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By Mike Johnson on 2009-06-30 11:02:08

A lot of talk coming out of the ROH show in Chicago was about former ROH regular Larry Sweeney showing up afterwards in a really disheveled state, having dropped a lot of weight.  The talk among wrestlers and staffers and even fans that saw him in Chicago was that there's a real concern that something bad is going to happen if he doesn't allow himself to get some sort of assistance soon.  One ROH talent who had worked with Sweeney in the past got really choked up when I called to confirm reports of his appearance.

ROH will be preempted this week on HDNet due to holiday programming for the Independence Day holiday.

The five year non-compete ROH signed with former owner Rob Feinstein ended this week, so ROH is now free to sell DVDs of a number of independent promotions they had been previously contractually barred from doing.  ROH added a slew of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla DVDs for sale at

Little Guido is booked for the August ROH on HDNet tapings.

Announced for the 7/24 Toronto event is the first-ever Toronto Gauntlet with Jerry Lynn, Davey Richards, Jimmy Rave, Necro Butcher, D'Lo Brown and Sonjay Dutt competing.

Bret Hart will be signing at the 9/19 Chicago Ridge, IL return.


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