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By Gregory Davis on 2010-04-12 17:10:45
1. Knight Wagner and Jordon McIntyre defeated "Green Man" and ?
2. Ana Minoushka defeated PJ Tyler.
3. Leva Bates defeated She Nay Nay.

Volume 29

1. Kellie Skater defeated Nevaeh.

2. Nikki Roxx and Ariel defeated Melanie Cruise and Annie Social.

3. LuFisto defeated Rachel Summerlyn.

4. Mercedes Martinez defeated Jamilia Craft.

5. Allison Danger defeated Rayna Von Tosh.

6. Madison Eagles defeated Sassy Stephie.

7. Jessie McKay defeated Cat Power.

8. Sara Del Rey defeated Tenille.

9. Misaki Ohata defeated Daizee Haze.

10. Ayumi Kurihara defeated Tomoka Nakagawa.

11. The Canadian Ninjas defeated Cheerleader Melissa & MsChif to retain the SHIMMER Tag Team Championships.

Volume 30
1. Malia Hosaka defeated Leva Bates.

2. Annie Social & Melanie Cruise defeated Jessica James & Rachel Summerlyn.

3. LuFisto defeated Cat Power.

4. Mercedes Martinez defeated Kellie Skater with the fisherman buster.

5. Ayumi Kurihara defeated Nikki Roxx.

6. Daizee Haze & Tomoka Nakagawa defeated Jamilia Craft & Misaki Ohata.

7. Nicole Matthews defeated Jessie McKay.

8. Sara Del Rey defeated Hiroyo Matsumoto.

9. Allison Danger defeated Portia Perez in a Last Woman Standing match.

10. Madison Eagles defeated Cheerleader Melissa to become the #1 Contender for the SHIMMER Championship.

11. MsChif defeated Sarah Stock to retain the SHIMMER Championship.


1. PJ Tyler & Leva Bates defeated Anna Minoushka & She Nay Nay.

Volume 31
1. Kellie Skater defeated Jessica James.

2. Jessie McKay defeated Sassy Stephie.

3. Malia Hosaka defeated Rayna Von Tosh.

4. Mercedes Martinez defeated Tomoka Nakagawa.

5. Melanie Cruise defeated Allison Danger.

6. Daffney defeated Rachel Summerlynn in a No Disqualification match.

7. Hiroyo Matsumoto defeated LuFisto.

8. Cheerleader Melissa defeated Misaki Ohata.

9. The Canadian Ninjas defeated Ariel & Nikki Roxx to retain the SHIMMER Tag Team Championship.

10. Ayako Hamada defeated Daizee Haze.

11. Ayumi Kurihara defeated Sara Del Rey.

12. Madison Eagles defeated MsChif to become the new SHIMMER Champion.

Volume 32
1. Jamilia Craft defeated Malia Hosaka.

2. Rachel Summerlyn defeated Kellie Skater.

3. Cat Power defeated Nevaeh with the Side Effect.

4. Allison Danger & Jennifer Blake defeated Annie Social & Melanie Cruise.

5. Tomoka Nakagawa defeated Jessie McKay.

6. Portia Perez defeated Tenille.

7. Sara Del Rey defeated Misaki Ohata.

8. MsChif defeated Daffney.

9. Sarah Stock defeated Nicole Matthews.

10. Daizee Haze defeated Ayumi Kurihara via countout.

11. Mercedes Martinez defeated Hiroyo Matsumoto.

12. Cheerleader Melissa defeated Ayako Hamada.

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