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By Buck Woodward & Ryan Martinez on 2010-01-15 08:00:00
January 15th

On this day in history in ....

1930 - Longtime wrestler and Championship Wrestling from Florida promoter Eddie Graham (real name Edward Gossett) is born in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

1953 - Dave Sims defeats Bobby Lane to win the NWA Central States Heavyweight Title in Kansas City, Kansas.

1959 - Herb and Seymour Freeman defeat Reggie and Stan Lisowski for the Minneapolis NWA World Tag Team Title in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

1962 - Larry Hennig and Duke Hoffman defeat Ivan and Nikita Kalmikoff in a tournament final for the vacant AWA World Tag Team Title in St. Paul, Minnesota. The title was vacated earlier in the month when Otto Von Krupp (Boris Malenko), who held the title with Bob Geigel, was injured.

1964 - Luther Lindsay and Shag Thomas defeat The Destroyer and Art Michalik to win the NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Title in Salem, Oregon, to begin their third reign.

1969 - Don Carson and Dick Dunn defeat Flash and Rocket Monroe for the NWA Gulf Coast Tag Team Title in Mobile, Alabama, beginning their second reign.

1971 - Bill Dromo defeats Kintaro Ohki in Tokuyama, Japan to win the Japan Wrestling Association All Asia Heavyweight Title.

1972 - Dory Dixon defeats Kinji Shibuya for the NWA Beat the Champ Television Title, ending Shibuya's second reign.

1974 - John Tolos defeats Pak Song to win the NWA Americas Heavyweight Title in Long Beach, California, to begin his sixth reign.

1974 - The Great Mephisto defeats José Lothario for the NWA Texas Heavyweight Title in Dallas, Texas, ending Lothario's fourth reign.

1974 - Norvell Austin and Rocket Monroe defeat Gunga Din and Kubla Khan to win the Gulf Coast NWA United States Tag Team Title in Mobile, Alabama.

1975 - The Brute defeats Peter Maivia to win the San Francisco NWA United States Heavyweight Title in San Francisco, California, ending Maivia's second reign.

1977 - Buddy Rose and Jesse Ventura win their second NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Title, ending the fifth reign for Dutch Savage and Jimmy Snuka.

1978 - Canek defeats Dr. Wagner for the Mexican National Light Heavyweight Title in Mexico City, Mexico, ending Wagner's second reign.

1979 - Ron Fuller defeats Austin Idol to win the AWA Southern Heavyweight Title in Memphis, Tennessee.

1983 - Mike Graham defeats Kevin Sullivan to win the NWA Florida Heavyweight Title in Miami, Florida.

1983 - King Tonga (Haku) defeats Invader I for the WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Title in San Juan, Puerto Rico, ending Invader I's second reign.

1983 - Ringo Mendoza defeats El Faraon to win the NWA World Light Heavyweight Title in Guadalajara, Mexico, ending Faraon's second reign.

1984 - Arn Anderson and Jerry Stubbs defeat Jimmy Golden and Jacques Rougeau in a tournament final for the vacant NWA Southeastern Tag Team Title in Montgomery, Alabama. The title was vacated in December when Ron Starr, who held the title with Wayne Farris (The Honky Tonk Man), left the area.

1985 - In Anoka, Minnesota, the first Pro Wrestling America event is held. The Terminators (Rigs and Wolf) were billed as the PWA Tag Team Champions on arrival, Mad Dog Vachon defeats "Mr. Electricity" Steve Regal to become the first the first PWA Light Heavyweight Champion, and Danny Gage defeats Mohammed Abass to become the first PWA Iron Horse Television Champion.

1986 - Jesse Barr defeats Lex Luger to win the Florida NWA Southern Heavyweight Title in Tampa, Florida.

1987 - Barbie "Kelly Kelly" Blank is born in Jacksonville, Florida.

1989 - WWF holds the first Royal Rumble on Pay-per-view (the first Royal Rumble match didn't air on PPV, it aired on USA Network as competition to the NWA Bunkhouse Stampede PPV) at The Summit in Houston, Texas. Here are the results from the show:
Dark matches:
- Jim Powers defeated Barry Horowitz.
- Sam Houston defeated Steve Lombardi.
PPV matches:
- The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart) & Hacksaw Duggan defeated Dino Bravo & The Rougeau Brothers (Jacques & Raymond) in a three falls match. Jacques pinned Hart in the first fall after Le Bomb De Rougeau. Duggan pinned Jacques in the second fall with an elbowdrop after slingshotted Neidhart on top of him. Hart pinned Bravo in the third fall after Duggan hit him with the 2x4.
- WWF Women's Champion Rockin' Robin defeated Judy Martin with a flying bodypress.
- Ultimate Warrior defeated Rick Rude in a posedown competition. Rude attacked Warrior at the end of the posedown.
- Haku defeated Harley Race with a thrustkick to win the unofficial title of "King Of Wrestling". Bobby Heenan had made Haku the "new" King when Race was out injured, and this match was to settle the dispute.
- Big John Stud won the Royal Rumble. Other participants in the match were: Arn Anderson, Andre the Giant, The Barbarian, Ron Bass, Brutus Beefcake, Big Boss Man, Tully Blanchard, Bad News Brown, Demolition Ax, Demolition Smash, Ronnie Garvin, Mr. Perfect, Hercules, Hulk Hogan, Honky Tonk Man, Marty Jannetty, Rick Martel, Shawn Michaels, Butch Miller, Jake Roberts, Terry Taylor, Tito Santana, Randy Savage, Greg Valentine, Koko B. Ware, Warlord & Luke Williams.  Studd, who entered in the #27 position, last eliminated Ted DiBiase (#30) to win the Royal Rumble match. The other two of the final four participants were Akeem (#28, eliminated by Studd) and Rick Martel (#29, eliminated by Akeem). The "ironman" of this year's Rumble match was Mr. Perfect, who entered at #4 and was in the ring for 28 minutes. The Warlord also set the mark, which still stands, for the shortest time in a Rumble match, at just three seconds.

