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By Mike Johnson on 2010-04-26 16:23:11
The new issue of the WWE Heroes comic book from Titan Publishing is pretty unique and interesting in that the series had taken an adult tone, in fact, a tone that really flies in the face of the company's current PG guidelines.

The second issue of the series, features a terrorist group taking over Wrestlemania, murdering BOTH Triple H and Chris Jericho in the process. Yes, murdering both.

In the issue, a match between The Undertaker and Triple H is interrupted after terrorists take over the arena holding the event. The WWE stars are corralled into the ring and everyone is warned the building is wired to blow should they not acquiesce to the group's wishes.

Chris Jericho attempts to mouth off and get involved, but is overcome and dragged backstage kicking and screaming for someone to help him. When the screaming suddenly stops, everyone in the ring looks forelorn and one of the villains reemerges to comment, "It is done."

The terrorists then force Triple H and Undertaker to continue their battle, with the two agreeing that whichever of them ends up on top will then try and take out the lead terrorist. Triple H ends up knocking out Taker and attempts to grab the leader, but is shot with a mystical weapon and collapses.

In fact, the last panel of the comic features Kelly Kelly declaring, "Oh God No...Triple H is dead!"

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