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By Mike Johnson on 2009-07-21 10:44:56
A quick note issuing our condolences to the family and friends of Barry Casino, who worked as a manager for Jim Kettner's ECWA for a number of years.  Casino was always really nice to me the few times I met him.  He had been having health issues for some time after breaking his hip.

Online now for Elite subscribers is a 45 minute discussion with Washington Post Assistant Managing Editor Jeffrey Leen discusses his new biography of Mildred Burke "The Queen of The Ring", what led to him writing the book, Burke's influence on not just female wrestling but all female sports, Burke's relationship with ex-husband and promoter Billy Wolfe, Burke's unpublished autobiography, her shoot match against June Byers, the death of Burke's adopted daughter Janet Boyer Wolfe in the ring, the research that went into the last five years for the book, pitching and getting a publisher for such a niche subject, using the book as a way to tell the story of wrestling, casting who would play Burke and Wolfe in a feature film version of the book, the most surprising things he learned while researching the project, future projects, the Lipstick and Dynamite documentary, Leen's goals for the book and much more.  Leen's book was just released and can be ordered by clicking here.  To subscribe to the Elite section, visit this link.

Brooke Hogan's new CD was released today.

Mickey Rourke is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly as part of the Iron Man 2 cast.  He'll be playing Whiplash in the film.

Justin Credible's Icon of Wrestling convention will take place on Saturday 8/2 in Cromwell, CT with Credible, Terry Funk, Scott Hall,Marty Jannetty, Harley Race, Giant Silva, Rick Fuller, Tony DeVito appearing as prime guests, plus Stevie Richards, ODB, Bob Backlund, Dawn Marie, Nidia, Joy Giovanni, Balls Mahoney, Spike Dudley, King Kong Bundy, Axl Rotten and more.  For more information, visit

Names announced for the 9/26 Dennis Coralluzzo event in Wayne, NJ are B-Boy, Danny Maff, Afa Jr. (Manu), former WWE star Lance Cade, Mike Mondo, and Devon Storm (Crowbar).

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