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By Buck Woodward on 2010-01-08 08:00:00
by Buck Woodward

The pre-PPV Heat was the usual collection of recaps and video packages, hosted by Todd Grisham and Jonathan Coachman.  Coach then joined Joey Styles to call the only match of the pre-show, as Chavo Guerrero defeated Gene Snitsky with a frog splash.

New Year's Revolution

They opened the PPV with a cool video featuring comments from past Elimination Chamber combatants, talking about how devastating the match can be, leading into comments from tonight's participants all wanting to win the WWE Title in the main event. 

Intercontinental Champion Ric Flair vs. Edge, with Lita. 

Edge attacked Flair from behind to start the match, and punched Flair down in a corner.  Edge hit a backdrop, then choked him.  Flair came back with a series of chops, then gave Edge a backdrop of his own.  Flair pounded Edge with right hands, and Lita threatened to come in, so Flair chased her around the ring, allowing Edge to ambush him with a clothesline on the floor. Edge suplexed Flair on the floor, then punched him several times before throwing him back into the ring. Edge mounted Flair in the ring and pounded him, then kicked at his back and choked him against the middle rope.  Edge stomped Flair inthe corner and choked him with his boot. Edge hit Flair with a clothesline, then snapmared him to the mat and applied a variation of a Dragon Sleeper.  Edge switched into a chinlock, and Flair got to his feet, so Edge went back to punching him in the corner.  Flair pulled him out with a reverse atomic drop, then hit some chops.  Edge came back with a dropkick, then clotheslined Flair over the top rope and to the floor. 

Edge tried to jump off the apron at Flair, but Flair caught him with a chop.  Flair crotched Edge on the ringside barricade, then rolled him back into the ring.  Flair let out a "Whoo" and hit a kneedrop, then strutted.  Flair worked over Edge with punches and chops, then went to the top rope.  Edge went to meet him there, but Flair poked him in the eyes.  Lita got on the apron, and Flair poked her in the eyes as well.  Edge rushed Flair again, but he punched Edge, then hit a top rope sledge to the head.  Flair clipped Edge's leg, then hit a shinbuster.   Flair set up for the figure four, but Lita got on the apron.  Flair went over to her, and blocked a slap.  Edge charged Flair, and Flair backdropped Edge over the top rope and to the floor.  Flair then grabbed Lita on the ring apron and hiptossed her into the ring.  Flair put Lita in the figure four leglock, and Edge ran in with his Money In The Bank briefcase and bashed Flair in the head with it, getting disqualified at the seven minute mark.  

Winner via disqualification: Ric Flair. 

Edge beat Ric Flair bloody with the briefcase before leaving with a limping Lita as officials checked on Flair.

Backstage, Todd Grisham interviewed Kurt Angle, with Daivari.  Angle said he hopes the U.S. loses the war with Iraq, and that France is the greatest country in the world, that he doesn't like "the Black People", and that he wishes he could make Jesus tap out.  In explaining himself for those statements, Angle said he could say anything he wants, and the fans will still cheer him, once they are done saying he "sucks" during the entrance.  Angle talked about winning the WWE Title, and that the other competitors weren't in his league. 

They went back to ringside, where Ric Flair was finally leaving the ring, under his own power.

A video package on the events leading to Trish Stratus vs. Mickie James was shown. 

WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus vs. Mickie James.

Mickie James kissing Trish Stratus on Raw is now part of her video entrance package.  They shook hands at the bell, and Trish said something to Mickie that resulted in Mickie getting a serious look on her face.  Trish applied a armwringer, and Mickie cart wheeled out of it, but Trish took her to the mat with the armwringer for a two count.  Mickie applied a side headlock, and the two exchanged headlock-hammerlock reversals. Trish broke the headlock when Mickie apparently grabbed her right breast.  They exchanged hammerlocks, and Trish went into a fireman's carry takedown, but Mickie floated right out of it and into an Oklahoma Roll for two. James went for a rana, but Trish blocked it and went into a cover, but James kicked out and Trish fell to the floor.  

