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By Richard Trionfo on 2010-04-23 20:44:32
On Saturday night, Full Impact Pro Wrestling returned to action with their Southern Stampede show at the National Guard Armory in Crystal River, Florida which featured a return of the match that was formerly known as the ‘Florida Rumble’ to establish the two challengers for the recently vacated FIP World Heavyweight Title. The matches after the ‘Rumble’ were determined by the order of elimination. At the end of the night, Jon Moxley was the man who was able to proclaim that he was the new FIP World Heavyweight Champion.

Here are some issues coming out of Southern Stampede 2010:

New FIP World Champion Determined After Hard Hitting Main Event

At the start of the night, there were seventeen men who had a chance to become the new FIP World Heavyweight Champion. Eleven men had been entered into the ‘Rumble’ match with a spot for the winner of a six man match to get the number one spot. Caleb Konley got the chance to join the other eleven men in the ‘Rumble’. At the end of the ‘Rumble’, Roderick Strong and Jon Moxley were the two men left standing after Erick Stevens decided to eliminate himself when Roderick Strong made his way to the ring as the final participant in the ‘Rumble’.

The main event started a little earlier than expected when Jon Moxley interrupted Sinn Bodhi, who was in the ring talking about what he had seen in the ring while making an appearance at the show to sell his merchandise. Strong came out to help Bodhi and the match began. Strong and Moxley battered each other in and out of the ring with Moxley getting Strong to tap to the crossface chicken wing because of the damage that Moxley had done to the shoulder during the match.

The Tag Team Division Heats Up

Shortly after the British Lions of Tommy Taylor and Chris Gray successfully defended the FIP Tag Titles against the team of 2 Fast 2 Furious (Nooie Lee and Jerrelle Clark), they found out the names of the next team to challenge for the titles. The Dark City Fight Club of Jon Davis and Kory Chavis, who had beaten the Osirian Portal of Amasis and Ophidian earlier in the night after Davis and Chavis refused to wrestle each other in a singles match that was determined based on their eliminations in the ‘Rumble’.

Davis and Chavis came out as The British Lions were going to the locker room and they made an open challenge for the FIP Tag Titles after saying that they had defeated every other team in the company. While Chris Gray and advisors Heartbreak Enterprises and Amy Vitale did not want to give Chavis and Davis a title match, Tommy Taylor accepted the challenge.

Will the tension between Taylor and Gray be what causes them to lose the titles to the Dark City Fight Club when they meet on June 26th?

Quick Results for Southern Stampede:

- Caleb Konley defeated Ronnie the Red, Craig Classic, Johnny Vandal, Sugar Dunkerton, and STIGMA to earn the final spot in the ‘Rumble’ match
- Jon Moxley and Roderick Strong win the ‘Rumble’ match to meet for the FIP World Heavyweight Title (Order of Elimination: Chasyn Rance; TJP; Jon Davis; Kory Chavis; Jigsaw; Brad Allen; Rhett Titus; Bruce Santee; Caleb Konley; Erick Stevens)
- TJP defeated Chasyn Rance
- Dark City Fight Club (Jon Davis and Kory Chavis) defeated Osirian Portal (Amasis and Ophidian)
- Brad Allen defeated Jigsaw to retain the Florida Heritage Title
- Rhett Titus defeated Bruce Santee
- Erick Stevens defeated Caleb Konley
- British Lions (Tommy Taylor and Chris Gray) defeated 2 Fast 2 Furious (Nooie Lee and Jerrelle Clark) to retain the FIP Tag Titles
- Jon Moxley defeated Roderick Strong to become the new FIP World Heavyweight Champion

Here is a more detailed recap of Southern Stampede 2010:

The show began with an explanation of the situation surrounding the FIP World Heavyweight Title, including the title changes that took place since the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup in November. It was mentioned that Davey Richards was stripped of the FIP World Title due to contractual issues and that a new champion would be determined on this show. There will be a twelve man ‘Rumble’ style match with the final two men left in the match qualifying for the main event and the opportunity to become the next FIP World Heavyweight Champion. In the tradition of the previous Florida Rumble shows, the other five matches on the show will be determined by the order of elimination during the ‘Rumble’ match.

