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By Mike Johnson on 2010-01-30 01:53:00
We are live from Ring of Honor as part of WrestleReunion's opening night at the LAX Hilton.  The actual card will begin about 8:45 PM Pacific, 11:45 PM Eastern.

Pre-Show Notes:

Right now, the ROH stars are doing a meet and greet with fans in attendance.  Just about every talent except Davey Richards is out there signing.

Ace Steel and Superstar Steve are visiting at the show.

Former WCW Magazine Publisher and longtime wrestling producer Colin Bowman is handling the logistical end of the show for WrestleReunion.

HDNet is on hand to shoot footage for possible inclusion in upcoming ROH on HDNet episodes.

ROH management declined to comment on the signing of Davey Richards to a new deal, other than saying they were thrilled to get the deal done.

ROH in Los Angeles.

The show started on time and they are beyond sold out.  The hotel kept having to add more and more seats to the ballroom.  If anyone is coming tomorrow, get here early because I would be shocked if they didn't turn at least some away at the door.

Sal Corrente came out and said they had their first WrestleReunion five years ago this weekend and it's the first time they are being held in Los Angeles.  He said he lives in Florida, but loves Los Angeles.  He said they want to come back to Los Angeles, they need to support the convention so it comes back.  He asked everyone to support the convention and asked everyone to have a good time.  It was a nice speech.

Scott Lost & Scorpio Sky vs. Colt Cabana & El Generico

They shook hands at the onset.  Generico started with Sky.  Cabana tagged in and they criss crossed, leading to Cabana slapping and slamming him.   Generico tagged in and came off the ropes with a shot to Scorpio's arm.  Lost tagged in and whipped Generico into the corner.  Generico reversed and kicked Lost.  Lost made a comeback but was caught with an arm wringer.    Cabana and Generico nailed Lost with a double back elbow.    They continued to double team Lost.  Lost caught Generico with a forearm in the corner and tagged in Sky.  Sky locked up Generico's arm in a submission then rolled him over into a pinfall submission.    They worked over Generico in the corner.

Sky continued to work over Generico.  Generico made his way to his feet but Cabana was knocked off the apron.  Generico finally made the hot tag.  He nailed Sky and Lost with clubbering punches, if you will.  Generico hit a dive to the floor on Sky.  Cabana hit the butt butt and the Flying a-hole on Lost.  Generico hit a Michinoku Driver on Lost for a two count.  Generico charged the corner but Sky nailed him with a big knee for a two count.

Sky and Lost hit a double stunner on Generico for a two count.  Scorpio went to the top but missed a frog splash.  Cabana nailed a shoulderbreaker and scored the pin.

Your winners, El Generico & Colt Cabana!

Fun opener.  The atmosphere in the Ballroom is awesome.

Anything Goes: Erick Stevens vs. Necro Butcher

Necro was attacked before the bell but made a comeback and they brawled to the floor.  They went over the rail and brawled around the ballroom.  Stevens slammed Necro's head into the ROH merchandise table.  Necro picked up a piece of guard rail and ran Stevens into it.  They chopped and brawled their way around the room before returning to the ringside area.  Fans chanted for Necro.  Stevens took over by the time they returned to the ring.  He drove Butcher to the mat and cinched in a rear chinlock.  The fans rallied behind Necro.

Stevens slammed Necro and dropped an elbow.  He brought a road side into the ring and stood over Butcher waiting for him to get to his feet.  He slammed Butcher in the stomach and then over the back with the sign.  Stevens picked up Butcher and dropped him with an over the knee backbreaker.    He then locked on a bear hug.  Butcher broke free and they fought in a test of strength.  Stevens slammed Butcher down.  He picked up Butcher for a powerbomb out of the ring but Butcher escaped and began chopping away.  He went for a bulldog but was shoved off.  Stevens cut off Butcher.

Joey Ryan came out to help Stevens and help a stop sign to nail Necro.  Necro ducked, Stevens got nailed and Butcher rolled him up for the pin.

Your winner, Necro Butcher!

Butcher was beaten down by the Embassy members after the bell. 

Fun brawl from what I could see from my vantage point.  Necro got a nice round of applause from the crowd as he made his way to his feet and left the ring.

Former WCW announcer Chris Cruise, TNA Knockout Daffney, ROH on HDNet Producer Dave Lagana and Chavo Guerrero Sr. are among the luminaries in attendance.

Delirious vs. Roderick Strong

Strong shoved Delirious at the onset and Delirious went to the floor.  They circled the ring.   They did some nice back and forth wrestling.  They began chopping each other back and forth.    Delirious dropped Strong, then bailed him with a back senton.  Delirious worked over Strong.  Strong maneuvered him outside the ring, then picked up in a backbreaker position and dropped Delirious across the apron.  He tossed him back in the ring for a two count.