James held the ropes open for Trish to get back into the ring. James grabbed a headlock, and took Trish down with a shoulderblock.  Trish tripped James to the mat, then the two exchanged stiff forearm shots. James booted a charging Trish, then got on the second rope, but Trish charged her for the Stratusphere, which James blocked. James went for a tornado DDT, but Trish blocked that, then hit a jumping kick that sent James to the floor.  Trish went for a baseball slide kick, but James moved and Trish fell through the ropes and landed hard on the floor.  James grabbed the Women's title belt, and contemplated using it, but tossed it back to the timekeeper and then tossed Trish into the ring.  James went for a whip, but Trish came back with a Thesz Press and unloaded with punches and then chopped her in the corner. 

James stopped Trish's onslaught with a back kick, but Trish hit the Stratusphere (rana out of the corner) and then hit a spinebuster for a two count. James kicked Trish in the head from the mat, then went for a Stratusfaction bulldog, hitting it.  Mickie smiled, and took a long time to cover, and Trish kicked out.  The crowd actually seems more behind James than Stratus.  Mickie went for a DDT, but Trish blocked it and went for Stratusfaction, but James flipped Trish over. James then went for a jumping kick, but Trish sidestepped it and hit the Chick Kick to the head for the clean pin at the seven minute mark. 

Winner: Trish Stratus. 

Maria was backstage, interviewing herself about the Bra & Panties match.  Gregory Helms interrupted, saying they were wasting time with this.  Helms said that Jerry Lawler would not be able to do his "creepy" commentary during her match, since he was sending Lawler to the hospital. 

Shelton Benjamin and his Mama arrived, with Mama telling Shelton that he hasn't been on PPV since he was Intercontinental Champion, and she was there to help change that.  Mama also took Shelton to task for only eating a protein bar today, and said she was going to catering to get him some food. 

Edge and Lita arrived at the position, but Edge said he didn't want to answer questions from the fans, and told Lita to handle it. 

Jerry Lawler vs. Gregory Helms. 

They locked up, and Lawler shoved Helms as they broke in the corner. Helms hit an armdrag and celebrated.  They locked up, and Helms didn't break on the ropes, instead hitting Lawler with some punches.  Lawler returned fire, hiptossed Helms, and hit a fistdrop. Lawler backdropped Helms for a one count, and Helms hit Lawler with some knees to the gut.  Lawler came back with punches, then mocked Helms' old Hurricane pose.  Lawler sidestepped a charging Helms, sending him to the floor. Helms poked Lawler in the eyes after getting back in the ring, then hit a shoulderblock in the corner and a legdrop for a two count. Helms hit a side slam for a two count, then choked Lawler on the mat. 

Helms delivered a vertical suplex, then hit two more before covering for a two count. Helms applied a neck vice, then an armbar, but Lawler armdragged out.  Helms came right back at him with a snap mare for a two count, then complained to the referee about the count before hitting a knee drop and applying a chinlock. Helms hit a backbreaker, then jumped off the second rope, avoiding Lawler putting the boot up, and stomped Lawler. Helms hit a clothesline, sending Lawler over the top rope and to the floor.  Helms whipped Lawler into the ringpost.  Helms went over to the announcers, put on a headset, and boasted he could do Lawler's job too.  

Helms rolled Lawler into the ring and hit a second rope dropkick for a two count. Lawler mounted his comeback, taking the strap down, and working over Helms with punches.  Lawler called for a piledriver, but Helms backdropped him.  Helms went to the top rope, but Lawler crotched him and Helms fell into the ring.  Lawler then hit the second rope fistdrop for the clean pin at the ten minute mark. 

Winner: Jerry Lawler.