With eleven people already in the ‘Rumble’ match, there was one spot open and it would go to the winner of the opening match which featured six men and followed a combination of lucha and Fray match rules. Tags were allowed but were not necessary if a wrestler left the ring.

Match Number One: Caleb Konley defeated Craig Classic, Johnny Vandal, Sugar Dunkerton, STIGMA, and Ronnie The Red to Qualify for the ‘Rumble’ Match

Dunkerton and Konley started things off with a jump ball which Dunkerton used to hit a reverse atomic drop on Konley. STIGMA gets the first near fall of the match as the wrestlers liberally go in and out of the match. After some more action, everyone goes for a rollup but all it does is make the referee run around the ring to make two counts. The action goes to the floor and while Konley and Dunkerton fight on one side, STIGMA hits a tope con hilo onto everyone else. Konley pinned Dunkerton after a swinging armbreaker.

Match Number Two: Jon Moxley and Roderick Strong win the Southern Stampede ‘Rumble’ Match

Order of Entry
Caleb Konley
Chasyn Rance
TJP (TJ Perkins)
Bruce Santee
Jon Davis
Brad Allen
Kory Chavis
Rhett Titus
Jon Moxley
Erick Stevens
Roderick Strong

The match started with Caleb Konley and Chasyn Rance and Rance wanted to eliminate Conley as quickly as possible. Both men evade elimination and TJP enters the match with Konley and Rance suddenly forming an alliance to get rid of Perkins. After Santee entered the match, they paired off with Santee dealing with Rance while Perkins and Konley battled. Jon Davis gets the first elimination of the match by sending Rance to the floor. Davis and Santee rekindle their past feuds in the ring as Allen entered the match. Jigsaw entered and went after Santee. Allen eliminated Perkins after an Attitude Adjustment. Chavis enters and he works with his tag team partner as they dealt with Santee. Unfortunately that led to their elimination because Santee ducked out of the way and Davis went to the floor while Konley did the honors by sending Chavis to the floor.

Santee tried to take on Konley and Allen while Titus and Jigsaw fought. Moxley entered the ring and he was all business as he quickly eliminated Jigsaw. His next target was Allen and Moxley eliminated him with a clothesline. Titus may have saved Moxley from elimination by hitting Santee from behind when it appeared that Santee had Moxley eliminated. Stevens eliminated Titus after Titus thought he had saved himself by skinning the cat. With four men in the ring, Moxley tried to form an alliance with anyone and it looked like he had worked something out with Stevens since they went after Santee and Konley. Moxley and Stevens watched Konley and Santee trying to eliminate each other and then Santee and Konley were eliminated. As this happened, Strong made his way to the ring and before he could get into the ring to go after his former tag team partner, Stevens figured that it wasn’t that important to be FIP World Champion again and he eliminated himself.

After the match, Moxley tried to sneak up on Strong but Roderick turned around and Moxley thought it was better to wait for their match.

Order of Elimination
Chasyn Rance
Jon Davis
Kory Chavis
Brad Allen
Rhett Titus
Bruce Santee
Caleb Konley
Erick Stevens

The matches based on the ‘Rumble’ match are:
Chasyn Rance versus TJP
Jon Davis versus Kory Chavis
Jigsaw versus Brad Allen
Rhett Titus versus Bruce Santee
Erick Stevens versus Caleb Konley
Roderick Strong versus Jon Moxley for the FIP World Title

Match Number Three: TJP defeated Chasyn Rance

Rance worked on the arm at the start of the match but Perkins was able to reverse things and he started to work on Rance’s arm. Rance took control when Perkins landed awkwardly in the corner. Rance tried to choke out Perkins but Perkins regained control when Rance came off the turnbuckles and was met with a drop kick. Perkins got a near fall after a brainbuster but Rance recovered and hit a super kick. Rance missed an elbow and Perkins got Rance to tap to the Cloverleaf.

