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By Buck Woodward on 2010-02-21 22:40:00

After some replays were aired, they showed John Cena walking away from the ring, stopping to stare at the Wrestlemania sign. 

They discussed the Bret Hart accident from last Monday on Raw.  

Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre vs. Kane.

McIntyre entered first, and unlike a lot of Kane opponents, didn't leave the ring or cower from the pyro entrance.  He just casually leaned on the ropes when they went off.  They went right at it with punches a the bell, with Kane decking McIntyre and pounding him in the corner.  Kane snapmared McIntyre and hit a dropkick, then sidemared him to the mat and applied a headlock.  McIntyre shoved it off and Kane hit a shoulderblock and reapplied the headlock.  Kane hit a neckbreaker for a two count.  Kane missed a charge in the corner, and McIntyre hit a series of clotheslines in a corner.  Kane came back with a right hand, decking McIntyre.  Kane beat down McIntyre, but missed a back elbow.  McIntyre kicked at Kane's left knee.  Kane backdropped McIntyre to the apron, and McIntyre grabbed Kane's arm and yanked it across the top rope.  McIntyre kicked the knee and hit an armbreaker, then applied an armbar.  

Kane got to his feet as McIntyre moved into a top wristlock.  Kane shoved McIntyre to the ropes and sent him over them to the floor.  McIntyre got back in, and Kane went for a backdrop.  McIntyre kicked it away and hit an armbreaker for a two count, then went back to the armbar.  Kane punched out of it, and went for a backdrop.  McIntyre blocked it and went for the DDT, but Kane escaped and hit a boot to the face.  Kane hit a clothesline in a corner, then ran into a back elbow.  McIntyre went to the middle rope, but jumped into a Kane punch for a two count.  Kane hit McIntyre with a side slam for a two count.  Kane hit a top rope clothesline, then called for the chokeslam.  McIntyre floated out of it and went to the ring apron, but Kane shoved McIntyre into the ringpost and kicked him to the floor.  

Kane tossed McIntyre into the ring and stomped him.  McIntyre rolled out and acted like he was leaving.  Kane gave chase, but McIntyre turned and punched him.  McIntyre went to throw Kane into the guard rail, but Kane blocked it and tossed McIntyre into the rail.  Kane hit some punches and threw McIntyre back into the ring.  Kane went for the chokeslam, but McIntyre was in the ropes.  The referee went to separate them, and McIntyre stuck a thumb in Kane's eye.  McIntyre hit Kane with the Future Shock DDT for the pin at the ten minute mark.

Winner: Drew McIntyre.

Maryse approached Gail Kim and said something in French, then talked in English about how she and Gail had more class than the Smackdown Divas.  Gail responded in French, and revealed that she knew Maryse was trashing her in French all along.  Gail Kim said she was taking the title tonight, and bid Maryse goodbye in French.

Maryse vs. Gail Kim in the finals of the Diva Championship tournament.

Before they could lock up, Vickie Guerrero came out, to monster heat.  Vickie complained about the way the Raw Divas have been disparaging the Smackdown Divas.  Vickie said she was postponing the Diva Championship match, and instead was making a tag match with Kim & Maryse vs. Michelle McCool & Layla.  Well, I guess we'll be waiting longer for that match now!

Maryse & Gail Kim vs. Michelle McCool & Layla.

Kim put Layla in an armbar at the start, but Layla pulled free.  Layla went for a quick cradle for a two count, then fired off some kicks.  Gail dodged a charging Layla, and Gail hit a sunset flip for a two count.  Gail hit a bodyblock on Layla in a corner.  Gail went to the top rope, but McCool kicked her off the ropes and to the floor.  Maryse told Gail to get in the ring, while McCool & Layla hit her with a double baseball slide kick.  McCool rammed Kim headfirst into the mat, then put her in a chinlock.  McCool went for a backdrop, but Gail kicked it away and hit a clothesline.  Kim crawled to Maryse for a tag, but Maryse shoved her back into the ring.  McCool kicked Kim and then hit the Faith Breaker for the pin at the four minute mark.

Winners: Michelle McCool & Layla.

McCool & Layla left, and Maryse got in the ring and pulled Kim up off the mat, then gave her a DDT.  It was rather quiet for all of this.