Backstage, Trish went to the position as Lita was leaving, with the two engaging in a staredown.  Lita left, and Mickie came in, thanking Trish for the match and commenting on how exciting it was to have their "bodies pressed together".  Trish asked James if she realized she lost.  James was just elated about wrestling Trish, and then offered to join her in answering questions on

Mama Benjamin was checking out the catering, when Viscera came in and started hitting on her (noting the substantial "junk in her trunk"), and said he was looking for some action.  Mama promised Viscera that she would find some action for him tonight. 

A video package on Triple H vs. Big Show was shown. 

Triple H vs. Big Show.

Show still has a huge cast on his right hand, and Triple H stalled getting into the ring. Triple H avoided to swings of the cast at the start and hit a punch, but Show shoved him down with his good hand, and Triple H rolled to the floor to regroup.  Triple H got back in, and complained to the referee about the cast.  Triple H avoided a cast shot, but Big Show caught him with a headbutt, then rammed him into the turnbuckles and hit a left-hand chop.  Show hit another chop, and Triple H slumped to the mat.  Show slammed Triple H, then hit a a pair of elbowdrops and Triple H rolled to the floor.  Big Show went out after him, and Triple H got back in.  As Big Show tried to reenter, Triple H hit him, but Show pulled Triple H out and headbutted him.  Both men got back into the ring, and Triple H tried for a whip, but Show reversed it and Triple H went over the top rope and to the floor. 

Show went after him on the floor and hit a chop, then tossed him back in.  As Show tried to get in, Triple H hit him with a running knee.  Triple H jumped off the apron at Show, who caught him and rammed him into the ringpost.  Big Show then swung the cast, but Triple H ducked and Show hit his arm on the ringpost.  Back in the ring, Triple H worked on the now-breaking cast, ramming it into the ringpost.  Triple H pulled the cast off, and delivered kneedrops to the hand.  Show battled back with headbutts, but Triple H sent Show to the floor where he rammed the hand into the ringsteps. Triple H mocked the Big Show in the ring, then pulled apart Show's fingers.  Triple H hit a second rope kneedrop to the hand as Show tried to pull himself up off the mat with the ropes, then delivered another kneedrop to the hand.  Triple H applied an overhead wristlock on the bad arm, and Show struggled before breaking free and rolling to the floor.  Triple H pulled Show's arm into the ringpost again. 

Back in the ring, Triple H went for the top wristlock again, working on the arm. Big Show finally armdragged out of it, and Triple H went to the second rope, but Big Show caught him with a forearm as he came off.  Big Show hit some headbutts, and delivered three reverse avalanches in the corner.  Big Show then hit a shoulderblock and called for a chokeslam, with his bad hand.  Show went for it, but couldn't lift him.  Show then went for a punch, but Triple H ducked and Big Show slapped the referee down.  Triple H went under the ring and grabbed the sledgehammer.  Big Show blocked the hammer with his left hand, then broke the wooden handle with his bad right hand.  Triple H was stunned, then charged Show, and Show kicked him to the mat.  Big Show delivered a headbutt, and Triple H went to the floor.  Triple H went for a chair, but Big Show met him outside and whipped him into the ring steps. Triple H managed to use the chair on Show's hand, sandwiching it on the ringsteps, but Show came back with a spear on the floor. 

Show tossed Triple H back into the ring, and called for a left handed chokeslam.  However, Triple H picked up the broken sledgehammer and hit Show in the head with the mallet.  Triple H then hit the Pedigree, and the referee woke up to count the pinfall at the sixteen minute mark. 

Winner: Triple H.

Backstage, Carlito went up to Chris Masters, and pointed out that everyone in the Elimination Chamber, except for them, has been WWE Champion.  Carlito said it wasn't cool that no one was giving them a "shot in hell" of winning the Title. Carlito said he and Masters could work as a unit, eliminating everyone else, and then they could have it out, assuring that some "new blood" would have a shot at the title.  Masters said the plan sounded "cool". 