Match Number Four: Jon Davis versus Kory Chavis never happened

After some brief tension between the two over whether they should wrestle or not, Kory Chavis got on the mic and said they won’t fight each other and have beaten every team in FIP. They have even beaten the champions twice. They will now call their own shots and they want to face any tag team in the back.

This leads to the next match.

Match Number Four: Dark City Fight Club (Jon Davis and Kory Chavis) defeated Osirian Portal (Amasis and Ophidian)

Ophidian tried to use his speed advantage to get a few near falls on Chavis, but Dark City quickly took control and they made frequent tags as they worked over Amasis and Ophidian. Ophidian hits a moonsault, but when he gets up, Davis comes out of nowhere and hit a pounce. Dark City hit a few double team moves on Amasis and finish off the Portal with Project Mayhem.

Match Number Five: Brad Allen defeated Jigsaw to retain the FIP Florida Heritage Title

Allen and Jigsaw tried to get an advantage at the start of the match. When the action went to the floor, Jigsaw tried for a rana but Allen held on and sent Jigsaw into the guardrails. When the action returned to the ring, Allen had a few chances to get the victory but could not capitalize on the situation. Jigsaw blocked Attitude Adjustment and got a near fall, but Jigsaw got too aggressive and was caught by Allen who got the three count with Attitude Adjustment.

It was time for intermission.

Before our next match started, Bruce Santee had some unflattering comments for the members of Heartbreak Enterprises, especially Amy Vitale.

Match Number Six: Rhett Titus with Heartbreak Enterprises (Sean and Phil Davis) and Amy Vitale defeated Bruce Santee

Titus cannot take Santee to the mat at the start of the match and then Santee told Titus to try to hit him but Santee moved and took control of the match. Santee used Titus’ bow tie before hitting a delayed vertical suplex. Phil Davis’ interference saved Titus from a Samoan drop and Titus was able to gain control of the match. Santee fought back and he thought he had the match won after a choke slam but Phil Davis put Titus’ foot on the rope to stop the count. Amy Vitale distracted the referee and that allowed Title to get the three count with the Thrust Buster.

After the match, Amy Vitale stands over Santee and slaps him. Then she tries to slap him again but Santee blocks it and pushes Sean and Amy down. Santee punches Phil and Phil falls over the guardrails into the crowd.

Match Number Seven: Erick Stevens defeated Caleb Konley

After an early offensive flourish, Stevens went to the floor to regroup. Stevens got the advantage back after he tripped Konley on the apron. Conley is able to get a few shots in on Stevens but Stevens comes back with something harder each time. They fought to the turnbuckles and Konley appeared to have an upset victory but Stevens was able to escape the near falls. Stevens got the three count with a German suplex and a lariat.

Match Number Eight: British Lions (Tommy Taylor and Chris Gray) with Heartbreak Enterprises and Amy Vitale defeated 2 Fast 2 Furious (Nooie Lee and Jerrelle Clark) to retain the FIP Tag Titles

The tension that has existed with the champions over the last few months reared its head early in the match when Gray was on the floor talking to Sean Davis when Taylor wanted to tag out of the match. Taylor eventually tagged in Gray who did not seem happy to enter the match. Lee and Clark hit a number of double team moves. Heartbreak Enterprises help Taylor and Gray work over Lee is on the floor. All four men got in the ring and the champions take control. The Lions got the three count after Kingdom Come on Clark.

As the Lions were about to go to the locker room, the Dark City Fight Club came out and congratulated them on their victory. Dark City then challenged The British Lions for an FIP Tag Title Match when FIP returns on June 26th. The Davises and Gray did not want to give them the match, but Taylor accepted the challenge.