1992 - Big Titan (better known to WWF fans as the "fake" Razor Ramon) defeats Atsushi Onita to win the WWA World Martial Arts Title in Kobe, Japan.

1994 - The Italian Stallion defeats Killdozer for his second Pro Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Title in Belmont, North Carolina.

1995 - John Hawk (now known as John Bradshaw Layfield) defeats Kevin Von Erich to win the NWA North American Heavyweight Title in Dallas, Texas.

1996 - In this week in the Monday Night War, WCW Monday Nitro defeats WWF Monday Night RAW, 3.5 to 2.4 in the ratings.

WWF Monday Night RAW was taped four weeks earlier, on December 18, at the Bob Carpenter Center in Newark, Delaware. It was taped along with the January 1 and 8 shows, after the live show on that night. The results:
- Owen Hart pinned Marty Jannetty.
- In his RAW wrestling debut, The Ringmaster (Steve Austin) defeated Matt Hardy by submission with the Million Dollar Dream.
- WWF Tag Team Champions The Smoking Gunns (Billy and Bart Gunn) defeated The Spiders after the Sidewinder.
- The Undertaker pinned Isaac Yankem after the Tombstone piledriver.

WCW Monday Nitro was live at the Knight Center in Miami, Florida. Nitro's results were:
- Lex Luger defeated Randy Savage.
- Public Enemy (Johnny Grunge and Rocco Rock) defeated The American Males (Marcus Bagwell and Scotty Riggs)
- WCW World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair defeated Sting.
- Hulk Hogan defeated Meng.

1996 - Miss Texas (Jackie Moore) defeats Lady Satan (Debbie Combs) for the USWA Women's Title in Memphis, Tennessee, beginning her 13th reign and ending Combs' second.

1997 - Yoshinari Ogawa wins his second AJPW World Junior Heavyweight Title in Tokyo, Japan, defeating Tsuyoshi Kikuchi.

1998 - WCW holds a live edition of Thunder at the Lakeland Center in Lakeland, Florida, earning a 3.4 rating. The results were:
- Ray Traylor and The Steiner Brothers (Rick and Scott Steiner) defeated Black Cat, Gedo and Hajime Ohara.
- Ernest Miller defeated Yuji Nagata.
- Scott Hall and Louie Spicolli fought to a no contest.
- Rey Misterio, Jr. defeats WCW Cruiserweight Champion Juventud Guerrera to win the title, to begin his third reign.
- Chris Jericho defeated Eddie Guerrero to earn a WCW Cruiserweight Title match at January 24's Souled Out.
- Goldberg defeated Chavo Guerrero, Jr. by disqualification.
- Lex Luger and Diamond Dallas Page defeated Kevin Nash and Randy Savage by disqualification.

1999 - Masao Orihara defeats Yuji Yasuraoka to win the WAR International Junior Heavyweight Title in Tokyo, Japan.

1999 - Rieko Amano and Commando Bolshoi defeat Hikari Fukuoka and Tomoko Kuzumi for the Japan Women's Pro Wrestling Tag Team Title in Osaka, Japan, ending Fukuoka and Kuzumi's second reign.

2000 - Don Brodie ends Doug Gilbert's second reign as NWA National Heavyweight Champion in Memphis, Tennessee.

2000 - Steve Bradley defeats Rico Constantino for the Power Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Title in Memphis, Tennessee, beginning his third reign.

2000 - Joey Matthews and Christian York become the first Atlantic Terror Championship Wrestling Tag Team Champions.

2000 - Tony Jones defeats Michael Modest to win the All Pro Wrestling Universal Heavyweight Title in Healdsburg, California, ending Modest's fourth reign.

2000 - ECW runs at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The main event sees ECW World Champion Mike Awesome vs. Sabu & Rob Van Dam in a handicap match end in a no-contest when Sabu turns on Van Dam. Awesome would go on to successfully defend the title against Spike Dudley in a singles match. However, the real highlight of the show was a Mexican Death Match, in which Super Crazy defeated Yoshihiro Tajiri.

2001 - In this week in the Monday Night War, WWF Monday Night RAW doubles WCW Monday Nitro's 2.6 rating, scoring a 5.2 rating.

WCW Monday Nitro was live from Fort Wayne, Indiana at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum. The results were:
- WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero, Jr. defeated Crowbar.
- The Filthy Animals (Billy Kidman and Rey Misterio, Jr.) defeated 3 Count (Shane Helms and Shannon Moore)
- WCW World Tag Team Champions Sean O'Haire and Chuck Palumbo defeated Kronik (Brian Adams and Bryan Clark).
- Konnan defeated Mike Awesome in a Hair vs. Hair match.
- WCW United States Heavyweight Champion Shane Douglas defeated General Rection.
- Kevin Nash defeated WCW World Heavyweight Champion Scott Steiner by disqualification.

