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By Mike Johnson & Buck Woodward on 2010-03-27 21:30:46

Jerry Lawler asked for everyone to stand and applaud all the inductees since the crowd ignored the "Applause" signs.

Jerry Lawler said their final inductee once wrote a check so big, his bank bounced.  He sent us to a great Ted DiBiase career video.

Lawler introduced Ted and Brett DiBiase to induct their father.

Brett said his father was getting inducted and Ted was getting his first Wrestlemania match tomorrow, so tonight he was going to talk about him.  He and Ted did a comedy bit about playing with wrestling buddies and Ted dressing like Scary Sherri as kids.

Ted said they were honored to induct not just one of the greatest villains WWE ever produced, but a good man.  Brett told a story that his father once told him how he only despises three things...a liar, a cheater and a thief.  His father taught them a man is only as good as his word.

Ted said that the success and talent his father had as an in-ring performer is undeniable and the Million Dollar Man character will forever be cherished by those who love the business.

Ted said his father has more passion than anyone he's ever known and is proud to carry on his name in this business.  He said that they are so proud of their father and for the level of character and integrity he brings.

Jerry Lawler introduced Ted DiBiase, who came out with the Million Dollar Belt.  DiBiase said that like an American Express card, he never leaves home without it.

He says that it is an amazing night.  There are moments in life that you can't put a price tag on and for him, tonight is that "priceless" night. He said to be in the Hall of Fame means he's been honored by his colleagues and he's very honored and humbled to join a very long line of legends in the business.

DiBiase said he had some many things and stories that went through his mind.  He said there are some stories that are too good to be true.  He told a story about 1987.  For the last 12 years before that he had worked hard and wrestled in no-name towns and one day the WWE calls.  The next day, he's in first class heading to New York.  A limo takes him to Stamford and he meets with the brain trust.

They tell him they have an idea for a new character that would be 'truly evil.'  For this character he would fly the best airlines, stay at the best hotels and have a limo take him everywhere he goes.  He joked it was a hard job.

They told Ted they wanted to make him one of the best villains and he thought the fans and the wrestlers would hate him.  They handed him several thousand dollars and sent Ted and his wife to New York City to spend it while staying at the best hotel.  He told his wife that 'their ship had come in.'

DiBiase thanked Harley Race, Terry Funk, The Briscoes, Dick Murdoch and Killer Karl Kox.  He thanked Harley for trying to save Iron Mike DiBiase's life the night he had a heart attack in the ring.  Ted said ten years later he was in the ring against Harley in his first world title match.

DiBiase pointed out his wife Melanie and praised her for giving him a second chance and for being his rock.  DiBiase thanked God and Jesus Christ for his mercy.

DiBiase said you can't talk about the Million Dollar Man without talking about Virgil.   He told a story about Virgil picking up their bags and then realizing they didn't have the Million Dollar Belt.  He raced back to the Atlanta airport and there's no briefcase at the carousel.  He went to the baggage officer who had it.  The baggage officer told him he had no idea how lucky DiBiase was that they had the briefcase.  DiBiase said, "No, you don't know how lucky I am"... and opened the case to reveal the belt.

DiBiase praised Arn Anderson before addressing the younger stars.  DiBiase said his father told him not to go out for anything he isn't passionate about.  He told them to be passionate about what you do, live your life with integrity and work hard.  He said the person with the biggest heart and the person who is the most dependable will get the job.

DiBiase said this was a moment where he wishes his father was here and believed his dad would say "Job well done."

DiBiase thanked the fans for the night and this moment.  He then said that just in case anyone doubts that "you don't have a price and can't be bought"...he went into a Million Dollar promo and they dropped a ton of money down on the crowd.

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