to the floor.  Orton picked Edge up to the apron, but Edge dropped to the floor and yanked Orton throat first across the top rope. 

Edge got in the ring and measured for a spear.  Edge ran right into an Orton kick.  Orton then measured Edge for an RKO, but was suddenly favoring his right arm.  Earlier he had been favoring the left one as part of the match.  The referee actually put up an "X" for a moment.  Orton weakly kicked Edge to the floor.  I think Orton may have hurt his arm while he was slapping the mat in in his usual pre-RKO gesturing.  Slowly, Orton came out after Edge, holding his arm.  Edge shoved Orton, then went for a spear, but Orton moved and Edge ran into the security wall.  Both men were counted out at the 13-minute mark. 

Result: Double countout.

A group of referees held Edge back, while Orton walked out favoring the arm.  Looks like they called an audible after Orton got hurt, and did a quick finish with the double countout. 

The events leading to Jack Swagger vs. Big Show was shown. 

World Champion Jack Swagger vs. Big Show.

Swagger tried to to grab a single leg and a waistlock, but Show just shrugged him off.  Swagger went to the floor to regroup, and Big Show mocked him by doing pushups.  Back in the ring, Show put Swagger in a corner and chopped him. Show then stood on Swagger, then choked him against the middle rope.  Show teased a chokeslam and Swagger rolled to the floor.  Show went to pull Swagger back in the ring, but Swagger yanked Show throat first against the top rope.  Swagger got back in and ducked a clothesline, then gave Show a chopblock to the leg.  Swagger followed with a shoulderblock to Show as he was on his knees.  Swagger then hit a pair of reverse splashed off the middle rope.  Swagger covered, but Show tossed Swagger off him, and out of the ring.  

Swagger got back in and put Show in a front facelock.  Show stood up and threw Swagger to the mat.  Show hit two clotheslines, then hit a reverse avalanche in the corner and a shoulderblock.  Show called for a chokeslam.  Swagger kicked Show's leg to stop it, and Show shoved Swagger over the top rope and to the floor.  Swagger grabbed the World Title belt, ran in the ring and hit Show with it. The referee called for the bell at the six minute mark. 

Winner via disqualification: Big Show. 

Swagger hit Show again with the title belt, but Show slowly got up. Swagger got a chair and hit Show across the back with it, knocking him back down.  Show started to get up, and Swagger hit him again.  Show got up and as Swagger approached him, Show grabbed him and hit a chokeslam.  Show then bent the chair across Swagger's back.  Show chokeslammed Swagger onto the chair.  Show then picked up Swagger and hit him with a knockout punch. Swagger was helped out by referees. 

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