WWF RAW is WAR was also live, from the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Also taped were matches for the coming weekend's edition of Jakked. The results:
In Jakked matches:
- Perry Saturn defeated Chad Collyer.
- Crash Holly defeated Vic Capri.
- Lo-Down (D'Lo Brown and Chaz) defeated Steve Boz and Jason Reign.
In RAW is WAR matches:
- Team Xtreme (Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy and Lita) defeated Steven Richards, Val Venis and WWF Women's Champion Ivory, when Lita pined Ivory after the Twist of Fate, after Chyna came ringside and pushed Ivory back inside the ring after she had been thrown out. After the match, Chyna accepted Ivory's challenge for a match for her title at Sunday's Royal Rumble.
- WWF Hardcore Champion Raven pinned Test to retain the title, after William Regal interfered backstage. Hardcore Holly and Steve Blackman tried to interfere, but they ended up fighting with eachother, leading to a match later on.
- Rikishi and The Undertaker defeated Kane and The Rock, when Undertaker pinned Rock after the Last Ride after Kane turned on The Rock and chokeslammed him before walking out on the match.
- Hardcore Holly and Steve Blackman fought to a no contest, after the referee left the ring after being hit.
- Trish Stratus and Jacqueline fought to a no contest in a Spanking match, when Kurt Angle came out and pulled Trish out of the ring.
- Tazz and Kaientai (Taka Michinoku and Funaki) defeated K-Kwik and Too Cool (Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty), when Tazz made K-Kwik submit with the Tazzmission.
- Steve Austin and The Acolytes (Bradshaw and Faarooq) defeated WWF Champion Kurt Angle and WWF Tag Team Champions Edge and Christian, when Austin pinned Angle after the Stone Cold Stunner.

2001 - Stan Sierra defeats Iron Cross in Kingsport, Tennessee to win the Southern States Wrestling Heavyweight Title.

2003 - Believe it or not, The Brooklyn Brawler won a title. Steve Lombardi defeats Johnny Swinger in Oldcastle, Ontario, Canada to win the Border City Wrestling Can-Am Heavyweight Title. However, before the night was over, he was stripped of the title for illegal tactics and the belt was returned to Swinger.

2005 - At a Southern California Championship Wrestling event in Cudahy, California, Human Tornado pins Revolution Pro Wrestling Junior Heavyweight Champion Quicksilver in a tag team match to win the title. Tornado and Ronin were against Quicksilver and Alternative Wrestling Show Light Heavyweight Champion Scorpio Sky, where both titles were on the line.

2005 - Brent Dail defeats Alex Montalvo to win the WWC World Junior Heavyweight Title in Arroyo, Puerto Rico. This began Dail's fifth reign and ended Montalvo's ninth.

2005 - "Portuguese Princess" Ariel defeats NWA Midwest Women's Champion Mercedes Martinez and Hayley Skye in a three-way match at a New England Championship Wrestling event in Framingham, Massachusetts, to win the NWA Midwest Title and become the first IWA Mid-South Women's Champion. The titles were combined as the NWA Midwest/IWA Mid-South Women's Title.

2005 - Shane Williams defeats The Texas Outlaw for the NWA Green Mountain Heavyweight Title in St. Albans, Vermont. At the same event, Franz Roddy defeats Pierre Vachon to win the NWA Green Mountain Television Title, just after Vachon had defeated him for it in a three-way match also including Hans Roddy. This began and ended each man's second reign.

2006 - Mexican wrestler Juan Aguilar, better known as El Texano, dies in Guadalajara, Mexico of respiratory failure. Aguilar was 47 years old. El Texano was one-half of Mexico's premiere tag team in the 1980s, Los Cowboys, along with Silver King. Los Cowboys won tag team titles in Mexico's CMLL and UWA and in Japan's IWA.

2006 - Misae Genki defeats Yuki Miyazaki in Yokohama, Japan for the Dramatic Dream Team Ironman Heavymetalweight Title. This began Genki's fourth reign and ended Miyazaki's ninth.

2006 - TNA holds the second-annual Final Resolution pay-per-view at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.

by Mike Johnson 

PPV Pre-Game Show Coverage:

A video feature aired on the debut of Sting. Jeremy Borash ran down the top matches for Final Resolution.

Backstage, Shane Douglas interviewed Christian Cage. Cage said that as excited as all the fans are in the Arena, no one is more excited then Christian. He said everyone wants to see what Sting appears tonight. He said that Sting has run into the same welcoming committee as Christian, Jeff Jarrett and Monty Brown. Cage promised he was coming for the NWA championship.

Team Canada's A1 & Petey Williams & Eric Young vs. Jay Lethal & Lance Hoyt & Kenny King

Williams and Lethal started the match. The crowd chanted for Lethal. Lethal caught Williams with a dropkick. A-1 tagged in, so Lethal tagged out to Hoyt. The two biggest men in the bout slugged it out. Hoyt hit a sideslam for a two count. King tagged in and wore him down with a side headlock. A-1 powered up and carried King back to Team Canada's corner. King hit Eric Young with a leg lariat. Young did the Flair Flop over the corner and tried to dive off the other. King caught him and tried to hit a superplex but was shoved off after Williams' interference. Young dropped an elbow for a two count. Williams placed King upside down and stepped on his netherregion. Williams hit a swinging neckbreaker. King came back with a handstand into a kick on A-1. Hoyt tagged in and hit a pump handle slam on Williams, then a big boot on A-1. Eric Young tried to grab him with a sleeper, but Young hit an inverted Crucifix slam. Lethal went for a top rope headbutt, but Young moved. Williams hit the Canadian Destroyer for the pin on Lethal. Your winners, Team Canada!

