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By Buck Woodward on 2009-07-09 10:49:50

Rob Van Dam appeared on MSNBC's "Morning Meeting" today to talk about the possible legalization of marijuana, which is becoming quite a debate in California as a way to help the economy.  RVD, a longtime advocate of legalizing marijuana, debated with retired General Barry McCaffrey, the former drug czar.  While both men agreed that marijuana is less dangerous that alcohol and cigarettes when looking at death tolls, McCaffrey argued that the money brought in by regulating (and taxing) marijuana would not make up for the number of people who would need treatment for addiction.

Van Dam, noting that marijuana is already the "number one cash crop" in the U.S., argued that legalizing it and regulating it would keep it out of the hands of drug dealers and cut down on crime.  The debate came down to the usual argument of whether regulation will allow it to be controlled and kept away from children, and whether it is a "gateway" to harder drugs.  When Van Dam was speaking they noted with an on-screen graphic he was busted for marijuana while WWE Champion.

Unfortunately, as the debate looked to be getting more in-depth, they were "out of time" on the show.

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