The British Lions argued as they went to the back.

Sinn Bohdi comes out and he talked about what he saw in the ring tonight. He said that he wanted to be part of FIP’s return on June 26th. Jon Moxley came through the crowd and attacked Sinn and he put Bohdi in a camel clutch.

Roderick Strong came out and the main event started.

Match Number Nine: Jon Moxley defeated Roderick Strong to become the new FIP World Heavyweight Champion

The match started on the floor with Strong chopping Moxley. Moxley tried to neutralize the effectiveness of Strong’s chops by working on Strong’s arm and then used the Border City Stretch, Fujiwara arm bar, and other arm submissions but Strong would not tap. Strong fought back and got some near falls before he applied the Boston Crab. Moxley got a near fall after a DDT and then he tried for the Hook and Ladder but Strong blocked it. Moxley then returned to the arm and applied a crossface chicken wing. Strong and Moxley gave everything with a series of forearms followed by a boot from Strong but Moxley responded with a discus forearm. Strong tried for a Gibson Driver but Moxley blocked it. Strong puts Moxley in the Strong Hold but Moxley gets out of it. Erick Stevens came out and that distracted Strong long enough for Moxley to hit the Hook and Ladder and then put Strong in the crossface chicken wing and Strong tapped out.

Southern Stampede 2010 Thoughts

I thought this was one of FIP’s stronger shows in the last year. There was a lot of good action and the crowd was good when you consider that the last show from FIP was five months earlier.

I thought the opening six way match was a good start to the show. It was nice to see some Florida wrestlers who had not been on FIP shows in the match. I liked the idea of the jump ball because of Dunkerton’s character.

I liked the Stampede match. While there were no ‘classic’ moments like the 2004 Florida Rumble when CM Punk entered the match, ran across the ring, and was eliminated within 5 seconds, there was some good work in the match. I thought there were some interesting pairings as well as some interesting alliances. I liked how Moxley and Stevens were working together during the match. Since Stevens turned heel last year, that could be an interesting team if they ever worked together.

It was also interesting to see that Stevens cared more about his own physical safety having to deal with Roderick Strong than to have a chance at the FIP World Title by eliminating himself when Strong was announced as the final entrant.

I liked what they did with the Dark City Fight Club situation during the show. When they announced some additional talent at the start of the week, I was hoping for a situation like this where Davis and Chavis would refuse to wrestle each other and end up facing the Osirian Portal.

I thought the Dark City Fight Club/Osirian Portal match was a good squash for Dark City. The Portal got in some offense in the match, but they were never a threat to Dark City. However, it wasn’t a situation where the Portal looked bad in the loss.

I liked the Jigsaw/Allen match. They worked well in the ring and they showed a good mix of mat work and high impact moves for a couple of bigger guys.

I thought the Titus/Santee match was good and is a match that I wouldn’t mind seeing again. Titus is one of the most underrated wrestlers right now and Santee is one of the top guys in Florida. Santee was also good working off Amy Vitale and Heartbreak Enterprises before the match.

I also like that they are continuing the tension with the British Lions that has existed for about a year. While Tommy Taylor is doing things for the fans, Chris Gray is doing things for himself and for Heartbreak Enterprises. The tension was further extended with Taylor accepting the challenge made by the Dark City Fight Club.

I really liked the Strong/Moxley match. It reminded me a bit of the matches that Strong had with Erick Stevens over the last two or three years. There was a lot of athleticism on display but there was also a lot of hard hitting action between the two men. Moxley did a good job with the arm submissions to neutralize Strong.

I was really impressed with Moxley at the Peterson Cup, which was the first time that I really got to see him. He has the old school heel character perfected and with the Crystal River crowd, he is the perfect heel in the vein of Bryan Danielson and Sal Rinauro who could get nuns to boo them.

FIP returns to action on Saturday, June 26, 2010 at the National Guard Armory in Crystal River, Florida.

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