They aired a video feature on Team 3D's feud with America's Most Wanted.

Shane Douglas said he was going to Sting's locker room to see what he looks like now and what he has to say.

Mike Tenay ran down the lineup of the PPV with Don West.

Konnan & Homicide vs. The Naturals

No Apollo as he was announced as having travel problems returning from a date in Puerto Rico last night. Konnan took the mic and said his problems with BG James and Bob Armstrong have nothing to do with Ron Killings. He said Killings doesn't return his calls and isn't home when he comes by. Konnan said it's a dangerous time and Killings needs to join up with the LAE.

The Naturals hit the ring and hit Homicide with a dropkick into a powerbomb for a two count. Chase Stevens hit an inverted atomic drop followed by a clothesline. They continued to work over Homicide, who kicked out at 2. Konnan pulled Andy Douglas' hair, pulling him down. Douglas charged Homicide in the corner, who got his knees up. He hit a DDT for a two count. Konnan worked over Douglas with a series of rights. Konnan hit the Rolling Thunder lariat. Homicide began working over Douglas' knee. Konnan followed up with a dragon leg whip. Douglas attempted a enziguiri and tagged in Stevens. Stevens worked over Homicide and Konnan. They hit the Natural Disaster on Homicide but Konnan cracked Stevens with a blackjack, allowing Homicide to score the pin. Your winners, Homicide and Konnan!

Shane Douglas, outside Sting's locker room, attempted to get inside. When he opened up the door, Team Canada was inside, griping over a huge welcomne message and a banquet of food set up for him. Eric Young said that he could feel Sting with his "Canadian Danger Sense" and they needed to keep their eyes open. The lights went out and Yougn began screaming that he didn't mean it. When they went back on, Young was hiding in Shane Douglas' arms. Scott D'Amore was responsible for turning off the lights and said Young was an idit. He told them they had important business to take care of with Jeff Jarrett and Monty Brown.

They aired a video feature on Monty Brown and Jeff Jarrett's recent storyline developments.

Don West, standing among the fans, did a hard sell running down the Final Resolution card.

They aired a video feature on Final Resolution. The last image was a visual of Sting's face with his voice promising "Showtime!"

TNA Final Resolution

They aired a video feature on Sting's debut. Mike Tenay welcomed everyone as fireworks exploded.

Alex Shelley & Roderick Strong & Austin Aries vs. Matt Bentley (with Tracy Brooks) & Sonjay Dutt & Chris Sabin

Chris Sabin sported shorter hair that was dyed blonde. Alex Shelley and Sabin both started the match. Shelley hit Sabin with several punches. Sabin hit a knee strike and a running dropkick off the ropes to the back of Shelley's head. Shelley tied up Sonjay and tagged in Strong. Strong tried to set him up for a backbreaker but Dutt turned each attempt into an armdrag. Bentley tagged in and unloaded with a series of rights. The PPV feed froze up. When it returned, Dutt was walking the ropes on Aries. Strong interfered, leading all three members of Team Aries working over Dutt. Dave Hebner, described as a TNA Management Consultant, was watching from the crowd. Strong hit a Butterfly Suplex. Aries came off the ropes with a knee to the midsection. He scored a two count. Dutt was set up over the ropes, kicked by Aries, and tossed to the floor by Strong. They showed Jerry Lynn watching the bout. They continued to work over Dutt with lots of combination moves. All three men picked up Dutt and drove him to the mat, scoring a two count. Dutt came back with some offense on Strong, culminating with a DDT. Dutt crawled towards his corner and finally tagged Sabin. Sabin hit a hurrancanrana on Shelley, then hung Shelley in the corner. He hit a sliding kick then a dropkick to Shelley's face. Sabin took out Strong and Aries as well. Sabin went for the Futureshock, but Shelley escaped. Bentley hit a top rope elbow, then tossed Aries over the top. Strong hit a backbreaker on Bentley. Dutt took down Strong and went for the Hindu Press, but was cut off by Austin Aries. Sabin shoved Aries to the floor. Sabin hit a suicide dive on Aries to the floor. Bentley and Shelley went back and forth in the ring. Bentley went for the superkick but Strong connected with a dropkick. Tracy Brooks got on the apron and got in Strong's face. Bentley used the distraction to superkick Strong. Shelley grabbed and rolled up Bentley to score the pin. Your winners, Alex Shelley & Roderick Strong & Austin Aries!

Mike Tenay and Don West ran down the lineup for tonight's PPV. They discussed how excited the fans were to see Sting back in the ring.

They aired a video feature on the 3 Live Kru breakup and subsequent angles between The James Boys, Konnan, and Ron Killings.

The James Gang vs. The Diamond in the Rough

Simon Diamond came out with David Young and Elix Skipper, dressed in a sweatsuit, working as manager. BG and Kip James were announced as 'teaming in TNA for the very first time' and Mike Tenay noted it was their first PPV match in six years. BG James did the old New Age Outlaws introduction. Kip James said he's got three things to say about that 'Get It, Got It, Good!'

BG James and Elix Skipper started the bout. Skipper shoulderblocked BG down and trashtalked him. Skipper tied up BG and shoulderblocked him down again. Tenay noted that Skipper promised to outwrestle The James Gang tonight before they went on the air. He continued to beat down BG, who made a comeback with a series of rights and a knee. He scored a two count but Skipper Matrix-ed out of the pinfall attempt. Kip James tagged in and faced off with Skipper. He backed off and tagged in David Young.