Shelton and Mama Benjamin came out, and Shelton said he wanted Viscera to apologize to his Mama.  Mama got on the mic and said she didn't want an apology, she wanted her son to kick his ass, and called out Viscera. 

Jerry Lawler has joined the announce team. 

Shelton Benjamin vs. Viscera. 

Mama Benjamin was loudly encouraging her son from ringside, and Shelton tried to take down Viscera, with no success.  Viscera lifted Shelton and slammed him down with a spinebuster, and Shelton rolled to the floor. Viscera went after him, but Mama shoved Viscera, telling him to "Get off my boy".  Shelton hit Viscera with a forearm, but Viscera fired back with a chop.  As they got into the ring, Shelton hit two kneelifts, then began kicking at his left leg.  Shelton dropkicked the leg, and Viscera went down to one knee. Shelton hit a top rope clothesline, then put Viscera's leg on the bottom rope and dropped his weight on it.  Mama kept calling Viscera an "overgrown ox".  Viscera kicked Shelton away, hit some chops and took Shelton down with a Samoan Drop. Mama yelled for Shelton to get up, or she would "get the belt".  Shelton kept getting up, but Viscera kept knocking him down. Viscera slammed Shelton and hit an elbowdrop for a two count. Viscera hit a chop , and Shelton ducked a clothesline, but Viscera caught him in a side slam.  Viscera rode Shelton in the ring with the Visagra, then hit a short arm clothesline.  Viscera missed a splash, and Shelton went on the attack, choking Viscera with his pajama top.  Viscera was near the ropes, and Mama hit him with her purse.  Shelton went for a kick, and Viscera caught it, but Shelton followed with a spin kick with the free leg for the pin at the eight minute mark. 

Winner: Shelton Benjamin. 

Backstage, Vince McMahon entered Shawn Michaels' dressing room, saying he wanted to wish him luck.  Vince said no one has ever entered the Elimination Chamber first and won the match.  HBK noted all the other "firsts" he has accomplished, including the first man to enter the Royal Rumble number one and win and the first man to win a Hell In A Cell match.  Michaels said he was going to accomplish another first tonight, and McMahon laughed, saying if Michaels wins, then Hell will have frozen over. 

Bra & Panties Gauntlet Match

Maria and Candice Michelle were the first two combatants.  Maria hit a hiptoss, but Candice kicked Maria from the mat, then pulled her down by her hair. Candice slammed Maria, then stomped her on the mat. Candice did that Go Daddy spin, then hit a back kick and pulled off Maria's top.  Maria hit a drop toe hold and pulled off Candice's top. Candice hit a clothesline, then choked Maria over the ropes with her legs. Maria escaped though, and pulled off Candice's shorts to eliminate her. 

Torrie Wilson was out next.  Torrie hit a double sledge and kicked Maria, then delivered a suplex and went after Maria's pants, but Maria countered and went for Torrie's, but Torrie kicked her away and hit a dropkick. Torrie hit an awkward handspring elbow, but Maria kicked her to the floor, then sort of hit a kick between the ropes. Maria booted a charging Torrie and then pulled her top off.  Torrie charged Maria and we had a hair-pulling catfight, rolling over the very lucky referee.  Torrie accused the referee of getting a cheap feel, and tried to slap him.  While she was distracted, Maria pantsed her from behind, eliminating Torrie. 

Victoria, wearing a shirt that said "Let's Get This Over With" entered next, and put Maria in a corner, hitting some punches.  Victoria went for a fireman's carry, but Maria floated over and went for Victoria's shorts.  Victoria stopped her, slammed her, and hit a standing moonsault on her.  Victoria pulled off Maria's pants to eliminate her. 

The Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young were out next. They waved to the crowd, then stripper music came on, and Mae Young started taking her clothes off.  Mae had tassels on her bra. Mae then took her skirt off, and was wearing old bloomer underwear. They showed many disgusted fans in the crowd.  Victoria attacked Mae, but Moolah picked up Victoria by the hair and the veterans ripped off her top and almost her bra (she had a double bra on), but the referee broke it up. 

