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By Buck Woodward on 2009-07-09 12:55:18

Due to Syfy moving ECW to Thursday night this week, there will actually be four straight hours of professional wrestling tonight on television (provided you get Syfy, WGN and SpikeTV).  Here's the lineup for tonight's shows:

Taped for tonight on ECW on Syfy:

- Katie Lea Burchill vs. one of the Bella Twins.

- Yoshitatsu vs. Shelton Benjamin.

- The Abraham Washington Show with special guest ECW champion Tommy Dreamer.

- Christian vs. Vladimir Kozlov.  The winner will face Tommy Dreamer for the ECW Title at Night Of Champions.

- Ezekiel Jackson makes his ECW debut.

Taped for tonight on WWE Superstars on WGN:

- R-Truth vs. Ricky Ortiz

- Zach Ryder vs. Tyler Reks

- Hornswoggle vs. Chavo Guerrero.

Announced for tonight's TNA Impact on SpikeTV:

- Will a TNA World Title change hands on Thursday night? All of the TNA World Champions will be in action on the broadcast, including TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle, Knockout Women's Champion Angelina Love and TNA World Tag Team Champions Beer Money!

- Main Event Mafia Members Kevin Nash and Matt Morgan will team up to take on Legends Champion "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles and Daniels

- Mike Tenay will conduct a very special and rare interview with TNA X Division Champion Suicide! What will the mysterious superstar say to the wrestling world?

- Homicide will battle Doug Williams of the British Invasion in a Ladder Match with the briefcase and a shot at the X Division Championship on the line

- Plus, new matches will be announced for the "Victory Road" Pay-Per-View event! All this and much more on Thursday's "iMPACT!" broadcast on SpikeTV!

This give us today's poll question:

SUPER THURSDAY - Which shows will you watch?
- ECW, Superstars and Impact.
- ECW and Superstars.
- ECW and Impact.
- Superstars and Impact.
- Just ECW.
- Just Superstars.
- Just Impact.
- None of them.

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