Kip backed Young into the corner. Young challenged Young to a showdown. James kicked him when Young put him head down. James hiptossed both Diamonds at once and clotheslined them over the ropes. On the floor, Simon Diamond tried to get the Diamonds together. Kip came out of the ring and Simon backed off, up the aisle. Young hit a spinebuster on BG and unloaded with a series of punches. Skipper tagged in and snapmared BG over, then kicked him. Simon Diamond screamed instructions from ringside. Skipper made a cover and complained about the referee's count. Young and Skipper kept tagging in and out, working over BG. Young went for a cover but Kip James distracted the referee to help his partner. Young went to the top for a moonsault, but there was no water in the pool.

Skipper and Kip James both tagged in and met center ring, going back and forth. Kip cleaned house on all three members of the Diamond including Simon. He went for a splash in the corner but Skipper caught him. BG James broke up the pin. Young attacked BG. Skipper went for the POD but it was blocked. Kip James hit the Cobra Clutch Slam on Skipper and scored the pin. Your winners, the James Gang!

Backstage, Shane Douglas interviewed Christopher Daniels. Douglas said that Samoa Joe says that Daniels is beaten but he never choked out Daniels. He said that Joe says he’s destroyed Daniels but here he is standing. He said that Joe is going to mop up the ring with Daniels’ blood. Daniels said that he’s not afraid to bleed. He says Joe thinks he’s unbeatable but Daniels says there’s a big difference between unbreatable and unbreaten. He promised that tonight he would spread his finest gospel at the expense of Samoa Joe and said Joe should say his prayers.

AJ Styles vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi

Mike Tenay noted that Tanahashi is the New Japan Under-30 (U-30) champion. Fan threw streamers for Tanahashi. They noted that AJ Styles won the “Mr. TNA” award for 2005 but Shannon Moore stole it on Impact. Tanahashi and Styles went back and forth with some crisp matwrestling. The fans chanted for both men. Tanahashi hit a back elbow, a mule kick, and deep armdrag. Tanahashi continued to work over Styles’ arm and on the mat. Mike Tenay compared his visit to the United States to New Japan sending the Great Muta to the NWA in 1989. Styles knocked Tanahashi out of the ring and went for a dive, but Tanahashi evaded it. Styles caught himself on the apron and returned to the ring.

Tanahashi returned to the ring and circled around Styles. Styles unloaded with several chops and a big kneedrop. Styles scored a two count. Tanahashi battled back with a series of forearms and a release back suplex. Tanahashi hit a big forearm and an elbow. He continued to control Styles. Tanahashi locked Styles in an abdominal stretch. Tenay continued to build up Tanahashi on commentary, noting that he once defeated Scott Hall. Styles broke the move by making it to the ropes. Tanahashi locked in a Dragon Sleeper, then swung Styles in a Giant Swing. He continued to work over Styles.

Tanahashi went to the ropes for a big elbow, but Styles rolled out of the way. Styles connected with a big kick to the back of the head. Styles hit a charging clothesline. He went for a suplex, but Tanahashi caught him and placed him on the apron. Styles springboarded into the ring with a big forearm smash. He scored a two count, but Tanahashi got his shoulder up. Tanahashi came back with a powerbomb for a near fall on Styles. Tanahashi began to get frustrated he didn’t the pin.

Styles missed with a kick and hit Styles with a sledge to the back of the neck. Tanahashi grabbed Styles who went for another kick. Tanahashi nailed him for another two count. Tanahashi put Styles on the top rope and began nailing him with headbutts. Tanahashi tried to belly-to-back suplex Styles off the top but Styles twisted in mid-air, turning it into a bodypress. They continued to go back and forth. Shannon Moore hit the ring and tried to hit Styles with the Mr. TNA plaque. Styles ducked and Tanahashi was hit. Styles hit Moore with the Pele Kick. The crowd immediately died. Styles hit the Styles Clash and scored the pin. Your winner, AJ Styles!

Styles checked on Tanahashi after the bout. Tanahashi bowed before Styles and handed him the plaque. Moore attacked them both and stole the plaque again, running off.

The crowd hated the finish and I don't blame them as the match never got anywhere near the level that one would have expected.

They aired a video feature on Raven vs. Larry Zbysko's mystery opponent. Raven promised that he's never tapped out and he won't get pinned unless he wants to.

Backstage, Shane Douglas interviewed a brooding Raven. He said to was do or die time for Raven. Raven said Larry Zbyszko looked like a ferstering piece of dung that came from a diseased yak. He said that wrestling is his passion and his love. He said that wrestling is the only thing that keeps him from blowing his brains out at night. He said, "How dare you put me in this position?" Raven said that no matter what his future holds, someone is going to get hurt and Zbyszko had better pray it's Raven.

Raven vs. Larry Zbyszko’s Mystery Opponent – Raven’s TNA Career vs. a Title Shot

The mystery opponent was Sean Waltman. At least they have had a good match in TNA in the past. Raven brought out the shopping cart full of weapons and slammed it into Waltman. He went after Zbyszko but Waltman cut Raven off and hit him with a trash can lid. They went back and forth with weapons shots with Raven eventually getting the better of him. Raven was busted open early. Why is Larry Zbyszko not wearing a suit if he’s this important management member?

Waltman ran a shopping cart into Raven in the corner. They brawled to the stage, with Waltman bringing the cart. Raven nailed Waltman with a can lid numerous times. Raven put Waltman into the cart, then shoved it off the stage. It turned over, with Waltman landing on the stage before it crashed off. Raven dragged Waltman back to the ring and pulled out a table and a ladder. The referee got bumped so Raven couldn’t score a pin. Raven and Zbyszko had words. Waltman tried to get the jump on Raven, who nailed him down. Zbyszko got into the ring and began refereeing, but had a slow count when Raven made the cover. He counted slow when Waltman scored a pinfall attempt as well.