Ashley was out next, and Victoria almost immediately went for a Widow's Peak, but Ashley flipped out of it and pulled down Victoria's shorts to get the win. The whole match went about twelve minutes, with Ashley's part lasting less than thirty seconds.

Winner: Ashley. 

Ashley took off her own shirt and skirt in celebration. 

In the area, Shelton Benjamin and Mama Benjamin were in the back, and we found out, along with Shelton, that Mama had a brick in her purse. 

A video package for the Elimination Chamber match was shown. 

Elimination Chamber

The wrestlers each made their entrance, with the first four (Kane, Chris Masters, Carlito, Kurt Angle) getting placed in chambers after their entrance.  It was noted that today is Masters' 23rd birthday. John Cena entered to a chorus of boos, then Shawn Michaels entered last.  Cena and Michaels will be starting the match. 

There were "Cena sucks" chants as he and Michaels locked up.  They traded holds, but Cena elbowed Michaels away.  Michaels went for a hammerlock, and Cena elbowed him away again.  They went face to face, and Michaels slapped Cena, and Cena responded with a punch and backdrop.  Michaels pulled Cena out of the ring onto one of the steel platforms.  They tried to ram each other into the chain walls, but neither was successful.  Back in the ring, Michaels hit some chops.  There were "Let's Go Michaels" chants. Michaels whipped Cena hard into the corner, then covered him for a two count.   Michaels chopped Cena, then Cena whipped Michaels into a corner and kicked him as he was laying across the top rope, crotching him.  Cena hit some clotheslines, knocking Michaels out of the ring and onto a steel platform. 

Carlito entered the match. 

Carlito attacked Cena, to an ovation, and hit a dropkick.  Carlito then hit an over the top rope somersault senton onto Michaels, who was laying on the steel platform.  Carlito got back in the ring, and Carlito gave Cena a faceplant for a two count.  Michaels went to the top rope, but Carlito slammed him off for a two count. Cena and Michaels double teamed Carlito a bit, but it was mostly Carlito going back and forth between the two, until Michaels and Cena caught him with a flapjack. Michaels and Cena gave Carlito a double backdrop. 

Kurt Angle entered the match. 

Angle gave Michaels, then Carlito, then Cena, then Michaels, then Carlito, then Cena, German suplexes, six in all. Angle suplexed Michaels and Carlito out of the ring, onto steel platforms.  Angle then started pounding Cena in a corner and gave him a vertical suplex. Angle went to the platform with Michaels and catapulted him into the steel chain wall. Michaels was busted open, as Angle went back to beat on Cena, then pulled Carlito throat first across the top rope.  Angle rammed Michaels into the plexiglass chamber.  Cena fired off some punches at Angle, but Angle came back with a belly to belly suplex. Angle worked over Carlito and went for an Angle Slam, but Carlito reversed it and went for a neckbreaker, but Angle reversed it into an ankle lock.  Carlito struggled in the hold as the clock ticked down. 

Chris Masters entered the match. 

Masters made the save for Carlito, hitting Angle, then clotheslining Cena, Michaels and Angle.  Masters powerslammed Cena, then press slammed a bloody Michaels. Masters went for the Masterlock on Angle, but Angle slipped around him and applied an ankle lock.  Cena broke it up and went for an FU on Angle, but Angle rolled through it and put Cena in an ankle lock.  Michaels hit Angle with a superkick as he had Cena in the ankle lock and pinned him. 

Kurt Angle is eliminated. 

Masters and Cena battled it out on one side of the ring, while Carlito went at it with Michaels.  Masters slammed Cena, as Carlito pounded Michaels. Carlito took Michaels to a platform, and rammed him into the steel chain wall twice. Cena hit Masters with a clothesline, but Carlito began stomping Cena. Carlito and Masters worked over Cena, with Masters dropping an elbow on his back. 