Josh Mathews interviewed The Miz about being one of the "Pros" on WWE NXT.  The Miz was asked about his "rookie" Daniel Bryan, and Miz said he could teach Bryan how to be successful.  Miz said he was an "internet sensation" and "King Of The Indies" but he had no personality.  Miz said he would give Bryan the look and charisma to be a star in WWE.  Miz was about to give his catchphrase, when MVP entered.  MVP pointed out how he and Mark Henry beat Big Show & The Miz last week when MVP pinned Miz.  MVP said that got him another U.S. Title match with the Miz, and the match would take place tonight.

William Regal, in street clothes, came to the ring.  Regal talked about the NXT program, and how he would be one of the "Pros" on the show.  The fans gave him the "What" treatment, and Regal said they were "such wonderful people."  Edge entered, and essentially said William Regal was boring everyone.  Edge said tomorrow on Raw, he would reveal which Championship he would wrestle for at Wrestlemania.  He then said he was here tonight to do something else, and speared Regal.  Edge left to an ovation.

U.S. Champion The Miz vs. MVP.

They recapped the tag match from Raw as Miz entered the ring.  Big Show accompanied Miz, and Mark Henry accompanied MVP.  They went face to face at the bell, with Miz trash talking him.  MVP responded with a slap, then punched and kicked Miz down in a corner.  MVP rammed Miz into an adjacent corner, then slammed him and hit a kneedrop for a quick cover.  Miz hit a back elbow, but MVP responded with a belly to belly suplex.  Miz rolled to the floor, then rammed him into the security wall.  Miz got thrown back in and he tried to give MVP a baseball slide kick as he was distracted by Big Show, but missed.  MVP tossed Miz back into the ring, but Miz came back with a running knee to the head.  Miz choked MVP against the ropes, then they ran the ropes and MVP leapfrogged Miz and hit a flying forearm for a two count.

MVP put Miz in a headlock, but Miz broke out of it and whipped MVP into a corner.  MVP went to leapfrog Miz in the corner, but Miz caught him and dropped MVP gut first across his knees for a two count.  Miz choked MVP against the middle rope and straddled him.  Miz kicked MVP in the gut and scored a two count, then applied a chinlock.  MVP elbowed out of it, but Miz threw him to the mat and kicked him in the gut.  MVP grabbed a small package quickly for a two count, but Miz came right back with a running knee to the head.  Miz took his time going for the cover, which MVP reversed into a crucifix for a two count.  Miz got angry and pounded MVP with punches. Miz came back with a powerful right hand and a forearm.  MVP hit some shoulderblocks in the corner.  Miz reversed a whip in the corner, then hit a clothesline for a two count.  Miz rubbed MVP's face in the mat, then applied a chinlock.  

MVP battled to his feet in the hold and hit the Electric Chair for a two count.  MVP hit some punches, but Miz kicked him and hit a DDT for a two count.  Miz started to look frustrated, and he hit MVP with some elbows.  Miz ripped at MVP's face, then put him in a chinlock.  MVP backed Miz into the corner, but then ran into a kick.  Miz kicked MVP in the gut, then choked MVP against the bottom rope.  Miz hit a running kick on MVP in a corner, then the jumping between the ropes clothesline.  Miz went to the top rope, but MVP hit the ropes and Miz got crotched on the top.  MVP hit some right hands, then went for a superplex.  Miz battled it off and headbutted MVP to the mat.  Miz, who was busted open from his own headbutt, got back on the top rope, but MVP jumped onto the middle rope and hit a belly to belly superplex for a two count.

Miz and MVP exchanged punches on their knees, and continued as they got up.  MVP unleashed some kicks and punches, then hit a flapjack and a facebuster on a knee.  MVP called for the Ballin' elbowdrop and hit it for a two count, as Miz got his foot on the ropes.  Big Show pulled Miz to the floor.  MVP slid into Show with a baseball slide kick, then Mark Henry charged Big Show and rammed him into the ringpost.  Show was up against the security wall, and Henry charged him.  Show moved and Henry crashed through the security wall, breaking it apart.  Back in the ring, MVP went for the running kick on Miz, but Miz moved.  Miz pounded MVP's back, but MVP elbowed him away.  The referee was looking at Miz, and Big Show reached in and hit MVP with the knockout punch.  Miz got the pin at the 12-minute mark.

Winner: The Miz.

They replayed out Henry busted through the security wall several times.  Post match, Miz and Big Show celebrated up the rampway.

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