Waltman set up a ladder in the corner and began whipping Raven with a weightlifting belt. They showed Dave Hebner watching. Waltman missed a Bronco Buster on the ladder in the corner. Zbysko slowly counted two. Raven was frustrated but didn’t do anything to Zbszyko, Raven set up a table inside the ring and then set up a ladder next to it. Raven pulled Waltman up the ladder. Waltman hit the X-Factor thru the table. Zbyszko counted a slow three count, although Raven had his foot on the rope. The crowd hated this finish as well and I don’t blame them in the least. Your winner, Sean Waltman!

According to the stipulation, Raven is now “gone” from TNA, which Jeremy Borash announced over the ring mic. Zbyszko called for security and demanded they escort him out of the Arena. Eight members of security came to the ring. The crowd chanted Raven’s name. Cassidy Riley came out to the ring, screaming it was “bulls****” Raven just walked out after saluting the crowd. Riley looked shocked, like he was going to cry.

Backstage, Shane Douglas interviewed Ron Killings, noting his match recently against Bobby Roode. Killings said that he’s been making history since he was in TNA. He began cutting a promo on Roode when Konnan showed up. He asked Killings why he hasn’t called him back. Killings said he was free of drama and was moving on. Konnan asked if he ever lied to Killings. Killings said no. Konnan asked if he thought Konnan would do to him what he did to the others. Killings said he can’t trust anyone but himself. Konnan asked him again. He said that tonight, Killings was facing Team Canada and they have a ton of backup. He said that he would always have Ron’s back and told him to think about it.

Mike Tenay and Don West reviewed important moments in Raven’s careers. Tenay said something was happening in the back. They showed Zbyszko browbeating Raven and throwing his bag out of the building. Jackie Gayda showed up and said to Raven that they were both being screwed by “some people” and it was “bigger then” Raven thinks. She demanded to speak to Zbyszko.

Ron Killings vs. Bobby Roode

Killings and Roode shoved each other. Scott D’Amore yelled at Roode to focus. Killings scored a near fall off a rollup, psyching Roode out, since that is how he scored his fast win on him last time they met. Roode went to the floor and regrouped with Scott D'Amore, then got back in where he traded holds with Killings, trying to maintain a side headlock. Killings hit a sunset flip for two, leading to a series of reversals for two counts between the two men. Roode got frustrated, and started to walk out on the match, but Scott D'Amore stopped him, telling him he needed this win. Killings dove out of the ring with a somersault plancha as Roode was arguing with D'Amore. The two exchanged punches on the outside as they got up, and Roode rammed Killings back first into the ringpost. Roode got in, and D'Amore rolled Killings in after getting in some cheap shots. Roode charged into a Killings elbow, then Killings caught him with a kick to the face. Killings came off the top with a missile dropkick on Roode but was too tired to make a pinfall. Killings caught him with a kick for another near fall. Killings went for a suplerplex but Roode dropped him off. Rude was nearly pinned again. Konnan came to ringside. Killings did a split to duck under a Northern Lariat. Killings saw Konnan and was distracted. Roode hit the Lariat and scored the pin. Konnan shook his head as the pinfall took place. Your winner, Bobby Rude!

After the bout, Konnan tried to smooth things over with Killings, telling him not to listen to the fans. Killings shook his head no at Konnan. BG James came out with a mic saying they were going to have a family reunion, except he was going to kick Konnan’s a**. Homicide jumped BG and he and Konnan worked over BG. Killings shook his head and left the ring. Kip James hit the ring with a chair to run off the Latin American Exchange.

Backstage, Shane Douglas interviewed Abyss and Jim Mitchell. Mitchell said the debut of Sting meant the battle lines had been drawn for TNA. He told Rhino that if he cared more about his career instead of his estranged daughter, he might still be NWA champion. He promised Abyss would slaughter Rhino and declared he was an endangerous species, “just like your namesake.” Mitchell promised that Abyss had Rhino scheduled for extinction.

They aired a video feature on Abyss vs. Rhino.

Rhino vs. Abyss (with Jim Mitchell)

Rhino charged through the ring and attacked Abyss. They brawled into the ring. Rhino clotheslined Abyss down. He clotheslined Abyss over the top to the floor. Rhino hit a plancha to Abyss on the floor. They continued to brawl on the floor. Abyss went under the ring and secured a steel chair, beating it across Rhino’s back several times. He tossed several chairs into the ring, but was caught off by Rhino on the floor. They returned to the ring, where Rhino rebounded off the ropes with a dropkick. Abyss whipped Rhino into the corner, where he crumbled to the mat. Abyss wedged a chair into one of the corners. Abyss shot Rhino into the chair in the corner. Abyss choked Rhino in the corner. Abyss chopped Rhino’s chest. Abyss worked over Rhino’s neck. Rhino began to power his way back to his feet. He pulled Abyss onto his shoulders and hit a TKO type of move. Rhino gives Abyss a receipt with a chair shot of his own. He nails Abyss with a shot to the head. Rhino positioned for the gore but James Mitchell tried to grab Rhino with his cane. The distraction allowed Abyss to hit Rhino with a chain, but Rhino kicked out. Mitchell got on the apron and Gave Abyss a signal. Rhino escaped from Abyss and hit a spinebuster for a two count. Rhino called for a Rhinodriver off the ropes. He pulled Abyss over to the corner but Mitchell grabbed Abyss’ leg to prevent it. Abyss grabbed Rhino for a chokeslam but Rhino broke it. Abyss hit a Black Hole Slam on a steel chair to score the pin. Your winner, Abyss!

