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By Mike Johnson on 2009-07-02 11:57:54

The child abuse charges against former WWF star B. Brian Blair were dropped today, reported ABC Action News in Tampa, Florida.

Assistant State Attorney Pam Bond made the announcement earlier today but did not issue additional comments. A full official statement is forthcoming from the Prosecutor's office.

Blair, age 52, was arrested on Father's Day and charged with several counts of child abuse following a 4 AM incident with his two sons, 17 and 12. 

According to reports of the incident, Blair got into an argument with his oldest son, shoving and punching him before locking him what was described as a "choke" that left his son with trouble breathing.  The 12 year old then ended up being choked by Blair as well.   Authorities were called to Blair's residence and he was arrested at 5:12 AM.

In the days that followed the arrest, stories of issues with Blair's oldest son began to make the rounds.  Former wrestling star Mike Graham commented that Blair had confided numerous issues with the son running away and running with a bad crowd in the past.  All signs were that the issues had been brewing for some time.

Blair is best known for his tag team with Jim Brunzell, the masked Killer Bees, wrestling for several years in the 1980s-era WWF. Blair also wrestled in the Florida area. He retired several years ago after claiming back injuries in a fall at a restaurant, although he did one final New Japan tour after that incident.

Blair was elected Hillsborough County Commissioner in 2004.  He did not win his bid for re-election earlier this year.

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