Strong continued to work over Delirious' back.  He continued to wear down Delirious.  Delirious worked his way out with several elbows.  He snapped Strong's throat over the top rope, then came off with a flying clothesline for a two count.  He went to the top for Shadows over Hell but Strong moved.  Delirious rolled through and maintained control.  They began exchanting chops and forearms.  Delirious went for a tackle but Strong avoided it.  Delirious went to suplex Strong into the ring from the outside but Strong pulled him over to the apron.  They battled on the apron and Strong hit a back suplex onto the apron.

Strong covered Delirious but he kicked up.  Strong came back with a Tiger Driver for the pin.

Your winner, Roderick Strong!

Lots of good back and forth wrestling and stiff shots in this one.

The official attendance is 775, according to WrestleReunion.

Joey Ryan vs. Tyler Black

Since we are in California, there was a chant for Ryan.    Black worked over s arm early but Ryan got to the ropes.   Black tied him up again but this time he prevented Ryan from getting to the ropes.  Ryan cheated to take Black down,  Black leapfrogged Ryan and nailed him with a punch.  Ryan powdered to the floor.  Black went for a dive but Ryan nailed him with a forearm as he hit the ropes.  Outside, Black worked over Ryan.   As they returned to the ring, Black took control and slingshot himself into the ring for a twisting kick.  Black missed a stomp and Ryan worked him over in the corner.

Ryan whipped Black into the corner but Black was up and over and caught him with a snapmare and a kick to the back.  Black worked him over in the corner with a series of chops.  He kept whipping Ryan back and forth across the ring from corner to corner.  Ryan came back, focusing on Black's shoulder.  Ryan suplexed Black over and continued to wear down his arm.  Black tried to mount a comeback but was cut off.  He finally mailed a springboard clothesline, followed by a quebrada for a two count.  Black nailed a flip diver over the ropes to the floor.

Back in the ring, Tyler draped Ryan over his shoulder and slapped him down.  Ryan came back with a choke submission.  Black nailed a shining wizard.  He went top the top rope but Ryan pulled him down and cinched in a cross armbreaker.    Black broke free and powerbombed Ryan into the corner.  They battled in the corner and Ryan teased a move but Black came back with a fisherman's buster for the pin.

Your winner, Tyler Black!

Kenny King vs. Jerry Lynn

This is a grudge match based on King injuring Lynn and putting him out of action.  King came out with a hot female, who was unnamed.  King took the mic and said he hates Los Angeles.  He said there's 1800 miles of freeway that is covered by douchebags who think yellow and purple is a masculine color combination.  He said that he'd be available for the ladies later.  He said that five months ago, he did what RVD, Sandman and Steve Corino couldn't do - he put Lynn out of wrestling.  He said that no one has seen Lynn in months but tonight, Lynn wants to come back and do "it for the fans."  He said that since he already put Lynn out of the wrestling business, tonight, he was going to put him out of the walking business.

Lynn hit the ring and began beating the hell out of King.  King ran from the ring and they battled outside.  Lynn slammed his hand into the apron.  Lynn tossed him back into the ring and threw King into the corner.  Lynn tossed King to the floor but King reversed an irish whip into the rail and began stomping Lynn on the floor.  He ripped at Lynn's face.  Back in the ring, King charged Lynn but was caught with an elbow.  Lynn came back and began slamming King's face into the mat.

Lynn charged King in the corner but King avoided him.  King tossed Lynn to the floor and whipped him into the railing.    Lynn came back and tossed King into the crowd, then dove off the ropes into the crowd.    King ran Lynn backwards into the apron several times.  He continued working over Lynn as the crowd rallied the former ROH champion.  Lynn is whipped into the ropes but comes back with a flying clothesline.   They go to the floor where Lynn whipped King into the railing and King did the Flair flop.  Yes, really.  Lynn tossed him back into the ring.

King regained control and hit the cradle piledriver but Lynn kicked out.  The referee acted like Lynn was out and asked King to back off.  King pulled Lynn, who was out, back to his feet, but Lynn wrapped him up in a small package and pinned him.

Your winner, Jerry Lynn!

King attacked Lynn immediately and took him out.  He grabbed a chair as Lynn pulled himself to his feet.  He swung it at Lynn, who ducked and dropkicked the chair into King's face.  Fans chanted ECW.    Lynn went to attack King but the referee tried to stop him.  Lynn shoved ref Todd Sinclair down.  Lynn nailed King with a cradle piledriver on the chair.

They announced that due to Lynn's actions, they were reversing the decision.

Your new winner, by DQ, Kenny King!

ROH champ Austin Aries, in street clothes, came out to check on King.

We are intermission.  Check back soon for the remainder of the show!


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