Backstage, Shane Douglas interviewed Team 3D. He said that if Team 3D won the NWA Tag Team titles, they would solidify their place as the greatest tag team of all time. Brother Ray ran down the names of great tag teams and said tonight was their chance to put their name alongside all of those teams. He said tonight was about all the fans that stood by them by 11 years. Devon said that tonight is the wrong place and the wrong time for America’s Most Wanted and that they would become the new NWA Tag Team champions.

They aired a video feature on Team 3D’s feud with America’s Most Wanted.

NWA Tag Team champions America’s Most Wanted (with Gail Kim) vs. Team 3D

Mike Tenay mentioned Dory Funk Jr. was in attendance, as the Funks were one of the teams that Brother Ray mentioned in his backstage interview. Devon and James Storm started the bout. They locked up but Devon just shrugged him off. He rode Storm to the mat, but Storm rolled through and locked in a hammerlock. They got back to their feet, where Storm shoulderblocked Devon down. They went back and forth with Devon hiptossing and dropkicking Storm, Harris hit Devon from behind, allowing AMW to doubleteam him. Devon came back with a double clothesline. Ray tagged in and unloaded on Harris with punches and clotheslines. Harris clotheslined Ray, who challenged him to do it again. Harris hit a lariat coming off the ropes, scoring a two count. Ray came off with a senton off the ropes, but Harris moved. Harris drove his knee into Ray’s face. He choked Ray with wristtape.

AMW continued to work over Brother Ray in their corner. Ray came back and tossed Harris to the floor. He tagged in Devon who hit an elbow to the chest of James Storm. The crowd chanted for tables. They hit the old Devon headbutt off the top. Team 3D called for the tables and went for them. Storm tried to dropkick the table into them but they picked it up and slammed it into him on the floor. They didn’t see Harris coming and he dropkicked the table into them. Harris clotheslines Devon, using the tape from his wrist. He tagged in Storm, who continued the assault. Devon sent Harris into the corner, where he hit shoulderfirst.

Brother Ray tagged in and cleaned out house both members of AMW. Storm grabbed Ray, but he ducked, allowing Harris to hit his partner. Ray hit DDT for a near fall. AMW hit the Hart Attack on Ray for a near fall. Harris was frustrated when he kicked up. They went for the Death Sentence but Devon shoved Harris off the ropes. Team 3D hit the Doomsday Device on Storm, but he kicked up. Storm grabbed a chair outside. Harris called for him and when he didn’t answer, went to grab him. Storm accidentally hit his own partner with the chair. Team 3D nearly got the pin. Storm went to the top. Where Ray shoved him to the floor through a table. Ray rolled up Harris for a near fall. Harris calls for Gail Kim, who handed powder to Harris. Ray kicked it up, blinding the referee and Harris.

Team 3D hit the 3D on Harris. The referee counted three but began wiping his eyes with a towel. Team Canada attacked 3D and laid them out. They put Harris atop of Ray. The referee saw Harris on top and called for the bell in what was one of truly the worst finishes I’ve ever seen in the history of watching wrestling. Unless TNA is looking to battle WWE’s creative team for stupid finishes, what the hell was the point of that??

Your winners, America’s Most Wanted!

Your losers, everyone who ordered the PPV!

Backstage, Shane Douglas interviewed NWA champion Jeff Jarrett and Monty Brown. Jarrett said that the business passed Sting by and that he and Christian would both find out why. Brown said that they couldn't trust each other but would both feel the pounce tonight.

They aired a video feature on Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels.

TNA X-Division champion Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels

Joe threw a strike at Daniels, who evaded it. They circled around each other. Joe went for a kick but Daniels ducked and peppered him with punches. Daniels battles away at him in the corner. Daniels hit a charging knee into the corner. Daniels continuied to take the fight to Joe and hit a headscissors on Joe, following that up with a hurrancanrana. Daniels went for a dropkick but Joe held onto the ropes. Joe began battering Daniels with a series of kicks and chops. Joe began working on Daniel’s arm and shoulder with a submission, but Daniels got to the ropes to force a break. Joe continued to kick adn knee strike Daniels, scoring a near fall. Joe measured Daniels and chopped him in the corner. Daniels clotheslines and dropkicks Joe, who returns with a powerslam for a near fall. Daniels shocked Joe with a jawbreaker. Daniels hit an STO on Joe, followed by the Arabian Press off the ropes for a near fall. Daniels put Joe in a corner. He went after Joe, who tried to grab a choke. Daniels pulled him off the corner and dropped Joe onto his head. Joe hit a powerbomb for a near fall on Daniels. Daniels missed a kick, allowing Joe to cinch in an STF submission attempt. Daniels made his way to the ropes.

Joe and Daniels battled to the corner. Daniels tried to powerbomb Joe out of the corner, but Joe snapped over with a hurrancanrana. Joe came off the ropes charging but Daniels hit an Urange style slam then hit the Best Moonsault Ever. Joe kicked up at the last moment. Joe retreated to the floor. Daniels went to the apron. Joe tried to sweep his legs, but Daniels leaped to avoid it. Daniels kicked Joe down then came over the ropes to the floor with a big elbow. Daniels grabbed at his hip in pain, which the announcers pointed out.