Kane entered the match. 

Kane went to work on Masters and Carlito, giving Carlito a side slam and Masters a kick to the face.  Kane tossed Carlito from the ring, then powerslammed Masters. Kane went to the top rope, punching Carlito on the way, but Masters met him there. Masters went for a superplex, but Kane shoved him off and hit a top rope clothesline. Kane chokeslammed Shawn Michaels, then chokeslammed Cena. Kane grabbed Carlito for one, but Masters grabbed Kane from behind for the Masterlock, but couldn't get it locked on.  Carlito grabbed Kane and gave him a double knee backbreaker.  Kane sat up, and went for a tombstone on Carlito, but Masters made the save, and they gave Kane a double DDT.  Kane sat up, and Masters press slammed Carlito on top of him. Masters then piled on top of Carlito, and they got the pin on Kane. 

Kane is eliminated. 

Masters and Cena went at it, while Carlito took Shawn Michaels out onto a platform.  Masters suplexed Cena, while Carlito raked Michaels' face across the steel chain wall.  Masters and Carlito dumped Cena onto a platform, then double teamed Michaels.  Michaels battled back, giving Carlito a flying forearm, kipping up, and giving Carlito and Masters reverse atomic drops.  Michaels knocked Carlito over the top rope, then did the same to Masters.  Michaels slammed Cena, then hit him with a top rope elbow.  Michaels measured Cena for a superkick and began stomping.  Michaels nailed Cena with a superkick, but then Carlito and Masters started brawling with him.  Masters punched Michaels, and Carlito hit Michaels with a neckbreaker for the pin. 

Shawn Michaels is eliminated. 

Masters and Carlito went for a double backdrop, but Cena put on the breaks and hit a double clothesline.  There were a lot of boos as Cena suplexed Masters and powerbombed Carlito.  Cena gave Carlito the Five Knuckle Shuffle fistdrop, and went for the FU, but Masters broke it up and threw Cena out of the ring. There was a slight "Let's Go Masters" chant.  Masters and Cena fought on the steel platform, and Masters DDT'd Cena on the platform.  Masters went and helped Carlito up off the mat. Masters and Carlito went after Cena, who was busted open, and threw him into the steel chain wall.  In the ring, Masters and Carlito pounded and kicked him. 

Carlito and Masters gave Cena a double suplex. Carlito and Masters set up Cena and gave him a double back suplex off the middle rope.  Carlito told Masters to put Cena in the Masterlock. Masters locked it in, then Carlito turned on Masters, hitting him with a low blow and rolling him up for the pin. 

Chris Masters is eliminated. 

Almost immediately, John Cena rolled up Carlito for the pin at the twenty-nine minute mark. 

Winner: John Cena.

Vince McMahon came out and congratulated Cena on his win.  He then asked that they raise the cage, because there was still one more match.  He announced that Edge was cashing in his "Money In The Bank" title match, right now, and Edge made his entrance.

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Edge, with Lita.

There was an "Edge" chant, as the bell rang and Edge beat down Cena with punches and covered him for a two count.  Edge covered him twice more for two counts.  Edge hit the spear on Cena, and got as close to a three count as you can get, as the referee hit three at the same time Cena's shoulder came up. Edge measured for another spear, and hit it, this time getting the pin at the two minute mark.

Winner and new WWE Champion: Edge

The crowd popped for the title change as Edge and Lita celebrated.  Edge played with the spinner belt.  Edge went outside the ring and stood on the announcers table at ringside, with Lita joining him as he held the belt over his head.  Edge strapped the belt around his waist, and stood triumphant.

They replayed Carlito's turn on Masters, and Cena's quick cradle that won the Elimination Chamber, then showed replays of Edge's two spears and WWE Title pin.  A bloody Cena was shown on the entrance ramp, staring at the ring as Edge and Lita continued to celebrate to end the show.

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