Dabiels muscled Joe into the ring. Daniels went to follow but Joe kicked him as he came through the ropes. Daniels crumbled to the floor. Joe set him up in a chair on the floor and hit the Ole Ole kick, although he didn’t get a big running start. They immediately began playing up Daniels’ concussion. Daniels began bleeding. Mike Tenay and Don West began discussing concussions that ended professional careers of other athletes, including Bret Hart. AJ Styles came to ringside. Joe beat on Daniels. Daniels made a brief comeback and tried to hit Angel’s Wings but was too dizzy to hit it. Joe hit a big kick to the head and a muscle buster. Joe locked in the choke but Daniels kicked his way to the ropes. Joe went to the floor and threw a chair into the ring, glaring at AJ Styles while on the floor. Daniels was out on his feet. Joe set him up for another muscle buster, this time on the chair, and hit it. The announcers were decrying it as a horrible thing but the crowd chanted “One More Time.”

Joe began drilling Daniels with knee after knee to the head. Styles grabbed Joe’s towel and got on the apron. He finally threw in the towel, ending the match. Styles got in the ring and shoved Joe away, and began checking on Daniels’ condition. Your winner and still X-Division champion Samoa Joe!

Mike Tenay noted that Christopher Daniels is the father of two young children and needs to be able to provide for them. He said that Daniels didn't know where he was and was in no condition to continue.

They went to the video package for the main event.

Backstage, Shane Douglas interviewed Christian Cage. He asked Douglas and asked if he couldn't be trusted. He said to call his "brother" and Chris Jericho if he could be trusted, but then admitted it might not be the best idea. He said to ask the Christian Coaliation. He said that just like Sting, he can't stand Monty Brown and Jeff Jarrett. Christian said that no matter what version of Sting arrives tonight, this "mid-card comedy act" is going to save the NWA title from Jarrett.

NWA champion Jeff Jarrett (with Gail Kim) & Monty Brown vs. Sting & Christian Cage

Everyone had their own entrances. Sting walked to the ring slowly, smiling after a big production for his entrance. He wore his usual attire with shorter black hair. He looked to be in good shape. Christian and Brown started the bout. Cage leapfrogged Brown and went for a quick rollup, getting a 1 count. Brown slammed Cage into the corner. Jarrett tagged in and trashtalked Sting. He tossed Cage into the corner but Cage caught himself and did Jarrett’s strut to mock him. Cage grabbed Jarrett in an armwringer and tagged in Sting. Jarrett tried to escape before the tag. The crowd chanted Sting’s name as he and Sting circled around each other. Sting howled to the crowd. Jarrett leapfrogged Sting, who hiptossed and dropkicked Jarrett.

Jarrett, Kim, and Brown all retreated to the floor. The fans chanted, “You Still Got It” to Sting. Jarrett cut off Sting with a series of punches. Jarrett tried to run Sting into the turnbuckle but Sting powered him off and bulldogged him to the mat. Brown tried to interfere but Sting did the same to Brown. Sting didn’t show any rust at all. Cage tagged in and peppered Jarrett with punches in the corner. Kil distracted the referee, allowing Jarrett to lowblow him and dump him over the top to the floor. On the floor, Kim hit headscissors on Cage. Brown dropped Cage throat-first over the guard rail. Jarrett beat down Cage in the ring and did his trademark strut. Brown continued the attack on Cage and taunted Sting. Cage kicked out of several pinfall attempts.

The crowd chanted “Alpha Female” at Brown. Jarrett slid out of the ring to clock Cage with a punch. He charged Cage in the corner but Cage got his foot up. Brown took Cage’s legs out. Jarrett rode Cage with a frontfacelock. Cage fought his way to his feet. He tagged Sting but the referee didn’t see it. Brown tagged in and nearly got a pinfall on Cage. Cage tried to pull Brown into the corner with headscissors, but the stars and constellations weren’t alligned at all. Cage came off the top with a frog splash. The crowd chanted for Eddie Guerrero in tribute. Cage tried to tag Sting, but Jarrett attacked Sting and pulled him down. Sting went after Jarrett, who pulled Kim in front of him.

Jarrett grabbed two chairs. He and Brown tried for a conchairto, but Cage ducked. He DDT’d both and made the hot tag to Sting, finally. Sting unleashed punches and clotheslines. Sting hits the Stinger Splash on Jarrett. Sting whipped Brown, who hit the referee as well. The ref went down. Sting tossed Brown to the floor and locked the Scorpion Death Lock on Jarrett in the center of the ring. Jarrett made it to the ropes but Sting pulled him back. Brown grabbed Cage and hit the Fall Away Slam on Cage, who landed on Sting. Sting and Cage had words. Brown grabbed the NWA title and was going to hit Sting. Cage pulled Sting out of the way and battled with Brown. Sting grabbed the belt and teased hitting Cage. They took out Jarrett. They tossed Brown out of the ring. Team Canada hit the ring but Cage and Sting but hit the Scorpion Death Drop. Cage dove onto Brown on the floor. Jarrett decked Sting with the belt but Sting kicked up at the 2 count. Brown tossed Cage into the ring. Brown and Jarrett beat down Sting.

Sting began to make his comeback against Jarrett. Cage and Sting went for stereo Stinger Splashes but Jarrett and Brown moved. Jarrett grabbed his guitar. Sting destroyed it with his bat. Cage disposed of Brown. Sting hit the Death Drop on Jarrett and scored the clean pinfall.

Your winners, Sting and Christian Cage!

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